New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride

Hi Lovebirds!

With the ball dropping at midnight oh-so soon, we cannot wait for the excitement that is to come with the new year. We want you to be your best self, and most importantly enjoy the wedding planning process! So, we have come up with 5 perfect New Year’s resolutions that will help you stay sane and on track while you plan the event of a lifetime!

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride Blog | Marisa Nicole Events

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1) I will enjoy being engaged!

It’s easy to forget how special it is to be engaged when overwhelmed with the planning process. Take time to rekindle your romance by planning a fun date or weekend getaway, admiring your ring and just enjoying the time you have with your fiancé.

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

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2) I will DIY something for my big day.

This is a great way to add personal touches to your wedding in a unique way. This can be a fun activity to get your friends and family involved in! On your special day, it will be so satisfying knowing you handcrafted your table/seat assignments or your specialty cocktail signs to be just the way you imagined! But DIYing brides, beware: we suggest getting that personal detail and self-pride from just one or two small projects, and leave the rest to the pros. Please believe me on this one, any  more than three and you will drive yourself nuts!

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

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3) I will start a wedding book or journal.

What better excuse to buy some gorgeous stationary than for starting a wedding book or journal of your journey?! This can be a place where you jot down your ideas, to-do lists and feelings leading up to your day. It will also help keep you organized and can be something fun to look back on.

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

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4) I will figure out my guest list ASAP!

We know this is not the most fun part of planning your big day, but it has to get done right away! So many things hinge on the length of the list, from venue and vibe to how much your budget will be. You will be relieved when it is all sorted out and can move on to more exciting tasks…like tasting champagnes and cakes!

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

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5) I will set realistic expectations for my marriage.

Don’t let the reason you’re getting married escape you in the middle of planning your day! Take some time to set realistic expectations for your marriage with your fiancé and discuss how your lives will be once you say your “I do’s.” This will set a positive foundation as your new life together begins.

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

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BONUS: I will not try to change too much about my appearance for my wedding day.

You are beautiful EXACTLY how you are right now! It is super important that you look and feel like yourself on your wedding day. We are totally on board with you feeling like your best self, but from plans for tons of weight loss, to mermaid hair extensions and from gallons of self tanner to lip-flips, just make sure you look like the person your fiance proposed to. The last thing you want is to look back on your wedding picture and be sad because you don’t look like a version of yourself that is impossible to maintain during your regular life.

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Amanda Olivia Photography (Left) and Martha Stewart Weddings (Right)

So pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate the exciting year to come, knowing you are making resolutions that will help keep you calm and ensure a happy year of wedding planning!

Wedding Day Self Care: 10 Tips for Brides To Live Your Best Life on Your Wedding Day

Wedding season is almost upon us and there are many things to consider when preparing for the biggest celebration of your life. You’ve read all the tips on how to choose catering, colors, and guest favors. Since this day is your day, we want to make sure you also take care of yourself! Feeling great and looking your best will help you get the most out of your big day. Here are our top ten golden nuggets of advice for all you foxy brides out there on your wedding day!

1. Start hydrated and stay hydrated.

First things first: drink two large glasses of water when you wake up on the morning of your wedding day. By doing this, your skin will be glowing and you will feel refreshed. Throughout the entirety of the celebration, remember to consume extra water.

Wedding Day Bridal Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

2. Abandon your phone and watch.

Ditch your phone and watch for the day! Don’t be concerned about what is being posted to social media or who may be texting you. Designate a trusted bridesmaid or friend to manage your essential communications. Trust your wedding planner to coordinate timing appropriately and keep the day flowing. It is important to be entirely in the moment and enjoy your wedding day.

Wedding Day Bridal Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography

3.  Surround yourself with people who make you truly happy.

Getting ready for your wedding should be relaxing and pleasant. Prioritize your experience and keep your immediate company to those who will add positively to your day. For example, if you have a bridesmaid you felt obligated to include in your wedding party, discretely organize hair and makeup sessions to give yourself some distance from that person. If your beloved mom can also be a bit overwhelming, ask your best friend to be on “mom duty” for the day. By making these arrangements in advance, you will minimize conflicts on the wedding day.

Wedding Day Bridal Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Salt and Sky Studios

4. Look like you.

Hair and makeup is a fun way to enhance your natural beauty for your special occasion. Do what makes you feel your absolute best. Don’t be convinced by others to get carried away with a crazy hairstyle or heavy makeup that doesn’t make you feel like yourself. To get an idea of how a certain look feels on you, do a trial run of planned hair and makeup to find the style you love before a date night or your Bachelorette party!

Wedding Day Bridal Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Salt and Sky Studios

5. Monitor your alcohol consumption.

Feel free to enjoy a bit of bubbly with your bridesmaids while getting ready. However, don’t forget to balance your alcohol consumption with water, food, and time before the ceremony. We encourage you to have a good time, but not to go overboard.

Wedding Day Bridal Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Chloe Moore Photography

6. Eat!

Brides often get wedding day butterflies that give them a weird gut feeling, reducing their normal appetite. However, it is essential to make yourself eat something before the celebration begins. Dinner will be a long time away, and standing for extended periods of time in a long dress is not easy. You don’t want to feel poorly or, worst of all, faint. Before hopping into your gorgeous gown, munch on a little something — you’ll thank yourself later!

Wedding Day Bridal Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography

7. Pack extra shoes.

There is nothing worse than being miserable by the time cocktail hour rolls around because your feet are killing you. We encourage brides to change their shoes often. Wear your cute heels for the ceremony and photos, but beyond that we urge you to wear heels only when you absolutely must. Bring a comfortable pair of flip flops or slippers to get ready in, a pair of flats for after the ceremony, and your most comfortable shoes to dance the night away. Being comfortable will allow you to have a good time!

Wedding Day Bridal Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Holding & Co.

8. Stick with your partner.

We always encourage you to enjoy the company of your best girlfriends, but your wedding day is all about celebrating you and your partner. Make a conscious effort to spend the day side by side. Make memories together, enjoying the start of your new chapter!

Wedding Day Bridal Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

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9. Get out on the dance floor!

If you want the dance floor at your wedding to be fun, lead by example. No one else will start dancing if the couple isn’t, so make sure the DJ starts the night with some of your favorites and get out there! This is a time to let loose and enjoy the festivities, so soak it all in and let yourself have a good time.

Wedding Day Bridal Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

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10. Plan your exit ahead of time.

There comes a point in the night where there are few enough guests remaining that you will have to say goodbye to each and every person, leaving yourselves the last people left at your own wedding. Do not wait until this moment to leave! Avoid this uncomfortable scenario by planning a sendoff in advance. Or, if you prefer, do an Irish farewell, quietly exiting and letting the party continue. Either way, plan it!

Wedding Day Bridal Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Nick Radford

From properly fueling yourself for the day to prioritizing your own comfort to making arrangements that will help the day flow smoothly, these tips will help you, as a bride, enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!

Sneak Peek: Lauren & Jrue’s Wedding Style!

LJ couple shot

Hi friends, it’s Katrina the new Marisa Nicole, Weddings & Events intern here!

Today I’m happy to give you all a sneak peek of one of the first weddings I’ve done with the Marisa Nicole team.  From the spectacular venue to the beautiful décor, I couldn’t get enough of Lauren Cheney and Jrue Holiday’s wedding.  My iPhone pictures don’t do this wedding justice, but I hope that it gives you a glimpse of the sweet details of this wonderful wedding!

LJ map

Let’s start off with Lauren and Jrue – they are simply the best!  These two are the most down-to-earth people and anyone can tell that they’re in love from a mile away.  They made their wedding reflect their fun and charismatic personalities with just a touch of southern elegance.

LJ ceremony

Cypress Sea Cove in Malibu was the venue for this special day.  It was literally located on the ocean!  Need I say more?  The beautiful wooden cross at the front of the ceremony complimented the wooden chairs that sat their loved ones during their “I Do’s.”

LJ lounges

LJ coffee

After the ceremony, the bridal party and guests made their way over to cocktail hour on the other side of the venue. To grab a mask for snapshots at the photo booth or to grab espresso from the coffee station: that was the question!  If neither of those options appealed to one’s fancy, guests could always just sit back and relax in the custom-built lounge areas.

LJ tables

LJ flowers

Prior to the family style dinner service, everyone had the opportunity to admire the beautiful table décor and flower arrangements.  The white lace runners set the stage for the gorgeous array of summertime flowers (compliments of the rather fantastic Enchanted Garden Floral Design) that brightened up these wooden dinner tables.

LJ lemonade

LJ pies

I have to say that my favorite parts of this wedding would be the uniquely designed lemonade stand and pie station.  From basil mint lemonade to strawberry rhubarb pie, these set-ups could cure anyone’s sweet tooth!  Let’s just say that wedding cake and champagne might be replaced with pie and lemonade as major wedding traditions very soon!

I hope that you enjoyed my sneak peek of this fabulous Malibu wedding.  Stay tuned for professional photographs from the wonderful team at Iris & Light, with full details, in an upcoming blog! Oh, and a special thanks to Andrew Abajian (our super talented cinematographer) for the top photo of the love birds.