Fresh Ideas For Spring Fêtes!

Happy Good Friday Friends! Spring is in full swing, Passover has begun and Easter is in the air! Wedding Season is so close I can taste it and the excitement is almost more than one can bear. Today we thought we’d give you some ideas on taking the best the season has to offer and translating new versions of these motifs to  your wedding.

easter tablescape 1


It goes without saying that in any spring themed celebration, pastel colors tend to dominate the visual story of the day. Don’t get me wrong, we adore spring weddings, but today I’d like to encourage all you spring brides to think just a touch outside of the box. Of course, I would never ask you to completely forsake your pale pallet, but instead of pairing pastels with one another (thus recreating that old Easter basket as the color base for your day), put your pastels to use in a different way: try choosing just one, your favorite, and pairing that color with pale neutrals. Trust me when I tell you that your affair will feel more elegant by coupling your fave pastel with a grey or tan. Check out these color pallets to see how well this works!


Visual Motifs

For spring celebrations, we love the idea of using fresh potted plants. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE flowers and spring is the season where many of the best are actually local and available, but bringing in some terracotta potted herbs and flowers could go a long way in bringing the freshness of the season to your table. You could implement them in your table-scape or give them out as favors, either way your guests will love it.

flowers for blog

daisy wedding favors

We also love the idea of bringing eggs into the visual story of your wedding. Getting married at a farm? Try talking to the owner about collecting eggs from the hens on site and bundling them in a cute basket to give out as favors. Chocolate pastel colored eggs can also be super fun. Find pale egg candies in your colors and nestle them in tiny vessels to add to the overall décor or indicate the guests’ table assignment.

eggs photos

Feast Like It’s a Holy Day

Décor isn’t the only place where senses of the season can come alive at your wedding. Ditch the normal fish and steak based menu and work with your caterer to create a family style feast. Try offering rack of lamb or brisket as your proteins, serve scalloped potatoes or mint cous cous as your starch, and top the meal off with sautéed spinach and roasted carrots for your veg: Crazy yummy, super original and just plain great for a spring themed celebration!

rack of lamb 5

Spring doesn’t have to be all bunnies and floral prints (although we love those things too). We hope today’s post has inspired all you spring brides to think outside the ‘easter basket’ and find ways to bring all the lovely things this season has to offer to your fête in a fun and classy way.

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