Incorporating Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year in Your Wedding!

Happy New Year, darlings!

Every year we anxiously await the announcement of the Pantone color of the year. That time has come around again, and Pantone did not disappoint… Introducing, Greenery! This vibrant and lively shade of green symbolizes our relationship with the Earth going forward, as a symbol of new beginnings. For those of you who are recently engaged (congrats if it was over the holidays!), you’re probably just getting started to think of ideas for your big day. Color scheme is a major factor in doing so, and we think that this fab hue is brimming with wedding day potential! So, we want to give you some ideas and inspirations on how to incorporate Greenery into your wedding… Let’s get to it!

Left: Jessika Feltz, Right: Camille Styles


The moment your ladies come down the aisle, the stage is set for your guests, based on the colors they’re donning. Having your gals all dressed in Greenery means you are committed to seeing that color through (the good news is we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you do just that)! The lively, yet not too vivid color creates such an earthy chic effect, and your ladies will be looking like garden goddesses.

Left: Jen Fariello, Right: BHLDN


This is an easy one! The best way to incorporate Greenery into your florals is to use… greenery! Pair some foliage with pops of white, or other colors in your scheme. We love the look of some draping pieces in your bouquet or arrangement, because it really circles back to the earthiness that inspired the color of the year choice.


Reception can be a little bit trickier. We find that if you’ve already used Greenery for your maids and in all the florals, you might want to go a little more subtle for the reception area. Have elements of Greenery incorporated into the details, but because it is such a lively hue, don’t go too crazy with it. Think less is more, and use it as a surprise pop of color!

Left: 39 East Images, Right: Kristin Weaver Photography


Using the hue in your cake can really accentuate other Greenery elements found elsewhere and just tie everything together. Succulent adorned cakes have been finding their place in the wedding world, and now is their time to shine! Adding any kind of greenery to a plain white cake is guaranteed to be simply stunning. If you’re looking for even more of a color pop, an ombre painted layer is chic and sophisticated.

Color Pairings

If you’re not totally keen on making Greenery the center of your wedding scheme, you can definitely use it as an element. Pair it with pastels or muted colors for a more toned down feel, and pair it with vibrant colors to take it up a notch. You can do this through incorporating a little green moment in the florals, using it as a neutral linen for your reception, etc.

We were so excited when we saw the 2017 Pantone color of the year, and we hope that we’ve successfully passed on a little of that excitement to you! There’s just so many ways to use this color, because Greenery is already so beautifully all around us! We hope that we’ve sparked some wedding color inspirations for our newly engaged friends, and for those who in the midst of planning. Happy New year once again, and here’s to starting it off with a very colorful bang! Cheers!

Photo Credit: Anneli Marinovich

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