Honeymoon 101 – Destinations for Your Romantic Getaway

Hello, newlyweds!

The season of chilly weather is finally here in the U.S.! Now is the perfect time to think about getting away. Whenever and wherever you decide to go on your honeymoon, you want to pick a destination that is the best fit for you and your partner that also fits into your financial situation. Today we’ll talk you through some of the hottest destinations based on your budget and what you like. Happy Honeymoon!


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If you are looking for a warm, sunny getaway, a tropical paradise is the way to go. There are many options along the equator that will let you lay out in the sun and enjoy a nice relaxing honeymoon on the beach.

Our suggestions:

  • More Fancy – Hawaii, Bora Bora, Fiji, or anywhere in the South Pacific
  • Cost Effective – Cancun, Mexico or the Caribbean


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There is so much you can learn just by traveling to another country. Some couples are looking for a romantic honeymoon experience that experience different cultures. For those of you looking for a cultural escape, we suggest a trip to Europe or Central/South America.

Our suggestions:

  • More Fancy: Barcelona, South of France, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Croatia, etc.
  • Cost Effective: Morocco, El Salvador, Chile


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There’s nothing like cuddling up next to your bae in front of a fire drinking hot cocoa. For the couples that want a quiet, cold weekend with their official partner in crime, you can go high up into the mountains or opt for a local getaway.

Our suggestions:

  • More Fancy: The Alps in Europe
  • Cost Effective: Mammoth, Tahoe, Utah, Colorado


Photo Credit: Carolyn Marie

Photo Credit: Carolyn Marie

For an active couple, the best adventure is exploring the sights and sounds of a place that is completely foreign. Whatever you are into (rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking, diving and more), travelling to a land filled with both sea and land is one of the best ways to get to know your partner and have experiences like no other.

Our suggestions:

  • More Fancy: South Africa, New Zealand, Australia
  • Cost Effective: Bolivia, Aztec & Incan Ruins, California

Whether it be relaxing on the beach or going on adventure in the mountains, there is a perfect honeymoon destination that fits your wants and financial needs. Cheers to the wedding season! Now, let’s get planning your honeymoon!

Photo Credit: Carolyn Marie

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