Ditch the Cake: Sweet Side of Weddings Part 2!

Hello Lovelies!

We all still have sugar-induced bellyaches from Valentine’s Day, and it’s impossible to avoid having sweets on the mind. As we finish our chocolate hearts and wedding season gets closer with each day, we at Marisa Nicole Events are looking forward to one of our favorite parts of each shin-dig we throw, the dessert! About a year ago, we shared a post discussing The Sweet Side of Weddings and wedding desserts that stick pretty close to traditional cake. Today we’re picking up that conversation again, but diving in a bit deeper by offering some fresh and fun ideas on shaking things up in the sweets department for your day.

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Cake with Bite Sized Treats

If you aren’t completely sold on ditching the cake completely, this is the perfect option for you. By having a standard tiered wedding cake, paired with yummy bite sized treats, you keep the tradition alive while adding a variety to your menu (sounds like a win-win scenario to us)! This is an alternative that will please all your guests, as the snacking can continue even after the cake has been served. From cookies to parfaits, and mini-cupcakes to bite-sized moon-pies, the possibilities are endless.

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Doughnuts are so ‘in’ right now friends. Stay on trend by featuring this unconventional wedding dessert at your celebration. We love stacking the doughnuts on cake stands at varying levels to create an aesthetically pleasing and delicious look! With all the flavor options available, you’ll have guests young and old coming back to the dessert table all night long. Just make sure you have someone box up a few in a doggy bag before they are all gone, so you can enjoy them the morning after your wedding. Heck yes, that is a great idea!

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Forget cake and dip into delicious chocolate fondue instead. It was big in the 80’s and I have news for your friends… it is coming back and we love it! What makes a fondue dessert station so great is that you can design the menu so that all of your guests will be able to find at least one item that they love! You can showcase your creativity with this fun station, and include any treats your heart desires (there is no wrong combination with chocolate, the options are endless!) Also, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, mix it up and have cheese fondue instead (we don’t judge)!

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You’ll leave your guests wanting some more s’mores with this fun treat (pun intended). We love this trend because not only is it a dessert, but an activity as well! We aren’t reinventing the wheel with this pick, as s’mores at weddings have been popular for years. This is something that we don’t ever think will loose its’ appeal and will always “wow’ your guests. Our rule of thumb is this: if live fire is allowed at your venue (via pit or a fireplace), there absolutely should be s’mores at your wedding! It doesn’t how fancy your day is, s’mores will always be appreciated. Seriously, is there anything better than a lightly toasted marshmallow with some chocolate and graham crackers? We think not!

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When it is all said and done, these fun alternatives will have your guests wanting more and raving about your creativity the next day. Whatever your style or taste, we encourage you to serve whatever sweets you crave, however unconventional that favored dessert may be!

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