Incorporating Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year Into Your Wedding!

Happy New Year!

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To those of you out there who got engaged over the holidays, congrats! The start of a new year is the perfect time to begin planning the aesthetic for your wedding. It’s helpful to start by picking an overall style that you’d like to see at your celebration. And where better to start than with choosing a color story. Luckily for those of you who are newly-engaged, you have the aid of Pantone’s Color of the Year to guide you towards achieving the most on-trend wedding palette for 2016. What could possibly be better than that you ask? Well, this year Pantone chose to feature not one, but two equally exquisite colors to swoon over–Rose Quartz and Serenity. We’re loving these two soft shades so much that we’re offering up our suggestions on how incorporate these two hues into your wedding design.

1. Bridesmaids


Photo Credit: BHLDN

One of the very first indications of your color scheme at your wedding is given through your bridal party’s attire. The minute your ceremony begins your bridesmaids will be flouncing down the aisle and your guests will get a sneak peak of the trendy colors you’ve chosen for your soiree. We simply can’t deny how gorgeous the shades of Pantone’s colors of the year would look on your lovely ladies. Blush tones like rose quartz are already popular in the bridal world and pale blue hues like serenity look equally as stunning.

2. Flowers


Photo Credit: Left- Wedding Mix Right- Flower Designs Events

Just as your bridal party’s attire sets the scene during your ceremony so too do your flowers. Regardless of if you choose to incorporate florals into your ceremony decor, your personal flowers are a wonderful place to add pops of your desired color scheme. You can choose to focus on one color but as you can see above, serenity and rose quartz look absolutely lovely when combined together.

3. Linens


Photo Credit: Omalley Photographers

Perhaps the biggest way to show off your color scheme is through the linens you chose in your reception space. It is during this portion of your wedding that the decor you choose really reflects the overall look and style of your wedding. We’re loving this table setting’s combination of serenity tablecloths and rose quartz napkins. Plus the subtle pops of rose quartz in the floral arrangements perfectly completes this pantone reception space.

4. Cake


Photo Credit: Left-Chelsea Mitchel, Right-Jake & Heather

Aside from being absolutely delicious to eat, your cake acts as a centerpiece in your reception space. Seriously–wedding cakes these days have become works of art in their own right. Naturally, this is an item in your wedding that you can add some of your feature colors too. We chose these more simply designed cakes as inspiration on how to add a little bit of rose quartz and serenity to your big day without compromising the classic look of a wedding cake.

5. Favors


Photo Credit: Left- Greg Finck, Right- Gracious Bridal

Last but not least, add a little touch of pantone’s colors of the year to your favors. These two favors are ones that we thought were equally as lovely in color as they are as gifts. Both a luxurious favor such as a scarf or one as little as matches are good ideas. Just remember to give something that your guests will want to use. Using a little of your wedding’s signature color here will remind your guests of the wonderful look and feel of your wedding long after it has ended.


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