Los Angeles Venues to Consider Part 1: Urban, Industrial Spaces

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Helping happy couples get hitched is what we do best here at Marisa Nicole Events. A huge part of that is guiding love-birds in identifying that perfect venue for their day. Finding a location that fits the couple’s style, budget and over-all wedding values is often the most difficult, yet important part of the entire wedding planning process. As many couples for 2016 (and late 2015) are on the hunt for fab spots for their celebrations to take place, we thought we’d help out in this effort by sharing info on some of our favorite spots in Los Angeles. With so many fantastic venues in the Greater LA area, it would be impossible to put them all in one post, so once a month (for the next few months, at least) we will bring you a new installment of this sweet series.


One of the greatest things about getting married in LA is that there is a whole crop of venues that have a great industrial, urban feel to them. Located in the heart of the city, these venues are noted by brick exteriors and/or a metropolitan sensibility, often with lovely little design elements built-into the space (swoon). These locations all have nooks and crannies to put whatever your heart desires inside, and these fun props help make your wedding unique. More and more of these locations are popping up everyday; here are just a few of our favorites for your consideration:



Of course you know that we have to start with SmogShoppe, since it was the space that started this whole trend and is always the first place that comes to mind when thinking of urban venues such as these. This space comes with square wooden tables and mismatched chairs for about 100 guests (love it!), and is adorned with succulents galore! The SmogShoppe is proudly the greenest venue in Los Angeles and the United States, with large courtyards, skylights, and minimal energy use. The options at the SmogShoppe are endless with fun nooks at every turn for couples to place detailed items that and help bring their theme to life. Our favorite feature of this venue is that it has a true in-door/out-door feel, with just garage doors (which can be completely shut or completely open) separating the ceremony and cocktail area from the dinner and dancing space.

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Carondelet House

The Carondelet House can only be described as dreamy, intimate, and swoon-worthy. Plush furniture and glam chandeliers are sprinkled throughout this mini-mansion, located smack in the middle of Los Angeles. This Italian Villa with an urban flair has artwork that adorns the walls and wood beams make this venue a truly unique space. We love that you can easily dress this venue up or down, and that expansive rooms with hardwood floors create a warm and inviting space. With this venue, you have a mix chairs (vineyard wooden cross-back, upholstered and benches) as well as a mix of long wooden farm tables and basic rounds.

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The Fig House

The Fig House is located right in between downtown LA and Pasadena, and is an indoor, outdoor venue that is sure to please you and your sweetheart, as well as all of your guests. Unlike the other spaces, the Fig House is large enough to not have to flip (or reuse) rooms and you aren’t limited by guest count. Our favorite feature of this venue is its gorgeous aqua colored walls and the plush lounge furniture. The greenery in the patio is just stunning. The venue comes with wooden hexagon shaped tables (that can also be made into squares) and simplistic industrial style wooden folding chairs. If you are looking for lush outdoors with a modern glam feel, make sure to check out the Fig House, we think you’ll love it!

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Smoky Hollow Studios

If you decide to celebrate at Smoky Hollow Studios, make sure to call up a great chalkboard artist too, because it would be a crime to not make the most out of all the built-in blackboard areas! This venue is truly a blank space for your inspiration to come alive. Since no tables and chairs come with the venue (aside from the fun market lights inside), every option is at your fingertips at Smoky Hollow Studios. You can bring in whatever caterer you want at no additional cost, and choose the aesthetic rentals that fit your vision. If that is not enough, Smoky Hollow Studios is located in the industrial section of El Segundo, just minutes from the beach; so if you want to stop by for photos, it won’t take but a few moments to do so!

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We love urban spaces, and we think that they are a great option to make your weddings dreams become a reality. With the blank spaces and endless possibilities, make sure to consider picking an industrial venue for your special day; we think you’ll love it!

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