Tuesday Tip: Making a Splash While Breaking Glass!

Cynthia_&_Kurt_Wedding_0412Don’t you just love a good Jewish wedding!?!  They are seriously my fav!  The sight of a couple in love vowing to cherish each other under a chuppah is one of those things that brings me to tears every time. And what makes this all the more beautiful is when the happy pair choose to have their ceremony at an outdoor venue. How gorgeous! Ultimately the ceremony comes to a head as the couple is pronounced man and wife and the groom is given a glass to shatter with his foot. This is when things can go terribly wrong: sometimes there’s a swing and a miss… other times the glass is completely broken, but no one can hear it because of the grass (if a glass shatters at a wedding, but no guest can hear it, are they really married?).

Cynthia_&_Kurt_Wedding_0074Today’s tip will help you fellas avoid the embarrassment of double stomping or breakage without proper celebration. If you want your glass to shatter on cue and make that crunching noise we all know and love, simply add in a small square tile to the bottom of the bag you slip your glass into. When the time comes, put the pouch with the glass and tile in it on the ground (with the tile in-between the glass and earth) and stomp like there is no tomorrow!  You’ll be sure to crush the glass the first time and that it will make a sound that will make the crowds go wild!  For an even louder pop, defy tradition by getting rid of the glass altogether and stick a light bulb in the bag (no one will know the difference, just don’t tell the Rabbi:)

More photos from Kurt & Cynthia’s fabulous wedding are coming soon, I promise!


Route 66 Inspired Wedding Styled Shoot

66 inspiration-70

66 inspiration-52


Last October, I had the best time collaborating with a team of fabulous wedding creatives to put together a Route 66 Inspired Wedding Shoot. This was seriously one of my favorite things I’ve done as a wedding designer to date, which is why I am so happy to share the images with you today. Everything turned out so well that the whole thing was featured on Style Me Pretty!  I wish I could take credit for the idea itself, but that claim belongs to our talented photographer (and my foxy fiance), Tim Ronca. The two of us took a trip down Route 66 and came upon a little town called Newberry Springs. We knew right away that this was the perfect backdrop for our couple’s wedding.


I took the idea to Kelly of Kelly Makes Things and Whitney of Five Sparrow Design Studios and the three of us ran with it, designing each and every vintage, fun and quirky detail to the nines! As you can see, the smallest details coupled with the already fantastic background (and a beautiful couple) make for some gorgeous shots!66 inspiration-78



Before I completely dive in, let me pause to give credit where credit is due and show a little vendor love:

Planning & Design: Marisa Nicole, Weddings & Events, Photography: Ronca Productions, Styling & Design: Kelly Makes Things, Graphic Design: Five Sparrows Design Studios, Floral Design: Margit Holakoui Florist, Vintage Rentals: The Vintage Table Co., Venue: Bagdad Cafe

One of my favorite set-ups was the “fuel up” area: It is amazing how bringing just a few of the right items together can create a super cute refreshment area.  All we needed was an old table, doughnuts, coffee and a fun sign set-up  next to an old gas pump and voilà:

66 inspiration-60

66 inspiration-58

66 inspiration-45

Every-time I look at this sweets buffet, my mouth waters (we got to eat the left-overs and let me tell you, the red velvet cake was seriously yummy)!

66 inspiration-8

66 inspiration-21

66 inspiration-9

66 inspiration-26

66 inspiration-29

How fun is this: We took old records and stamped our couple’s wedding monogram on the middle to create some oh so cute chargers!66 inspiration-5

66 inspiration-2

66 inspiration-39




Since our couple just loves a good road trip, we thought we’d have the wedding guests help Greg & Ginger figure out where they should explore next.  As they give the bride and groom their road trip location suggestion, they are able to share something personal with the happy couple while signing their ‘guestbook’ at the same time… two birds, one stone!66 inspiration-62

Of course, with names like Ginger & Greg, designer cocktails are a must!

66 inspiration-28

And when the day is done, the happy couple hit the road, seeking their next adventure!

66 inspiration-67
For a nice, round ending to this feature, here are a few more shots for the road… Enjoy!

66 inspiration-3

66 inspiration printed-2

66 inspiration-47

The Knot Best of Weddings Announcement… We won!

Good morning friends!

I have fabulous news (which may not be new to all of you, but worth announcing nonetheless)! In case you’re a normal person and didn’t inspect every aspect of my blog homepage, potentially missing the icons in the right column, Marisa Nicole, Weddings & Events was named a 2012 The Knot Best of Weddings Winner… Holla!

Someone from the company called me a few months ago to tell me I was chosen and then just a week or so ago, this little beauty arrived at my door. You can imagine my delight as I trudged over to the mailbox to retrieve bills and such, only to be surprised with this baby. You know what I always say: “If it’s an award worth having, they’ll send it to you on a personalized plaque!” Let’s be honest, I haven’t received a tangible, my name engraved on it, kind of award since maybe high-school; so yeah, there may have been some dancing and frolicking that occured upon this puppy’s arrival! As you can see, I’m kind of excited…

Seriously though, I’m beyond stoaked to have been chosen and am so glad my clients loved me enough to tell The Knot great things about me, therefore winning this honor for me! Thanks to The Knot and lots of love to my former brides! Until next time friends…

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Welcome to my blog! I’m Marisa, owner and principle designer for Marisa Nicole, Weddings and Events. As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for getting people together to celebrate. Whatever the occasion: weddings, birthdays, fundraisers or a good old fashion holiday party, I get giddy at the thought of organizing and designing each little detail to perfection. My fiancé, Tim, can attest to the fact that I sit up at night thinking through what else I can organize (it is kind of a problem, but my clients benefit from it, so Huzzah!).