Five Tips to Perfect Your Tantalizing Tablescape

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Wedding season is in full swing, and we know how important it is to have the tablescapes for your special day on point. So, today we’re going to share five elements to keep in mind and incorporate into your design. Whether you are designing tables for your wedding or preparing for a holiday feast, these elements will take any tablescape from ordinary to extraordinary. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

5 Tablescape Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography

1. Neutral

A neutral element may not be the most noticeable, however it is very important. In order to provide balance for the rest of your elements, you should first choose a neutral base. This serves as a foundation that allows the other elements to stand out. Though wedding designs typically lean towards the use of white linens, this does not have to be what you choose. Another neutral tone will work just fine, too!

5 Tablescape Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

2. Texture

Texture creates movement and contributes to the overall vibe of the design. Whether this element comes in the form of a ruffled napkin, layered linens, gathered table runner, or intricate charger, a textured piece will add visual interest to the base. Notice the subtle lace linens and tousled napkin pictured!

5 Tablescape Tips | Marisa Nicole Events5 Tablescape Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

3. Color

As we are huge fans of muted color palettes, a colored element does not have to be vibrant. Whatever focus you choose, include a colored element, whether this be a soft blush, deep blue, or bright yellow. For example, an all-white wedding is taken to the next level with the incorporation of greenery. Alternatively, you can choose to utilize a lot of colors that go hand-in-hand with your neutrals. Have some fun with your design!

5 Tablescape Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Chloe Moore Photography

4. Contrast

Monochromatic weddings are sleek and classy, and we do not oppose this style. However, to enhance this look, you also need an element of contrast. This could be greenery arrangements or an exposed wooden table base. Something needs to draw the focus in order to create depth and interest.

5 Tablescape Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Salt and Sky Studios

5. Shine

Last, but certainly not least, SHINE! This can be as subtle or bold as you would like. If your wedding is natural or modern, only add a touch; however, if your wedding is more glamorous, go for more! Shine adds a special element that spices up the overall look of the tablescape. It can be incorporated through the finish on your candles, flatware, chargers, or flower vessels. A little touch goes a long way in making your tablescape look complete and flawless!

5 Tablescape Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Anya Kernes

BONUS! Glow!

If your wedding is located indoors or takes place later in the day, the glow of candlelight will certainly enhance the mood for the evening! Everything looks better in the warm light of beautiful candles. Glow creates a romantic ambiance for your wedding – so bonus points if you incorporate this element!

5 Tablescape Tips | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Holding & Co.

Incorporating each of these elements will create an eye-catching, stunning tablescape! With variation and balance, each component will work together flawlessly. We hope these tips come in handy throughout your wedding design process, as well as when perfecting your at-home party looks! Happy planning!

Pantone Has An “Ultra” Color For Your 2018 Wedding

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Wedding season may be over, and engagement season is coming to a close, but with the New Year upon us, wedding planning season has officially commenced! With so many newly engaged couples starting the process of designing their celebration at this time of year, we always love seeing what color stories and aesthetic directions will be hot this year! Recently Pantone announced their color of the year as Ultra Violet. They describe this it as a color that “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us to the future”. We at Marisa Nicole Events, are all kinds of excited about this choice. We believe this color can point you and your intended towards a starry future together… today we’re sharing tangible ideas and inspiration for doing just that!


Choose to have your besties float down the aisle in this whimsical color. Long or short, fitted or flowy, your gals in this dark and mysterious purple will add a beautiful pop of color to the ceremony.

Left: Eli Turner, Right: David’s Bridal


We love the idea of placing dainty Ultra Violet blooms in clean glass jars around the venue to carry the color throughout the whole wedding. You can also incorporate this hue fabulously in your bridal bouquet to hold your own little bit of magic.

Left: Casto Photo, Right: Wendy Laurel 

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon


When it comes to incorporating Ultra Violet into details throughout your decor, the possibilities are endless. We particularly love utilizing the vibrant name card crystals to communicate guest seating. Pair this vibrant hue with a complementary color such as white to allow the purple to pop.

Photo Credit: The Wedding Playbook


Bringing this foxy color into your meal is a cinch by utilizing purple crystals in your cake design. We highly suggest that you keep your base primarily white, so that this year’s enchanting color can shine, yet not overwhelm the details of your day.

Photo Credit: Intricate Icings

Color Pairings

Ultra Violet is a beautiful and strong color, so we suggest that you pair it with a muted tones or more neutral hues. Taking a bit of inspiration from last year’s Pantone color, green creates a perfect pair if you want to add more color but not overwhelm the setting. The ideal detail tones to go with these two colors would be crisp whites, dreamy grays, and bright warm metallics.


Left: First Look Events, Right: The Wedding Playbook

We could not have asked for a more exciting color for 2018. Hopefully, this vibrant hue will be symbolic of a dynamic, extraordinary year ahead! We are wishing love and happiness to all you newly engaged couples out there and hope our hysteria for this wisteria colored bloom inspired you. Let us know in the comments if you would incorporate this color for your ultra special day. Cheers!

Photo Credit: K Mitiska

Styled Shoot – Ruffled DIY “Love Letters”

Hello, darlings!

We absolutely loved partnering with Ruffled and a fab team of collaborators on this DIY project. Ruffled supplied us with files for the letters in the alphabet, along with a vision to showcase scrabble-letter style decor and we did the rest! We decided to incorporate Ruffled’s letters in two ways into a wedding day: hanging as a part of a ceremony backdrop and as a menu for our sweets station!

Creating these looks took time, however what we love about this project is that the steps are so simple that I am confident any of my clients would be able to accomplish this! The best part is that the project is relatively cost effective and the letters really make an impact on your design!

Once you determine what you would like to spell out, here are the steps we took in order to accomplish these two looks:

Step 1 – Print & cut-out letters

Before you start printing, we suggest you get organized. You’ll want to figure out how many of each letter you will need print accordingly. We used cream cardstock and a small printer for the letters. Then, we used a small paper cutter to get perfectly straight and measured letters that matched the look we were going for.

Step 2 – Choose your wood type & size

We needed our letters to be light, so we used the lightest wood we could find, Balsa wood. For our ceremony set-up, we cut the wood into individual pieces slightly larger than our paper letters via several runs from a sharp exacto knife. For our sweets set-up, we just found a 10-pack of balsa wood sheets on Amazon in the size that we needed, 36”X6”.

Step 3 – Adhere letters to wood

We used matte mod podge to carefully adhere the paper letters to the wood.

Step 4 – Display

Lastly, to display our set-up for the ceremony, we drilled small holes in the top of the wood in order to weave fishing wire through the individual pieces. For our sweets set-up, all we had to do was stick the wooden sheets to the wall, which we did with mounting putty (as to not damage the venue’s walls!).

Thanks so much to Ruffled and the whole team for collaborating with us to showcase these simple yet sweet love letters!

Vendor Love

Floral Frenzy: All About the Flowers

Good morning, lovelies!

Fall is here and winter is coming, but at Marisa Nicole Events, our minds are always on spring and summer where everything is in bloom and the sun is shining. We just love all things floral and thankfully, here in SoCal, we don’t have a hard time getting fab florals year round. Although many elements work together to craft the aesthetic story of your day (linens & lighting, china and tables, and more!), florals tend to be the one piece in your wedding design that captures people’s attention. While other mediums sometimes take a supporting role in the look of your day, florals get first billing. We know that constructing your floral design can be difficult and couples may need help. Where do you need an arrangement and where can you go without? Today, we’re going to walk you through the various places throughout your wedding that you will want to incorporate floral decor into your day.


Photo Credit: Anya Kernes Photography

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon (Left) Booth Photographics (Right)

Your welcome table will most likely be the first thing your guests will see. You will want to accessorize your table in a way that will invite your guests to leave sweet notes in your guest book. Remember to “dress to impress!”

Personal Flowers

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography (Left) K Stone Photography (Right)

Photo Credit: Lukas Van Dyke

This includes bouquets, corsages, nosegays, and boutonnieres. These will go out to everyone in the bridal party, immediate family members, or any V.I.P. members of your wedding that should be visually honored.

Ceremony Decor

Photo Credit: K Stone Photography (Left) Iris & Light (Right)

Photo Credit: Jessica Hickerson Photography

For your ceremony, you will have to decide on the style that you like to determine what flowers to use. You can put some florals to ground you at the altar, or hang items from a tree or columns. You can even rent a chuppah and decorate it with beautiful florals. You will also want to include something to line the aisles. You can use a trail of petals, or shepherd’s hooks with hanging details. The idea of the floral design in your ceremony is to frame the altar and create a direct line leading to it. If aisle decor is not in your budget, then focus on framing the front for the couple and the back as an entrance for the ceremony.

Cocktail Hour

Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

Every surface should have a bud vase or floating bloom with decor like votives and tea light candles. Once the sun is down, the candles are a perfect way to glow up the night.


Photo Credit: Anya Kernes Photography

You can use florals to make your bar look fun and beautiful. However, it is important to keep in mind that the bartenders may move the arrangements to make room for their services so plan for simple floral designs that are easily transportable, if you are opting for florals on the bar.


Photo Credit: Iris & Light (Left) Amanda McKinnon (Right)

Photo Credit: Booth Photographics

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon

Photo Credit: Nick Radford

We highly suggest some sort of decor lining the seating chart or table assignments as well as the cake/dessert table. Every tablescape should have a centerpiece for the perfect organic touch to your party, including the sweetheart table for you and your other half. You can even substitute florals for succulents to add some greens into your design. We love using floral tucks, bud vases, and candles; but your design is ultimately up to you!


Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

The last thing to remember when it comes to your floral arrangements is the proper etiquette that comes with them. Typically, florals can be taken, but vessels cannot. Talk to the onsite wedding coordinator to talk about reusing florals and to determine the intangibles. We are big advocates for reusing florals, but you can’t do it all the time. Generally, if all your events are held in one room, the florals will not be moved.

Photo Credit: Next Exit Photography

As you can see, there are many things to consider when picking the florals that will brighten up your wedding day. We suggest thinking about each of these categories to help you with your decision. Hope this helps!