Tuesday Tip: Wedding Hair & Makeup Done Right!

Happy Tuesday Friends!
We’re right in the middle of wedding season and my post today is aimed at helping all you lost soul brides who are stressing about what to do with your locks and looks on your special day. I’ve come up with five tips to share with you that will help ensure your hair and makeup on your big day are simply fab fab fab (from a wedding planner’s point of view, or course!).
1: Go With A Pro!
Believe when I tell you that going with a professional is one of the best things you can do on your wedding day!  Even if you are an artist with a make-up brush and super handy with a curling iron, I have seen many a bride break under the self-imposed pressure of making herself up on her wedding day.  Choose to take 374326_267582316618300_264100191_ncare of yourself by bringing someone in who knows what they are doing and is 100% focused on making you look like a rock star. Your stress level with thank you and your photographer will bless your name! FYI, the camera lens will take off 25-50% of your make-up. You’ll be glad you invested in a professional with sustainable products to protect your hair & make-up from looking drab in those all-important photos.
2: Choose A Look That Looks Like You!
My goal for each of my brides is that they look their best for their big day. Too often a bride will go crazy with colors and styles that she would never even consider under normal circumstances. While we do want everyone to be able to tell immediately that you are the bride, remember to keep your choices consistent with your everyday life sense of style. Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want to look back on your wedding photos and think, “I don’t even look like me” or “what the heck was I thinking?”
3: Time It Out Right!
Make sure you give your stylist enough time to perfect your wedding look. Wedding days are crazy: people run late, tasks run behind, but make sure that the time you schedule to be in hair & make-up is protected. You want to make sure you have between 2.25-2.5 hours for your hair & make-up to be completed! Even though your stylist may say only 2 hours are needed, give yourself a bit of extra time in case you need to change anything or something crazy happens.
228981_230528473657018_1429862_n4: Spring For The Trial!
Seriously, I can’t impress this upon you enough. You absolutely, 100% need a trial before your wedding day to make sure that what you think you’d like your wedding style to be, actually looks good on you. Don’t take chances on your wedding day! This will also give your stylist the opportunity to get to know your complexion and hair-type so that they can use the best products that will work for your particular hair & skin on your special day. Seriously, despite the cost, have the trial!
5: Communication Is Key!
Before you go in for your trial, send your stylist photos of both hair and make-up styles that you are considering for your wedding day. Describing what you like verbally won’t be enough. Make sure you give your stylist a visual example of what you are looking for and then explain why you like the photos and how that translates to your wedding look. Also, don’t be afraid to be verbal while your in the chair! If you’re uneasy about what you are seeing, make sure you communicate your feelings!
Bonus: Show Your Stylist Some Love

Just as you would always tip your hair-dresser or manicurist in a salon, make sure to show your wedding stylist some love and include a tip in your final payment! Always remember that happy/well taken-care-of vendors go above and beyond to make sure your day is perfect.

Belly Dancing & Bagpipes!

David DuncanThis weekend I had the extreme privilege of working with a couple who is not afraid to let loose and have fun. One of my favorite things to do is help two individuals from completely different backgrounds come together for a multicultural wedding celebration. The evening was full of surprises aimed to shock, awe and delight their guests. Both Vera & Elie wanted to pay homage to their heritage throughout the evening. Add her Scottish Background to his Lebanese family with a strong desire from both to keep the party moving and what do you get? Belly Dancing & Bagpipes!

66486_c2e1d9a1007a4f24a58cac6ecccfe2c7Although we had planned many fun opportunities for the couple to give a nod to their backgrounds, what I find myself reminiscing about today were these two professionals.

Believe me when I tell you that there was not a dry eye in the room when Vera surprised her new husband with David Duncan’s bagpipe musical stylings (boys, you will love that he played both the Star Wars and Last of the Mohicans theme songs). And although the feminist in me dies a little at the sight of men throwing money at a woman wearing next to nothing dancing, Olivia Dunkley was able to keep it classy whilst moving her body in ways that I won’t even venture to attempt. Now I want bagpipes at every wedding! Dance floor getting a little drowsy? Bring in a belly dancer to liven thing up!

Wishing Vera & Elie all the happiness in the world. Thanks for a super fun reception that got even myself and Emma out on the dance floor!


Holiday in SoCal Inspired Wedding Styled Shoot

Happy Thursday lovelies!

Today I’m happy to share with you our ‘Holiday in SoCal’ inspired wedding shoot that we produced and designed with Becca of Becca Rillo Photography! When Becca told me the idea of a Christmas wedding with a twist, I was immediately on board! For almost every wedding I help plan around Christmas, the couple always feels as if they have to pay homage to the holiday season through their decor and end up with saturated red and greens, super shiny silvers and golds and twinkle lights everywhere. Although we love all the holiday season has to offer, we wanted to inspire couples who are getting married around the holiday season to think outside the Christmas box and hint at the holiday without making your wedding look like Santa’s workshop. Exchanging reds for coral, peaches and pinks and greens for Tiffany blue, we went to work on creating our modernized winter wonderland wedding!


Becca and I worked together to create a world of snowflakes and branches as the backdrop for our shoot. We had our couple tie the knot in front of a wall of handmade snow flakes falling from one of the fabulous trees at the Ahmanson Ranch. Becca and her mom worked their fingers to the bone creating this whimsical look! Don’t you just love it?!?

One of my favorite ideas for this wedding was to have the couple give individualized wrapped presents to their guests: a twist on the traditional wedding favor! We were looking to create a toned-down mad-hatter kind of effect with a pile of immaculately wrapped colorful presents for their guests to find their name and take home.



Every time I look at our head table, I am wooed all over again. I love how the whole set-up perfectly combines a modern look while keeping the whole party posh and formal! The beauty of our table is what happens when three amazing rental companies, a fabulous floral designer, and two sassy stylists come together with a fantastic photographer there to capture the whole thing! I simply can’t get enough of this table!

I’m in love with each and every detail of this styled shoot. Just the site of both the sweets table and designer cocktails makes my mouth begin to salivate.  And how cute are our models!?!







I hope you enjoy the photos from this shoot as much as we all enjoyed creating our holiday in so-cal inspired wedding. We’ve been lucky to have our look be featured on several blogs as an example of fabulous design and a fresh color pallet. Thanks to Fabulously Wed, Hostess with the Mostess, Smitten Soiree, Wed Savvy, and Something Old, Something New for spreading our style around!
Planning, Styling & Design: Marisa Nicole, Weddings & Events
Photography & Concept: Becca Rillo Photography
Venue: Ahmanson Ranch
Styling Support: Tasteful Tatters
Floral Design: Enchanted Gardens Floral Design
Graphic Design: LLY Designs
Vintage Rentals: The Vintage Table Co.
Wedding Dress: The Gown Swap
Hair & Makeup: Elegance by Alex
Sweets Table & Cake: The Butter End
Rentals: A-1 Rentals

Tuesday Tip: Mounting Tape To The Rescue!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Mountain tapeToday I want to share with you about my love affair with mounting tape. Yes, you read correctly, mounting tape. I feel like in the field of events, duct tape gets a ton of PR. Don’t get me wrong, duct tape is super handy and I use it quite a bit, but when it comes to styling a wedding, sometimes I need a product with a bit more substance and looks a touch more classy: hence my love of mounting tape.

At a recent wedding, mounting tape really came through for us!  The bride had made super cute signs for us to display at each little detailed area. We had no easels and the signs weren’t in frames, so the plan was simply to lean each signs against the various items on whatever table it was describing. However, in the heat wedding set-up, an up-close look at the bottom of the signs made me realize that leaning these signs was not an option! What to do? Where to go? I ran towards my handy wedding bucket and as my fingers ran across the roll of mounting tape, I knew we were saved!542408_10151834995990078_1446631093_n

Mountain tape 2


We mounted the heck out of those signs and didn’t have to worry about them staying put! We even displayed individual photos of the happy couple on the sign in table without having to worry about their blowing away in the Santa Barbara wind.

Thank you mounting tape for doing your job with grace and ease! I don’t doubt that I shall utilize your services again very soon, perhaps even this weekend!