Autumnal Décor: The Lowdown For Home & Nuptials Alike

Hello, darlings!

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It’s official – fall is upon us! Although it might not be sweater weather quite yet, depending on your whereabouts, we are definitely ready for some golden orange leaves, fireside cozies, and pumpkin EVERYTHING! (we see you, pumpkin spice latte.) One of the best parts about fall is that it marks the beginning of the holidays… and the best part about the beginning of the holidays is getting into the spirit with some seriously festive décor! This week, we’re serving up some ideas, DIYs, and inspirations that you can make your own, whether it be for a harvest moon wedding or the fireplace mantel at home. So grab your PSL and get cozy for some autumnal décor ideas to FALL in love with!

*Key colors: Orange, burgundy, taupe, mocha, and best of all… gold hues!


The Gilded Leaves

It seems pretty likely that the name ‘fall’ came from the falling leaves that so beautifully sprinkle themselves all around this time of year. If leaves are like nature’s confetti, then why not give them their shine? Grab that can of metallic spray paint and get crafting! You can use fake leaves for long lasting wear, or use dried leaves for a more natural look, just be careful not to crunch them! Once the paint dries, you can use them in so many different ways! We love them hanging in a single strand, which you can make with just some glue and a roll of fishing line. You can also make a golden wreath, by just hot gluing each leaf to a straw wreath base, which you can get from any craft store. Tip: The hanging backdrop look is one of our go-to DIY projects for wedding ceremonies or receptions!

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The Advent of Copper

One of the our absolute favorite fall trends is the use of copper in both wedding and home decor from September through December. We just love it, but if you’re not quite ready to commit to the sparkly glitz of the season, but are still looking for that eye-catching component, this hits the perfect middle ground. You can establish a copper presence in your tableware, as well as incorporate more delicate elements into décor. It just gives the most sophisticated and unique vibe to everything it touches, which is what you’re looking for when you’re having company over more often this time of year… And, it’s perfect for fall weddings, because it goes so perfectly with muted tones.

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The Friendly Wreath

One of the most delightful sights in the world is walking up to a home and seeing a big, beautiful wreath welcoming you to the front door. And, the great thing about fall décor is the plethora of materials you can use to make wreaths with! You can use painted leaves (as we suggested before), dried corncobs, feathers, pinecones, branches, wheat, and more… Basically anything you can hot glue onto a straw wreath from the craft store. No matter what material you choose to make your wreath with, be sure to add differing colors and undefined edges to create dimension. Then hang it on the door, and wait for the warm smiles of friends and family coming to visit!

And last but not least…

The Painted Pumpkins

Bright orange pumpkins have been the quintessential symbol of fall since forever. But, even pumpkins can’t escape the 2010’s without an upgrade.  We’ve loving the painted pumpkins trend, because the scope of possibilities is truly infinite. If you are naturally an excellent artist, let creativity run free! If you aren’t, not to fear… Minimalist pumpkins are actually right on trend!  You can white-wash, glitter dip, paint splatter, or stencil trace. A fun and fresh new take on an old favorite! Tip: Let wedding guests make the masterpiece for you! Use a painted fake pumpkin as a ‘guestbook’ for a cute fall-wedding-exclusive twist.

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There are so many ways to make any one of these autumnal inspirations uniquely yours, for the home or for the wedding day! We hope this has not only been inspirational for your creative side, but also motivational for your fun side, to get pumped up for fall and everything that comes with it! Enjoy the last few days before October (how crazy is that to say?!), and happy decorating!!


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