Bridesmaids 301: Guiding Your Gals (Gracefully)

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This week marks the final section of our Bridesmaids series! This week, we’re taking the heat off the bridal crew and talking directly to all you brides out there. As a gal about to walk down the aisle, it’s easy to feel in over your head. Having people there, by your side to get you through all the craziness is vital. In return for all the love, time and support (and finances) they are about to pour into your wedding, it is your responsibility to make sure that your bridesmaids understand and are on board with your plans and expectations for them throughout the wedding and the moments leading up to it. As you can see from last week’s discussion, saying “yes” to being someone’s bridesmaid is a damn big deal that comes with a lot of responsibility. However, we implore you to make the process as easy and fun for each of your ladies as possible (both individually and as a crew). Get excited, because we’re here to give you some insight on bridal responsibilities when it comes to working with their beautiful besties!

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Communication is Key

Try as they may, bridesmaids don’t have the unique ability to read minds. As a bride, both leading up to your wedding and on the day of, try your best to identify what you are feeling, thinking and need from them and communicate clearly! This transparency will help ease the potential drama if everyone knows their expected roles and responsibilities from day-one.

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Plus- Ones

As happy as your bridesmaids are to stand up with you on your wedding day, it is not cool to expect for your crew to completely ignore their plus-ones the entire weekend of your wedding. Be sure to include their dates in as many wedding weekend activities as possible.

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Help Keep Costs to a Minimum (we know, this one is hard!)

Everyone knows that agreeing to serve as someone’s bridesmaid is an expensive endeavor: attire, accessories, shoes, hair, make-up, party hosting, gifts, travel and hotels. Being in a wedding costs a heck of a lot of money! For all you future brides out there, try to keep costs to a minimum for your girls wherever possible. Bridesmaids appreciate having a few areas that they can have some financial freedom in. Throw them a bone in an area or two and they will be happy to do what you want them to in the areas that really matter to you! Let’s chat about a few simple ways you can do that!

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Behold the Power of Choice

Consider choosing a more budget-friendly dress. Perhaps let the gals choose their own shoes and accessories with a few key guidelines. Consider keeping the bachelorette party local if bridesmaids are not in a good spot financially. Make professional hair and make-up an option, but not a requirement. These few suggestions will help relieve some of the financial burden placed on your gals. Don’t expect your bridesmaids to be able to spend money in every area, as it is just not fair to them and they might end up resenting your wedding just a tad (especially if they can’t make rent as a result – the struggle is real!).

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A Little Understanding Goes A Long Way!

As a bride, there is a good chance not all of your gals will be able to make it to every one of your pre-wedding events. For example, if one of your bridesmaids is traveling from a distance, don’t be surprised if she can only make it to the engagement party or the shower. Sometimes the date that works for most of your bridesmaids, is the same day that one of your gals simply can’t get off work without being fired. Whatever the situation, brides need to understand that things happen. Give her a pass and she will make it up to you later.

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