Bling Bling: Our Favorite Rings

Happy Fri-yay!

Today we are talking all about that bling bling! One of the more exciting parts of getting hitched is picking out your wedding rings. You should fully in love with what you choose to put on your finger because it is the most important jewelry you will wear for the rest of your life (no pressure…). Here are some of our favorite wedding rings from our former couples!

Photo Credits: Amanda McKinnon Photography

Gold or Silver Band

Before you decide on what kind of stone you would like, make sure you pick whether you want a silver or gold band! This will make picking out the rest of the style of your ring easier and make sure it is more cohesive.

Photo Credits: Jillian Rose Photography


Sometimes less is more and that is very true when it comes to rings. We love this simple silver diamond ring. Also, a diamond is a girl’s best friend!

Photo Credits: Ronca Productions

Incorporating Color

If you have a favorite color or a color that has a special meaning to you, then definitely add that into your ring. We love this topaz ring!

Photo Credits: Dennis Kwan Weddings

Extra Bling

We at Marisa Nicole Events do love a lot of bling! So if you do too, then a ring with extra diamonds on the band is a great option!

Photo Credits: Iris & Light


We love the idea of having a non-traditional wedding band. This infinity ring is gorgeous and symbolizes forever and always.

Photo Credits: Becca Rillo Photography


There are a million different ways to add a quote, picture or names into your rings. This ring is a great example of showing love, friendship and loyalty.

Photo Credits: Kim Fox Photography

Make sure you remember that your ring decision is what makes you happy, not anyone else. Pick something that goes with your personal style. Also pick a ring that is timeless, just like your love. Your ring will be worn on your finger but will also be attached to your heart.

Photo Credits: Chloe Moore Photography

Take a Seat: Wedding Reception Place Card Ideas

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

Spring has come and summer is just around the corner, which means it is officially outdoor wedding season here in SoCal! We at Marisa Nicole Events specialize in designing weddings in natural settings and let me tell you, hosting a reception outside is a whole different ballgame than in the confines of an indoor space. We have to allot for direct sun, high winds and varying temperatures. Many of our couples choose to assign their guests to specific seats, rather than just tables. Therefore, for weddings that take place in the great outdoors, it is important that you have place cards that are directly mounted on or tethered to something heavy so that your name assignments will not fly away! There are many ways to incorporate communicating assigned seats into your look. Here are some of our favorite ways to make name tags look cute and won’t get lost in the wind!

Photo Credits: Amanda McKinnon Photography


Like the rest of the world, we are obsessed with agate rocks! They are so great because they are colorful, yet simple. Write on them with a gold pen in cursive and it makes for a perfect place card! If placed atop napkins, these beauties are sturdy enough to hold those down as well!

Photo Credits: Iris & Light


Plants can add to making the tablescape even more gorgeous and green. In addition, your guests will love taking home the plant to have as a keepsake of your wedding!

Photo Credits: Lukas & Suzy VanDyke Photography


If you are having a playful wedding, we love the idea of writing your guests name on produce, especially on colorful fruit! Lemons add a pop of color and refreshing element to a tablescape.

Photo Credits: Patricia Lyons

Candy Boxes

Who doesn’t love candy? Have the place card tied to a box of candy as a treat for your guests to have after dinner! Just make sure that anything edible will not melt once they are put out.

Photo Credits: Jessica Hickerson

Champagne & Wine Glasses

Attaching name tags to your glass of choice makes it easier for your guests to see their names since it is higher and more visible. Who wouldn’t want to see a drink with their name on it?!

Photo Credits: Molly Connor Photography (Left) Kelly Williams Photography (Right)

Tied to Napkin

If you do not want to add any more elements to your table, then tying place cards to the napkins is a great option! There are so many different ways to fold and your napkin! Make sure you get ribbon that matches your color scheme.

There are so many ways to make sure that place cards stay attached! Make sure that you are not adding too much clutter to your table with what you decide to use. In addition, it is very important that the name tag is secure and tethered, otherwise your guests will not know where their seat is and that can lead to a lot of different problems during set-up (trust us on this one!)!

Photo Credits: Loft Photography (Right) Jillian Rose (Left)

Spring into Spring: Playing with Pastels

Hello Lovelies!

It is finally warming up and spring is in the air! This is one of our favorite times of the year for our couples to tie the knot. This season is all about airy colors, blooming buds and new beginnings. We are Marisa Nicole Events love bringing out the sundresses, florals, and pastels. If you are having a springtime wedding, or just really love muted hues, here are some ideas of how to incorporate the a perfectly sweet spring color palette into your wedding that will make for a fun and romantic feel!

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairchild Photography

Pair with Neutrals

First things first, although we love playing with pastels, if you overdo it, your wedding could quickly feel like a baby shower. So before you dive head-first into splashing spring hues all over your wedding, don’t forget to break-up all this light, colorful goodness with plenty of neutrals. Whether you are hosting a laid back bbq, or a high-end affair, pairing pastels with greenery, whites and other base colors or metallics will help elevate your overall look and let the pastels shine, rather than overpower your aesthetic.

Photo Credits: The Veil Wedding Photography


Add some pep in your step while you walk down the aisle with some colorful shoes. Our favorite is baby blue shoes because then they can double as your “something blue” good luck charm. Luckily every color goes perfectly with a white wedding dress!

Photo Credits: Sposto Photography (Left) Monique Hessler Photography (Right)


All eyes on the dessert table! Add color to your wedding cake or dessert with some pastel. Have fun with it! And maybe be non-traditional and go for macaroons or some other kind of treat to play with your guests eyes.

Photo Credits: One Love Photo (Left) Laura McCluskey Photography (Right)


When we think of spring we think about flowers, flowers and more flowers! Pick a variety of light colored flowers for your bouquet and centerpieces. Make sure that your floral colors match your pastel color palette. Also one of our favorite ideas is using pastel color mason jars as vases for another easy way to incorporate more color into your wedding.

Photo Credits: Lola Rose Photography (Left) Fiorello Photography (Right)

Bridesmaid Dresses

All of your bridesmaids have different personalities (and a different favorite color)! Let them express themselves by being able to wear different shades of soft-hued colors.

Photo Credits: Menning Photographic

Adding pops of pastels throughout your wedding creates happy vibes! There are so many different opportunities to add pastels to your wedding. You can do a touch or maybe you stick with pastels throughout your wedding theme.

Photo Credits: Source Images

Fun & Fabulous Favors

Happy Thursday!

Wedding season is almost here and now is the time to start working out the smaller details of your day. One of those fab details that we love to make super personal are your guest favors! Proper etiquette dictates that your guests have something to take away from your wedding as a “thank you” for celebrating your marriage and marks the love you and your future spouse share. We get it, not having guest favors is an easy way to cut costs, but we think that it should be a priority. There are many easy, fun, and cute ideas that will not break the bank. To ensure your favors are worth the money and the effort, choose something that is really personal, not necessarily personalized. Here are some of our favorite guest favors that your guests will actually use or consume!

Photo Credits: Clary Pfeiffer Photography

Favorite Ingredients

Your guests will love something they can keep in their kitchen and an ingredient that they can use often. Pick you and your spouse’s favorite ingredient that has meaning to you. Maybe you put hot sauce on everything or maybe you both have a favorite coffee that gets both of you up in the morning or maybe you love to sweeten your day with a special type of honey!

Photo Credits: Dennis Kwan Weddings

Favorite Snacks

Do you and your spouse have a favorite snack for when you are watching your favorite movie? Or maybe there is a snack that goes with your theme or location of your wedding. Making snack bags are a cheap and easy way to give your guests a little something that they can snack on after a long night of dancing.

Photo Credits: Becca Rillo Photography


Let love grow! We are huge fans of the idea of sending your guests home with flowers or succulents. Your guests can easily put them in their kitchen or living room and will for sure be enjoyed!

Photo Credits: Iris & Light

DIY Publication

Compile a list of 10-15 of you and your fiance’s favorite songs that have a special place in both of your hearts. Music is what can bring people together. Have your guests understand the music that puts a smile on your face and what brings you two together. Another idea is to make a mini cookbook of recipes you two love cooking! As they do say, a way to someone’s heart is through his or her’s stomach!

Photo Credits: La Vie Photography (Left) Seriously Sabrina Photography (Right)


We all know that alcohol never goes to waste! Give your guests the gift of libations, maybe pick out your favorite hard alcohol and give out little bottles with a cute tag on it. Or if you and your fiance are more into wine, hand out mini wine or champagne bottles. Honestly, you cannot go wrong with this one!

Photo Credits: Etsy (Left) The Perfect Palatte (Right)

Thanking your guests for coming to celebrate your love story is very much appreciated. It does not have to be anything too big or expensive, just keep it personal! You want your guests to be reminded of how beautiful your wedding was and how much you are thankful they were a part of your special day!

Photo Credits: Logan Cole Photography