Wedding Gifting Etiquette 301: Guest Gifts

Hi lovely people!

This week will be the final part of our gifting etiquette discussion! Today we are focusing on treating your guests right by giving them a little something to walk away with (other than the crazy memories, that is!). Depending on whether your guests are spending the entire weekend celebrating your wedding, or just coming out for the day, you have options when it comes to presenting your guests with a memento. We recommend greeting guests who are staying overnight with a welcome package to introduce them to the area and with essentials for their stay. For a single-day celebration, you can gift them a sweet treat or something functional to remember your day!

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Welcome Gifts

Everyone loves a warm welcome! Welcome gifts aren’t always necessary, but if you have a destination wedding or have guests traveling in from out of town, then it is the courteous thing to do to make them feel at home. To be the hostess with the mostess, you can provide tote bags filled with items needed for planned activities throughout the weekend, maps noting the hot spots around town, and creature comforts that will help your guests enjoy their stay! We suggest choosing a theme and sticking to it with these gifts. Below is an example of one of our favorites with a “fun in the sun” vibe (filled with sunblock, water, flip-flops and cute sunnies)!

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We love a creative and useful wedding favor! While these adorable takeaway gifts may have fallen out of fashion due to budget restrictions, gifting your guests with a little something makes a big difference. Letting your guests know that they matter is essential to a successful day. Make sure your favor is something that your guests will take home and use or enjoy again after the wedding is over. These can be topical to your venue location, symbolic of something meaningful to you and your fiance, or just plain functional. Don’t waste your time or money on anything people will throw away! Some of our favorite ideas include fans or parasols to keep the heat off of your guests, wine stoppers, or mini bottles of champagne.

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Whatever you choose to gift your guests, whether it be a celebrity style swag bag or a small thoughtful token, we promise your guests will appreciate it. Over the last few weeks, we have discussed the various situations regarding the when, where and who of gifting your significant other, bridal party, families and guests for your wedding. We think it is super important that you know when you should show some love to your nearest and dearest so that no outpouring of love for you is overlooked. You only have to say thank you once to have someone remember your gratitude forever.

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Wedding Gifting Etiquette 201: Bridal Party & Family

Hi lovebirds!

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As we promised, this week is the second part of the gifting series! Today we will be discussing how to show love to your nearest and dearest including but not limited to; bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, flower girls and ring bearers and finally, your other half. Whoever you are gifting, first keep these general guidelines in mind:

  • First, we suggest that you always write handwritten thank you notes to everyone from the oldest members of the bridal party to the youngest.
  • Share your gift in a timely manner:
    • All bridal party members should receive some kind of thank you note and token for participating in your wedding the weekend of the wedding
    • Bridal party members should receive an additional thank you note with a gift for hosting any of the following gatherings in your honor: engagement party, shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, etc.
  •  Third, gift with creativity!

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Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

When tackling your thank you notes, remember to be authentic and grateful. We suggest you gift something functional and cute for your whole bridal party… something they can use in the future, not just on your wedding day. We adore the idea of personalized hangers because, let’s face it, pretty clothes are a gals best friend and who doesn’t want something fancy to hang your best outfit on?!?

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For the fellas, we suggest something personalized that they would never purchase for themselves. Engraved flasks, fancy pocket watches, and monogrammed cufflinks are all fab ideas to class up your groomsmen while gifting them something special yet functional that they will keep forever.

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We think sentimentality is the key to thanking your parents properly on your wedding day. As with the guys, the key here is items that are personalized. Nothing flashy is needed, just something they can treasure… Don’t forget, this is a big day in their lives as well! A simple, elegant framed picture with a handwritten note on the back or something like a customized locket or a tie are genius ideas for parent gifts that they can keep forever and will bring tears to their eyes. Your goal here is to make them cry!

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Flowergirls and Ringbearers

You can’t forget about the tiniest members of your bridal party! Go practical and look into what toys or games they would enjoy. We suggest asking their parents how they currently like to spend their time and what they are currently into to get an idea for a fun gift. Again, tailor your gift to the personal likes of the specific kids in your wedding for the win!

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Your Better Half

Want to pull at the heartstrings before walking down the aisle? Earn some extra credit by surprising your fiance with a little something moments before you tie the knot. No one knows them better than you do! Gift something personal that will make their heart grow three times its size, like an original copy of her favorite book. Or spice things up by giving him a boudoir photo album! Sexy or sweet, this is just a taste of the greatest gift you both will receive that day – each other.

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Finally, if your officiant is a friend or family member, we suggest gifting them like you would for anyone in your bridal party (see above). May all your gifting escapades be bundled with joy and stay tuned for part three next Wednesday.

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Wedding Gifting Etiquette 101

Happy February, friends!

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Love is in the air. Here at Marisa Nicole Events, we are strong proponents of showing those you love how much they mean to you throughout the year. When it is your turn to get hitched, your wedding guests and bridal party will display an outpouring of love on you and it is important that you reciprocate that sentiment throughout your planning process. Many family members and friends will offer to help coordinate dress shopping outings, plan an event in honor of your wedding (engagement parties, showers, and bachelorette celebrations, oh my!), or even help stuff invites or craft DIY favors. We know it can be easy to get so caught up with planning for the big day that showing gratitude to your families and besties can sometimes be overlooked. To help you make sense of this whole “saying thank you” thing, we will be discussing wedding gifting etiquette over the next few weeks. There are two main groups of people that you will need to gift – your bridal party and your guests.

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Next week we will share how to gift your besties (aka – bridal party members) to thank them for being a part of your special day, throwing celebrations in your name and helping you plan and prepare for the big day.

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From there we will share our thoughts on gifting your guests that have traveled from near and far to witness your “I-do’s”.

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Love is all about giving and we want to make sure you are thanking all the right people, in the right way, at the right time. To that end, please stay tuned next week for the second part to this series!

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Floral Frenzy: All About the Flowers

Good morning, lovelies!

Fall is here and winter is coming, but at Marisa Nicole Events, our minds are always on spring and summer where everything is in bloom and the sun is shining. We just love all things floral and thankfully, here in SoCal, we don’t have a hard time getting fab florals year round. Although many elements work together to craft the aesthetic story of your day (linens & lighting, china and tables, and more!), florals tend to be the one piece in your wedding design that captures people’s attention. While other mediums sometimes take a supporting role in the look of your day, florals get first billing. We know that constructing your floral design can be difficult and couples may need help. Where do you need an arrangement and where can you go without? Today, we’re going to walk you through the various places throughout your wedding that you will want to incorporate floral decor into your day.


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Your welcome table will most likely be the first thing your guests will see. You will want to accessorize your table in a way that will invite your guests to leave sweet notes in your guest book. Remember to “dress to impress!”

Personal Flowers

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This includes bouquets, corsages, nosegays, and boutonnieres. These will go out to everyone in the bridal party, immediate family members, or any V.I.P. members of your wedding that should be visually honored.

Ceremony Decor

Photo Credit: K Stone Photography (Left) Iris & Light (Right)

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For your ceremony, you will have to decide on the style that you like to determine what flowers to use. You can put some florals to ground you at the altar, or hang items from a tree or columns. You can even rent a chuppah and decorate it with beautiful florals. You will also want to include something to line the aisles. You can use a trail of petals, or shepherd’s hooks with hanging details. The idea of the floral design in your ceremony is to frame the altar and create a direct line leading to it. If aisle decor is not in your budget, then focus on framing the front for the couple and the back as an entrance for the ceremony.

Cocktail Hour

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Every surface should have a bud vase or floating bloom with decor like votives and tea light candles. Once the sun is down, the candles are a perfect way to glow up the night.


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You can use florals to make your bar look fun and beautiful. However, it is important to keep in mind that the bartenders may move the arrangements to make room for their services so plan for simple floral designs that are easily transportable, if you are opting for florals on the bar.


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Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon

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We highly suggest some sort of decor lining the seating chart or table assignments as well as the cake/dessert table. Every tablescape should have a centerpiece for the perfect organic touch to your party, including the sweetheart table for you and your other half. You can even substitute florals for succulents to add some greens into your design. We love using floral tucks, bud vases, and candles; but your design is ultimately up to you!


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The last thing to remember when it comes to your floral arrangements is the proper etiquette that comes with them. Typically, florals can be taken, but vessels cannot. Talk to the onsite wedding coordinator to talk about reusing florals and to determine the intangibles. We are big advocates for reusing florals, but you can’t do it all the time. Generally, if all your events are held in one room, the florals will not be moved.

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As you can see, there are many things to consider when picking the florals that will brighten up your wedding day. We suggest thinking about each of these categories to help you with your decision. Hope this helps!