2019 Wedding Dress Trends

Hi Lovebirds!

With 2018 flying by like an arrow and 2019 approaching before we know it, I’m sure some of you 2019 wedding season brides are already looking forward to or dreaming about your future gown plans. With Bridal Fashion Week taking place this Spring and in wake of the Royal wedding, we couldn’t help but swoon over all the beauty that is coming our way next year. Today, we’ve gathered the top 5 most gorgeous upcoming fashion trends and we hope we’ll inspire you to find the perfect dress for your special day. Enjoy!

Trend #1: Conservative yet stylish  

Photo Credit: Romona Keveza (Left) Monique Lhuillier (Right)

In the upcoming wedding season, it is clear that designers can’t escape from the Royal Wedding fever and neither can we. These dresses scream conservativeness while remaining stylish and sophisticated. And the best part? You’ll definitely be walking down the aisle looking like a princess!  

Trend #2: Clean & simple

Photo Credit: Romona Keveza (Left) Amsale (Right)

Over the last couple years, minimalism has most definitely been making its way back into the fashion world, and bridal fashion is no exception. Not a fan of all the glitz and glamor? Try and go for something clean and simple, it is timeless and will never go out of style!

Trend #3: Jumpsuits

Photo Credit: Tadashi Shoji (Left) Rita Vinieris (Right)

The jumpsuit trend has been making an appearance in bridal fashion and we absolutely love it. Whether it is for your bridal shower or a second look for the reception, it is guaranteed that you’ll be looking chic and elegant all night!

Trend #4: Classic ball gown

Photo Credit: Monique Lhuillier (Left) Reem Arca (Right)

The classic ball gown has never really gone out of style but with the Royal Wedding obsession, this trend is making a comeback onto the top of our minds. Looking for something regal, timeless and elegant? This one’s for you!

Trend #5: Heavy embellishments

Photo Credit: Lela Rose (Left) Romona Keveza (Right)

In the upcoming wedding season, designers aren’t afraid to hold back on the embellishments. The 3D floral addition adds a nice touch to the dress without looking too messy, leaving the bride walking down the aisle looking stunning and fab!

Photo Credit: Alyssa Greengerg

We hope you’re as excited for the 2019 wedding dress trends as we are and we can’t wait to see you rock your fab dress down the aisle!

New Trends in Town: Fall 2018 Bridal Fashion Week

Hey darlings!

Bridal fashion week has come and gone and our hearts are a flutter thinking about the gorgeousness that is coming our way next wedding season. Today we’re here to show you some of the top styles to inspire all you ladies out there who still searching for the perfect gown for your wedding! Designers have introduced new trends and brought back some of our favorites. Here are the top 5 fashion trends that we found in Fall 2018’s Bridal Fashion Week. Enjoy!

Trend #1: Off-the-shoulder sleeves

Photo Credit: Lela Rose (Left) Marchesa (Right)

Off-the-shoulder sleeves are back! We just can’t get over the elegance of this style and apparently neither can anyone else. Off-the-shoulder sleeves of any kind will soften your neckline, having you look gorgeous as you walk down the aisle.

Trend #2: Ballgowns

Photo Credit: Anne Barge (Left) Inbal Dror (Right)

Whether it’s sweet and simple or intricate and detailed, the ballgown is a classic. This trend will never fail to make a bride feel like a princess on one of the happiest days of her life!

Trend #3: Capes

Photo Credit: Zuhair Murad (Left) Reem Acra (Right)


Veils are out, and capes are in! With capes as the new trend, you can rock a gorgeous hair-do while also adding extra flare to your already stunning dress.

Trend #4: Blush tones

Photo Credit: Zuhair Murad (Left) Naeem Khan (Right)

Blush tones are so pretty, yet still neutral and will make you stand apart from the white color that most brides are accustom to wearing. What can we say? Pink is the new white.

Trend #5: Pantsuits

Photo Credit: Lela Rose (Left) Naeem Khan (Right)

Men aren’t the only one’s who can rock pants on their wedding day. It’s time to step away from traditional wedding dresses. Pantsuits are not only functional and easier to manage, but they are also classy and chic for any of your wedding occasions.

Photo Credit: Lela Rose

We hope these fashion trends in the Fall 2018 Bridal Fashion Week will give you some inspiration for your future wedding dress. Stay fabulous, lovelies!


Dreaming of Dresses: Bridal Fashion Trends for Fall 2017!

Hello loves!

Every little girl dreams about her big wedding plans, and most notably: her future wedding dress. Bridal fall fashion week was just a few weeks ago. We were so taken by the upcoming trends and styles we saw, that we decided to share some of our favorites with you!

Photo Credits: Jessica Gold Photography (Left) Julia Park Photography and Cinema (Right)

Cold Shoulders

Off the shoulder tops have been noticeably gaining popularity in the past year, and why not continue it? This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You can go for a more casual off the shoulder look, or use the off the shoulder pieces to bring intricacy and detail to your dress with a bit of lace or embellishments.

Photo Credits: Lauren Fair Photography (Left) This Love of Yours Photography (Right)

Lace off the shoulder sleeves can give your wedding dress the extra flair it needs to be unforgettable down the runway… I mean, aisle!

Photo Credits: Heather Waraska (Left) Ether & Smith (Right)

High Necklines

Raising the neckline while also raising the detail of the dress! A high neckline can be achieved in a few different fashions, and can give your wedding dress a sense of class and structure.

Photo Credits: Lauren Peele (Left) Perry Vaile (Right)

If you want a more structured look, you can choose a dress with a solid front and high neck. Three-quarter or long sleeves are other ways to achieve a more conservative dress design with a high neck as well!

Photo Credits: Ruth Eileen Photography (Left) Courtesy Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (Right)

If you like the look of the lacy high neck but aren’t too sure about the chest coverage, you can always pair another trend from the runway along with the high neck and choose a dress with a plunging backside or open back!

Photo Credits: Jose Villa Photography

High-Low Hemline

Asymmetrical hemlines have always been in style, but they are taken to a completely new level in a wedding dress! For a more classic look, a larger, more fuller high-low skirt is the way to go.

Photo Credits: Greg Finck (Left) erin jean photography (Right)

A more structured high-low skirt is also popular and can add the perfect amount of simplicity to your wedding dress!

Photo Credits: French Grey Photography (Left) Jose Villa Photography (Right)

If you’re looking to take the high-low hemline as casual as possible for your wedding, you can try a loose hanging dress, or bring the hemline of your dress way up!

Photo Credits: Jose Villa Photography (Left) Hannah Costello (Right)

Hopefully our little overview of fall 2017 bridal fashion trends has left you inspired and excited for weddings to come. Stay fabulous, darlings!

Wedding Menswear: Mixing It Up and Breaking It Down

Hi, friends!

Photo Credit: Mioara Dragan Photography

As wedding planners, we cover a whole world of bridal and design related topics on our blog. But we at Marisa Nicole have realized that there’s one wedding topic that we haven’t really touched on… and that is wedding menswear! We get that sometimes grooms just aren’t that into the wedding details. But even if you’re leaving most of the decisions to your finance, we know you probably still want to be looking as snazzy as ever. After all groomies, it’s your big day too! So all you guys out there (including but not limited to grooms, groomsmen, bridesmen, & dads), we’re giving you a few tips on how to add that little dash of dapper to your wedding day look.

Left: Bayly & Moore, Right: Sophie Epton Photography

Tip 1: Off to A Good Start

The base for your wedding look lies in the power of the suit. Suits should be tailored and fitted just right. Trust us when we say that when you’re looking back at photos in years to come, too long pants or baggy jackets will be totally cringeworthy. Color choice should be complementary to bridesmaids, as well as in line with the overall design style of the wedding.

Left: Big Love Photography, Right: Kolonel Mustard

Tip 2: Pattern Play

If you’re looking to elevate your look, one way to take it up a notch by employing the use of pattern. Pattern mixing, when done correctly, pretty much hits every fashion check mark. Pairing a soft, quieter pattern with a bold, louder pattern adds a whole bunch of visual interest for some next level menswear. You can incorporate pattern more subtly with a tie or pocket square, or go for a gutsy patterned suit.

Left: Michael Radford Photography, Right: KT Merry

Tip 3: Boutonnieres

Just in case you’re having issues with that mouthful, it’s pronounced “boot-in-ear”, and it means “button hole” in French. The bouts will be very specific to your particular wedding decor and floral design, matching the rest of the florals and arrangements. The purpose of the bout is to basically just tie your wedding look into the rest of the bridal party, so we think it’s a styling must have.

Left: Iris & Light, Right: Jessica Gold Photography

Tip 4: A Little Bit of Bling

The epitome of Mr. Cool will be well tailored and clean, but the little finishing touches are what make the look. Get your shine on with cufflinks, tie clips, and watches. These are little cherries on top of your outfit just give off that sophisticated, masculine vibe. It elevates the entire look, and looks fabulous in photos.

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography

Tip 5: Fancy Footwear

Finally, your head to toe look seals the deal with some seriously snazzy shoes. These should be in line with the vibe of the rest of the outfit, circling back to the overall wedding style. Shoes can be plain for a simple and traditional look, or be a little more unique and personal to go with a non-traditional feel.

Left: Ana Lui Photography, Right: Dana Fernandez Photography

And there you have it! If you wedding gents take our tips to heart, you’ll be sure to impress on the big day! We hope this has been helpful in easing any chaos for you dear grooms who just want to avoid the wedding hustle & bustle and be married already! Best of luck in your suit searching adventures!

Photo Credit: Salt & Sky Studios