Guest Book Ideas for the Contemporary DIY Bride

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As you are working out the minute details of your wedding, we’re back with more ideas to get your creative juices flowing! A guest book is one thing that is present (in some shape or form) at pretty much every wedding. Whether or not you like the idea of a traditional guestbook, your guests will want to document their presence at your celebration. Some people really love the clean look of an elegant guestbook. However, some of our brides want to shake things up, and have their guests participate in an activity or project that will not only serve as as check-in for guests, but also as a memorable keepsake for the couple to treasure for years!

Kaytie and Setiam Allah Wedding

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The Piece of Art

“Add a stroke from your heart to help complete our piece of art.” You could even use tape to create a word on the canvas so when the piece dries, you can take off the tape and have a word spelled out in the white, untouched space.

Kaytie and Setiam Allah Wedding

Photo Credit: Christian Sosa

The Dictionary

Grab an old dictionary and have guests circle words that remind them of you and your significant other’s love for each other.

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The Date Jar

Have your guests share some of their favorite date ideas! On Something Turquoise, you can even learn how to create your own date jar.

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The Instant Pic

If you want to still have a traditional guest book, add a little pizazz by having guests take photos of themselves and adding it next to their signed name.

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The Quilt

Create a quilt for guests to “check in” on. You can either have the quilt already made, or sew all the pieces together once all the guests have signed a piece of fabric.

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The Globe

For the couple who travels or are from different parts of the world, have guests sign a globe. This would also make a great accessory to your living room.

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The Guitar

If you are having an outdoor wedding or if music is a huge part of your life, then have guests sign a guitar or other musical instrument.

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The Log

Signing a log can be a seasonal guest book for winter or fall weddings, but can also be the design to complete your rustic wedding look.

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The Advice

Create fun ways for guests to give their words of wisdom. A chest of advice or writing them on stones is just the beginning of all the different ways to give advice.

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We hope you have gained some inspiration through some of our favorite guest book ideas. A unique guest book is also a fun way to keep your guests intrigued and engaged. Make sure to follow our Pinterest board for more guest book ideas!

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Photo Credit: Becca Rillo

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