Caking Out: Styling Your Wedding Cake To Fit Your Look

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Photo Credit: Iris and Light

It’s hump-day, and today we’ve got a serious craving for a giant piece of super yummy cake (calories be damned). We all know that you eat first with our eyes, so we feel that the way your cake looks on your wedding day is rather important. But more than that, as designers we work to use every single visual and aesthetic at a celebration to help create the overall look and feel of an event. We see your wedding cake as not only a way to honor a tradition and serve your guests dessert at the same time (two birds, one stone), but also as an opportunity to help bring your vision to life. We encourage you to avoid just mirroring the design of a cake you like, but to use your cake to further the visual story of your day. Today, we have drawn upon some of our favorite cakes to that can help you figure out how to do this on your wedding day, with your wedding cake!

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Left: Jill Doty Photography Right: Flora + Fauna


Art-Deco & Angular

For an art deco or modern, funky vibe, incorporate the use lots of lines, shapes and colors onto your cake. Geometric lines can help create the stylize look you are going for.

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Left: Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery Right: Tina Jay Photography

Homemade (With a Flair)

For a homemade, sweet and simple look, allow the icing to have a textured finish. Bring it up a notch by incorporating little details, such as an ombre effect or a touch of lavender, to act as an extra accessory on the cake.

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Left: Feather and Stone Photography Right: Julie Paisley

Rustic & Natural

The word “rustic” can mean something different for everyone, and it has become a popular wedding direction in the last 5-10 years. When we think of a rustic wedding, the look incorporates nature and creates an organic feel. Use greenery on your cake or even have a wooden round cake stand to help bring your look to life.

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Left: Jessica Janae Photography Right: Destiny Dawn Photography


Couples can sometimes overlook fall and winter wedding cakes when designing their wedding style. Adding pine-cones, pine needles and cinnamon sticks to your cake can bring your guests closer to the holiday spirit while giving your cake a fabulous and timely style!

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Left: Call Me Cupcake Right: Jacque Lynn Photography


Themed weddings can be a lot of fun and the possibilities are endless! For couples who choose a highly themed aesthetic direction, all the decor tends to go together, so don’t forget to also match your wedding cake to the theme as well!

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Left: WOOKIE Photography Right: WOOKIE Photography

Traditional (with a Twist)

Even though white cake is a traditional look, and we are encouraging you to think outside the box with the look of your cake, the overall goal of today’s conversation is to get you to use your wedding cake to further the design of your celebration. Therefore, going the white cake route might just be the perfect cake plan for your sense of style! You could go fully clean and modern, incorporate a few florals for a bold pop of color, or even display a sweet cake topper! We also LOVE the look of a naked cake with simple white flowers. Seriously, so pretty!resized for blog-8

Left: Judy Pak Middle: Amanda McKinnon Photography Right: Taralynn Lawton Photography

When it comes to the look of your wedding cake, there are no strict rules you need to follow… so we beg you to choose a design that served the overall wedding aesthetic. The design of your cake is an opportunity, so take advantage of this chance and have fun with it! Not only will cake taste good, but the style will be beautiful and your guests will have yet another detail to swoon over at your wedding.


Photo Credit:  Amanda McKinnon Photography


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