Keeping Tradition Alive Part 2: Something Old And Something New

Hi, Love Birds!

This week we are continuing with our series about incorporating something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue into your special day. Today we are talking about the old and the new! So let’s break it down into two categories: jewelry and attire, so you can incorporate them as you walk down the aisle.

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Something Old: Jewelry

As we mentioned last week, something old represents protection for the bride’s future baby and continuity. Here are a few creative ways to add in this antique bit:


Something sentimental, special, and old that you can wear is a family heirloom. It could be a mother or grandmothers ring that was passed down to you when your fiance proposed or lent to you for the walk down the aisle. If you are borrowing the ring, you can tie it in your bouquet or even onto your dress somewhere hidden!

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Antique Pocket Watch

Another creative idea is to wear an ancestor’s pocket watch that has been around longer than time can tell!

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Grandmother’s Pearls

You can never go wrong with a classy set of pearls passed down from Grandma!

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Something Old: Attire

Here are some additional ideas about incorporating the old into your attire.


You can use an old tie from your father or grandfather and wrap it around the bottom of the bouquet for a special touch!

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Vintage Veil

You can use a veil from a previous wedding to bring it all together!

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon

Gently Used Dress

There’s nothing sweeter than using bits from mom or grandma’s wedding dress in a design of your own.

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Something New: Jewelry

The something new is the easy part! Anything purchased specifically for you is your something new! This is meant to symbolize optimism for the future, so here are a few ideas in jewelry and attire to show just how bright that future is:


The ring doesn’t have to be the only bling you get that day! Maybe even your fiance will want to treat you with a special surprise gift right before the big moment like this hubby did.

Photo Credit: Chloe Moore


Another special gift to give would be a new necklace for the bride to wear on that day and every day after!


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A little glitz never hurt! A shiny, new pair of earrings could fit perfectly on your day.

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon

Something New: Attire

Buying something new can be even easier than selecting some new jewels. Check out more items you can (and probably will) buy new!


You can never own enough shoes, so purchasing a new pair for your Wedding is just another win!

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Say Yes to the Dress

Your wedding dress is timeless and typically something bought new so it can be tailored to your fit and style although it can include some old aspects like we mentioned previously.

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If you seriously want to sparkle, try incorporating a new belt to go along with your Wedding Dress!

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Every day with your loved one will build upon the old and allow you to start something new, check back next week to learn about why you two will never be blue and remember, one item can be used for any of the four categories. Combining the rhyme is completely ok in our rulebook!

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