Wedding Getaway: Tips for Hosting the Perfect Wedding Weekend!

Hello lovelies!

Three day weddings are all the rage! We love a good destination wedding (Hawaii, Costa Rica, Amalfi Coast, oh my!), but many of our couples are reluctant to plan a wedding that isn’t accessible for all their nearest and dearest to attend. More and more couples are coming to us wanting the destination wedding experience, where all their guests spend the entire weekend together at multiple events, but here in SoCal. We love helping our couples host these events and today we’re sharing a few tips & best practices to help you plan a smooth, successful and super fun wedding weekend, start to finish!

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Tip #1: Have everyone stay at the same place

This makes for simple coordination when traveling from event to event! If you don’t want your guests to splurge on just one single place, try looking for a city or neighborhood that has hotels within walking distance from each other at different price points. That way your guests can still feel included in the weekend but not have to break the bank!

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Tip #2: Choose your location (wisely!)

Especially for a Southern California wedding that might not seem like a destination to you, could be an extravagant trip for your guests near and far! Los Angeles and the surrounding cities (Palm Springs, Carlsbad, Santa Barbara, Temecula, Lake Arrowhead, and the list goes on and on…) are home to some of the most unique and beautiful venues and areas, which means your guests will still call it a destination wedding, even if you reside in the area!

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Tip #3: Offer activities & options in between scheduled events

These can vary depending on your guests, and even your personal interests! A few suggestions are yoga, shopping, golfing, spa treatments, or a hike! It’s a special way to let your guests explore the city you are hosting your weekend in, and gives you some fun free time with friends & family.

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Tip #4: Provide transportation to and from off-site events

You want to make sure your weekend weekend is accessible and safe! For guests who might not know the area well, or who have a drink or two, providing transportation is the way to go. If your guests are tech-savvy, you can coordinate Ubers to each destination, or explore some rental options like sprinter or school buses. Be sure to research the accommodation locations as some hotels or resorts offer transportation between certain destinations.

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Tip #5: Invite everyone to every event!

It is so important that your guests feel a part of every aspect of your wedding weekend, even if they can’t make it to every event. Be consistent with your invitations and communications with all of your wedding guests so they know where/when to be at each event during the weekend (feel free to add in optional events as well!)

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Tip #6: Make sure guests have easy access to food & beverages throughout the weekend

Nothing is worse than having a group of guests looking to you when they are hungry! If you’re staying at a hotel, make sure to give guests info on how to access the hotel bar, gift shop, or restaurant if they are looking for a bite or a drink. If you are leaning towards casitas or a mansion, figure out a way to hire a personal chef for a few hours a day to prep snacks that are always accessible.

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Tip #7: Distribute a detailed packing list prior to the wedding weekend

It is super important and helpful that your guests are adequately prepared for the weekend. On your invitation, add in a brief schedule for the weekend and include everything they could possibly need! If you are going to have a pool party, people need to know to bring their bathing suits. If you are offering a golfing excursion, serious enthusiast will likely want to use their own clubs. The more thorough, the better (your guests will thank you later!)

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Tip #8: Find new ways to surprise your guests at every event!

This could be as easy as using a different customized cocktail napkin, having different decór element for each event, or simply offering a variety of new cocktails or appetizers when munching throughout the weekend. It sounds very straightforward, but in the age of technology, when people are Snapchatting and Instagram story-ing non-stop, they’ll be so impressed and happy with new details (or even a small gift!)

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We hope you grabbed some ideas to use as you plan your fun, fab wedding weekend. We love seeing our tips & tricks coordinated into couple’s weddings. Be sure to shout us out if you add some of your personal flair to our advice, we love a client who knows how to personalize! Stay stylish, beauties!

Summer Weddings: How to Keep Your Guests Cool!

Hello lovelies!

June is here, which means the heat is here to stay! We in SoCal love a fully outdoor wedding and summer is the most popular time to host one, as you’re pretty much always guaranteed good weather. Despite the very low chance of rain and generally pleasant coastal climate, things can get pretty toasty, particularly in the heat of the day as guests are waiting for the ceremony to begin. We totally understand this, so today we’re sharing a few super slick tips & tricks to keep your guests cool, calm, and collected on your big day.

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Refreshing Drink Display

Is there anything better than stepping out of your car/Uber/taxi/limo to find some ice cold sassy water or lemonade waiting for you? We are loving the idea of having a killer refreshing drink display upon your guests’ arrival at your wedding. It’s a nice way to keep your guests occupied on the way to their seats while also keeping them happy.

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Photo Credits: Iris & Light Photography

Photo Credits: Iris & Light Photography

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Iced Spa Towels

We just love having iced towels on hand to offer guests when things get a little heated, just like at a bougie spa. Of course not everyone will want to wipe their face on a damp towel (unless your makeup primer works wonders, ladies), but for the guests who do, having chilled towels with eucalyptus oil and hints of cucumber or citrus to cool off will set your wedding apart from the rest.

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Photo Credits: Pinterest

Personalized Fans & Parasols

Fans and parasols have long been used in weddings, and can sometimes feel tired. We think if you customize one with an adorable phrase or wedding hashtag, guests will have a keepsake from your wedding and a quick way to bring down their body temperature. And just think of the cute Instas that can come from your guests waving your fans or parasols around!?!

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Citrus Galore!

Our pro tip for making things feel refreshing, even when it is hot as Hades outside, is to style your designs with lemons, limes and oranges. It is a super fun way to spice up your welcome and beverage tables and even showcase in your centerpieces! Incorporating citrus into your wedding is the perfect way to add color, while keeping things feeling light and fresh!

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Sweet (and Cold) Treats!

Apart from decor and favor ideas there are many other cute ways to cool your guests down with food! Our favorite is to showcase you and your spouse’s signature frozen treats during your cocktail hours to keep your guests cool and full. You can rent a frozen margarita machine, serve homemade popsicles (full of fancy fruit), or keep it simple with some ice cream! There are tons of different sweet treats to serve at your wedding and that’s why we love this idea.

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We hope you take some of our advice and have the coolest summer wedding around! Stay fab, beauties!

Honoring Your Mother At Your Wedding

Hello Wonderful Sons & Daughters!

Mother’s Day is almost here and it is time to celebrate mom and all the things she has done for you throughout the years (even though you should celebrate your mom every single day!) She has been the one holding your hand through every hardship, happy moment, and moment in between! Your mom is probably over the moon for you to get married. However, it is important to remember that it will be hard for her to let gn. Weddings in our mother’s generations were different than they are now. Back in the day, a woman’s turn to plan a wedding was when her daughter got married. But nowadays, couples want to take the lead on planning their wedding and often mothers get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. We get it, you want to have your own wedding that tells the story of your love and is reflective of your tastes and preferences. However, don’t be too hard on your mom when her opinions get a bit pushy and things become tense. She was likely not all that involved in planning her own wedding and has now missed out on the chance to plan yours. At the end of the day, we know that your mom wants you to be super happy and you want your mom to feel involved. To that end, in honor of Mother’s Day, we have compiled a list of ways to honor your mom on your special day.

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Something Borrowed, Blue & New

Walking down the aisle with a part of your mom attached to you is a way to honor your mom and show her how close she is to your heart.

Photo Credits: Becca Rillo Photography

Get Ready Together

Your mom wants to spend as much time as possible on your big day. She wants to be there from the moment you wake up to the moment you get your hair done to you putting on your gorgeous dress. She wants to see her little girl turn into a beautiful bride.

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Let Her Give a Toast

Your mom is one of the people that knows you the best. She is the one that knows all your quirks, all your stories and is the best memory keeper of your childhood. Let her share all her memories of you to a room full of people who know and love you just as much as she does.

Photo Credits: Kate O’Connor and Rudo Vacula

Dance with Mom

Make sure your mom is able to showcase her dance moves. I am sure she will surprise you on the dancefloor! Let her pick a song that is special and close to her heart. She will cherish those few minutes swaying with you.

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Showcase Her Wedding Photo

Have a picture of your mom on her wedding day for all guests to admire. This is a way for your mom to reflect on her big day and how excited she is for you to have the same feelings.

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Walk Down Aisle with Mom

Your mom will appreciate the thought of having her be a part of walking you down the aisle. Letting her be apart of that special moment when she gets to pass you off to the man that will take care of you for the rest of your life is unforgettable.

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Mention Your Mom in a Speech

Giving you mom that extra shout out will put a smile on her face. It is easy to just thank your parent’s and move on. Try and individually thank both of them and say something heartwarming about them.

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Remember that your mom was always there for you and will always be there for you after you are married. We hope that you and your mom have an amazing Mother’s Day. However, we at Marisa Nicole Events believe that you should honor your mom every single day so make sure you tell her how much she is appreciated.

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Wedding Hair Accessories for the Modern Bride

Hello, Gorgeous Girlies!

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Wedding season is in view and many of you gorgeous gals out there are starting to work out the details of your wedding day look! One decision that many of our not-so-traditional brides toil over is what to do with their hair on the big day. If you have decided not to wear a veil, there are many different options that will stun your guests as you walk down the aisle. Don’t get me wrong, we at Marisa Nicole Events do love the classic veil look (swoon), but believe that other accessories are undeniably equally fab. To inspire you as you tackle this decision, today we’re sharing some of our favorite hair accessories and looks.

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First Things First

To decide which accessory to incorporate into your style, you must first decide between wearing your hair up, down, or something in between. Take the cut of your gown in mind, along with any accessories that you already know you want to incorporate into your look (did someone say “something old / something new”?). It is also important to make sure that your hair complements your overall wedding vibe and your personality. However, remember that no matter which hairstyle or accessory you choose, you are bound to look like a beautiful bride (because you’re a queen!).

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Jeweled Comb

This is a classic and simple option that will never go out of style. It can add a little sparkle to your hair as it complements the sparkle in your eyes on your big day. A comb makes for a finishing touch to your beautiful hair do without it taking over your whole hair. They are normally placed in the back or side of your head. Our two favorite ways to wear a comb is with an updo or as a clip to hold some of your hair back if you decide to wear your hair all the way down.

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Floral Crown

Flowers are an elegant touch to any hairdo. They make for a romantic and bohemian vibe. This is a great option if you are having a relaxed, natural celebration. There are many different floral crowns. If you want something simple than opt for a baby’s breath floral crown. Or if you want to make more of a statement, then go for a crown that mixes different types of flowers and colors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to floral crowns.

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Another simple way to add some sparkle is a headband. It can be an elegant gold twist or a thick jeweled headband. We love this look because it goes well with any type of hairstyle. In addition, your accessory can be seen from the front when you take those head on photos. When picking a headband, make sure that the design matches the style of your dress.

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Sometimes your own hair can be your best accessories. If you are not a huge fan of bling or flowers, doing a beautiful braided hairstyle is perfect. Just like other accessories, there are endless ways to style it. Doing a braided hairstyle is best if you have longer hair. Our favorite at Marisa Nicole Events is a side braid. It is simply gorgeous and helps keep your hair out of your face so that your wedding day glow will not be missed.

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There are endless options of ways to accessorize your hair for your big day. Just remember to stay true to your style and your wedding theme. Also don’t forget that if you have always dreamed of wearing a veil as a little girl, there is nothing wrong with that! We believe that whatever makes you feel the most beautiful, then it is the right accessory.

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