Interactive Wedding Ideas

Good Morning Love Birds,

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We can almost hear the wedding bells chime! As wedding season swiftly approaches and couples start to head into the home-stretch preparing for their celebrations, what is on everyone’s mind is how to help their guests have a great time at their party! What better way to ensure that your guests have a blast than to make your wedding interactive! Everyone wants to hear those magical words, “yours was the best wedding ever”. The greatest way to accomplish this goal is to have your friends and family get up, move around, and socialize. We are talking beyond the usual sit down dinner, small talk, and (embarrassing) dance floor moves. Today we will explore ideas for how you can get your guests up and about and maybe even hear those 6 special words. Here are the four main ways to get your party people up and out of their seats and we’re going to dive into each and every one of them. So without further ado…


Providing a few games gives guests something to do during cocktail hour. If you have an open lawn at your reception, use it! Having some entertaining pastimes on the lawn allows guests to be playful without breaking the bank. Here are some of our ideas:


This one is a classic! Some light-hearted competition is always fun.

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Giant Jenga

Who said Jenga was just for kids? Bring this game back to get guests of all ages involved.

Left:  Briana Calderon Photography Right: Andrew Abajian Creative

Bocce Ball / Croquet

These old school games that bring a sense of nostalgia to your party!

Left: Caroline Joy Photography Right: Ether & Smith

Ping Pong

We particularly love a bit of table tennis during cocktail hour!

Photo Credit: Charlotte Jenkins Photography

Table Games

Family games never get old, this is a fun way to get everyone at the table talking.

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Interactive Guestbooks

Another way to get your guests involved is to provide a unique guest book activity. This gives your friends and family an opportunity to flex an intellectual muscle rather than pulling any.

Notes of Advice

You can never use too much advice! Let your guests speak their wisdom.

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Date Night Suggestions

Let your guests have some fun in planning your next date night!

Photo Credit: Something Turquoise

Wine Corks

If you and your fiance love wine, a fun and creative idea is to have your guests sign wine corks that you can use later for a frame or work or art!

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Paint a Canvas

For our art-loving couples, consider having your guests paint a scene on a canvas for you to take home at the end of the night and hang in your future home.

Photo Credit: Laksha Perera

Give a Nod to Your Past

Using the state outlines for the guests to sign is unique and makes it exciting to see where other people are visiting from!

Photo Credit: Booth Photographics Photos

Polaroid Guestbook

A picture is worth a thousand words, let your guests speak volumes with a polaroid guest book. The best part of this guestbook is that you can get extra film and this can double as a DIY selfie station!

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Interactive Food Ideas

As much as we love the formality of a sit-down meal, food stations are fun and keep guests entertained as they receive their food.

Open Flame

Have the food cooked right in front of the guests, whether that be burgers or a fire pit to roast their own marshmallows.

Left: Ronca Productions Right: K Stone Photos

Pasta or Mashed Potato Bar

Have a chef prepare fresh sides with a choice of customized toppings!

Photo Credit: Rachelle B.


Not to go back in time, but a fab cheese or dessert fondue bar is always super fun for your guests a huge hit at weddings!

Photo Credit: Andrew Abajian Creative

Interactive Reception Entertainment

Finally, to make your wedding unique, we have compiled some creative options for additional interactive stations for your 21 and over guests.

Cigar Rolling Station

Teach your guests a new trick and have them learn to roll their own cigar!

The wedding of Irene Legaspi and Chris Josol was photography by Hannah Arista for Docuvitae at the Carondelet House in Los Angeles, CA on September 27th, 2014.

Photo Credit: Docuvitae

Hookah Station / Cannabis Tent

Now that cannabis is legal in California, why not incorporate it into your wedding for older guests! If not, you can bring a hookah lounge to your wedding for a smoky good time.

Photo Credit: Jessica Hill Photography

Photo Credit: Lauren Scotti Photography

Fine Liquor Tastings

Have a professional guide your guests through a high-end tasting of bourbon, scotch or tequila!

Photo Credit: The Grovers

Remember, make sure that all of your interactive options are properly handled by professionals. If you want to splurge on these activities, check out our DIY blog post to check out some tips on when you can DIY to save some money!


Wedding DIY Do’s and Don’ts

Hello Lovelies,

Planning for your special day is exciting, but can be stressful as you try to create the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. We want you to save as much money as possible, which is why sometimes do-it-yourself projects can be the best way to get a lot of pretty, with only a little bit of money. If you are going to “DIY”, keep these six tips in mind before taking on your new project:

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1. Start your projects early and time your tasks accordingly. Don’t plan to finish all of your projects within the month of your wedding date! Make sure to give yourself deadlines ahead of time. We suggest spacing it out so you only have one project on your plate per month.

2. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Know yourself, if you aren’t crafty don’t choose a complicated project. Stick to simple.

3. Compare Costs. Double check that making the item yourself is actually less expensive than buying it off of Etsy or having one of your vendors signed onto your wedding provide it.

4. Ask for help. It’s ok to ask for assistance from the people around you to make sure you get everything done in time!

5. Keep everything organized and well-packed (trust us on this one!).

6. Use good crafting products! Don’t just go cheap, you want your glue to stick and your art to stay put together.

Now onto the nitty-gritty. Here is our list of when it is best to DIY and when we suggest you turn to the pros.

Great Spots to DIY


You can easily craft your own party favors depending on what it is that you want to give away! We love these little blue boxes that you could buy yourself, then hot glue the red ribbon on top, and finally pop in a little treat to go with the wedding theme. Other great options include cute bags of coffee beans from a place you’ve traveled together, mini potted succulents, homemade jarred jam… the options of little goodies to gift your guests are endless!

Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography


You can definitely write your own signs for your event when you own the board/sign. If you are renting the boards, mirrors or glass, we do not recommend trying to have yourself or anyone on your crew do artwork on your wedding day. This is definitely a “do in advance” kind of DIY project, not a “make it happen on the day of” (or night before) kind of thing.

Photo Credit: Ronca Productions

Place cards/seating assignments

These can also easily be crafted with some good handwriting and attention to detail! If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure the names are heavy in weight or tethered down so that none of them fly away.

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Pop-out details

Any little details that you want to add to your decorations and environment can be easily hand-crafted. Something we love to utilize are fanned pieces of paper as background decorations.

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Times We Suggest You Don’t DIY


Few friends or family are willing to Unless one of your bridesmaids or family members is a floral designer, we highly suggest you go with a professional to coordinate your blooms. Even if your friends or family are willing to help, they will also have to be ok knowing that they will be missing out on your special day to devote their time to your floral arrangements. Whether it is you or a friend, organizing the flowers will cost more time and energy than they are worth. They also often end up looking poorly displayed because they weren’t appropriately treated or stored. The worst part yet is that at the end of the event you will have to properly take down all of the decor and transport it. This leaves your loved ones staying long after the guests have already left to tear down the florals and drive them home in cars (yes, plural) brimming with your floral arrangements.

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DJ: Music & MC Services

Hiring a professional DJ is essential to the flow of your wedding. Even if you already know what you want them to play, having someone whose whole job is to guide your guests, feel out the crowd while dancing, and provide all the necessary equipment to keep your party moving is one of the best investments you can make to ensure the success of your party.

Beachcomber Cafe + Crystal Cove Wedding, Orange County

Photo Credit: Salt & Sky Photography


Your food should always be served by a licensed, insured company to make sure your guests are served properly and to avoid any lawsuits!

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography

Hopefully, we saved you from a DIY disaster with our guidelines and suggestions. We want to hear from you, comment below with some of your favorite DIY wedding projects!

Wedding Gifting Etiquette 301: Guest Gifts

Hi lovely people!

This week will be the final part of our gifting etiquette discussion! Today we are focusing on treating your guests right by giving them a little something to walk away with (other than the crazy memories, that is!). Depending on whether your guests are spending the entire weekend celebrating your wedding, or just coming out for the day, you have options when it comes to presenting your guests with a memento. We recommend greeting guests who are staying overnight with a welcome package to introduce them to the area and with essentials for their stay. For a single-day celebration, you can gift them a sweet treat or something functional to remember your day!

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon

Welcome Gifts

Everyone loves a warm welcome! Welcome gifts aren’t always necessary, but if you have a destination wedding or have guests traveling in from out of town, then it is the courteous thing to do to make them feel at home. To be the hostess with the mostess, you can provide tote bags filled with items needed for planned activities throughout the weekend, maps noting the hot spots around town, and creature comforts that will help your guests enjoy their stay! We suggest choosing a theme and sticking to it with these gifts. Below is an example of one of our favorites with a “fun in the sun” vibe (filled with sunblock, water, flip-flops and cute sunnies)!

Left: Birds of A Feather Photography  Right: Manali Anne Photography


We love a creative and useful wedding favor! While these adorable takeaway gifts may have fallen out of fashion due to budget restrictions, gifting your guests with a little something makes a big difference. Letting your guests know that they matter is essential to a successful day. Make sure your favor is something that your guests will take home and use or enjoy again after the wedding is over. These can be topical to your venue location, symbolic of something meaningful to you and your fiance, or just plain functional. Don’t waste your time or money on anything people will throw away! Some of our favorite ideas include fans or parasols to keep the heat off of your guests, wine stoppers, or mini bottles of champagne.

Photo Credit: Sweet T Studios

Whatever you choose to gift your guests, whether it be a celebrity style swag bag or a small thoughtful token, we promise your guests will appreciate it. Over the last few weeks, we have discussed the various situations regarding the when, where and who of gifting your significant other, bridal party, families and guests for your wedding. We think it is super important that you know when you should show some love to your nearest and dearest so that no outpouring of love for you is overlooked. You only have to say thank you once to have someone remember your gratitude forever.

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Wedding Gifting Etiquette 201: Bridal Party & Family

Hi lovebirds!

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As we promised, this week is the second part of the gifting series! Today we will be discussing how to show love to your nearest and dearest including but not limited to; bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, flower girls and ring bearers and finally, your other half. Whoever you are gifting, first keep these general guidelines in mind:

  • First, we suggest that you always write handwritten thank you notes to everyone from the oldest members of the bridal party to the youngest.
  • Share your gift in a timely manner:
    • All bridal party members should receive some kind of thank you note and token for participating in your wedding the weekend of the wedding
    • Bridal party members should receive an additional thank you note with a gift for hosting any of the following gatherings in your honor: engagement party, shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, etc.
  •  Third, gift with creativity!

Photo Credit: Jessica Hickerson Photography

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

When tackling your thank you notes, remember to be authentic and grateful. We suggest you gift something functional and cute for your whole bridal party… something they can use in the future, not just on your wedding day. We adore the idea of personalized hangers because, let’s face it, pretty clothes are a gals best friend and who doesn’t want something fancy to hang your best outfit on?!?

Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather Photography

For the fellas, we suggest something personalized that they would never purchase for themselves. Engraved flasks, fancy pocket watches, and monogrammed cufflinks are all fab ideas to class up your groomsmen while gifting them something special yet functional that they will keep forever.

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography

Photo Credit: Ronca Productions


We think sentimentality is the key to thanking your parents properly on your wedding day. As with the guys, the key here is items that are personalized. Nothing flashy is needed, just something they can treasure… Don’t forget, this is a big day in their lives as well! A simple, elegant framed picture with a handwritten note on the back or something like a customized locket or a tie are genius ideas for parent gifts that they can keep forever and will bring tears to their eyes. Your goal here is to make them cry!

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography

Left and Right: Chloe Moore Photography

Flowergirls and Ringbearers

You can’t forget about the tiniest members of your bridal party! Go practical and look into what toys or games they would enjoy. We suggest asking their parents how they currently like to spend their time and what they are currently into to get an idea for a fun gift. Again, tailor your gift to the personal likes of the specific kids in your wedding for the win!

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography

Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography

Your Better Half

Want to pull at the heartstrings before walking down the aisle? Earn some extra credit by surprising your fiance with a little something moments before you tie the knot. No one knows them better than you do! Gift something personal that will make their heart grow three times its size, like an original copy of her favorite book. Or spice things up by giving him a boudoir photo album! Sexy or sweet, this is just a taste of the greatest gift you both will receive that day – each other.

Left: Kim Fox Photography Right: Chloe Moore Photography

Finally, if your officiant is a friend or family member, we suggest gifting them like you would for anyone in your bridal party (see above). May all your gifting escapades be bundled with joy and stay tuned for part three next Wednesday.

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