Fall Floral Alternatives: Trading in Conventionals for the Fun & Fresh

Hello, darlings!

The air is getting crisper, holidays have begun, and fall is in full swing! With all the porch dwelling pumpkins, stringed leaves, and orange everything, it’s pretty much impossible to hide from all things autumnal. Marking the transition into a new chapter of life with the with the transition of seasons, fall weddings can be oh so magical! Autumnal wedding fans typically follow these conventional styles in their florals and decor. While we totally love the tried and true old favorites, fall doesn’t have to mean pumpkins and leaves. There’s so many possibilities with so many other potential elements to add the wow factor to your fall florals, while staying true to that fall feel. Here’s our ideas for alternatives and additions to traditional fall wedding florals!

leanneandmattwedding-1356Photo Credit: Booth Photographics

Hello, Marsala!

Marsala took the world by storm when it was named the 2015 color of the year. We think it works so perfectly in one part of the year in particular… Fall! This member of the reddish burgundy family serves as a super chic alternative to regular old pumpkin. Use it as a rich base color, then add complimentary softer hues or warm metallics.

resized-for-blog-4Left: Iris and Light, Middle, Ashley Cook Photography, Right: Iris and Light

Fun & Fruity

Another decor trend that has found a home within the fall wedding is both delicious and nutritious… Fruit and veggies! This gives a nod to harvest time vibes, and just looks spectacular. Adding berries, figs, artichokes, squash, asparagus, pears, and pomegranates to florals has grown in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. We’re huge fans of the use of blackberries. For little tiny fruits, they sure have that rich color and striking presence that we’re looking for!

resized-for-blogLeft: Onelove Photography, Right: Sorella Muse Photography

Down to Earth

If you want to forgo florals altogether, using natural materials where you would typically use blooms can really project a perfectly autumnal earthiness. Use materials such as feathers, wheat stalks, dried branches, rustic linens, etc. Each of these flower alternatives just look so organic, unique, and totally swoon-worthy.

resized-for-blog-3Left: Docuvitae Photography, Right: Genevieve Hoffman Photography

Tall, Dark, and Rich

No, we’re not talking about a cup of coffee… We mean fall floral success lies in achieving a dramatic presence, a certain moody darkness, and the rich color that fall is known for. Subtlety is not the goal here, so don’t skimp on the drama! In short, establish the striking features, then incorporate soft accent elements throughout.

resized-for-blog-2Left: Andrew Abajian Photography, Right: Jillian Bowes Photography

Florals can really set the tone for the style and design of the wedding as whole. That being said, getting it right on point is essential, and season plays a huge part of that decision process. The good news is, an array of fresh, fun, alternative materials means your creative autumnal combinations are endless! We’ve got quite a bit of fall left to love, so enjoy it.

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