A Wedding Planner’s Best Friend: Our Legendary Bucket!

Happy August Friends!

Wedding season continues on and today we are excited to introduce you to a vital Marisa Nicole team member. This isn’t a typical team member, but none the less, without it we wouldn’t survive the long summer! If you have been backstage at one of our events, you know that we, at Marisa Nicole, go nowhere without our fully loaded bucket – overflowing with gadgets and gizmos galore! What is the bucket you ask? It is our very own mythical container (much like Mary Poppins’ purse) that helps us put every wedding and bride together (and makes sure they both stay that way)! While we may not love dragging the thing around (it weighs a ton!), it has saved us on countless occasions. Today, in response to all those vendors who have borrowed (and accidentally stolen) items from our bucket AND bridal party members who have poked fun at our reference to ‘the bucket’  that can fix pretty much anything, we would like to take a moment to introduce you to its contents!

Pertinent Personals

First of all, the bucket contains anything a bride could need in the event of a cosmetic emergency. Imagine you’re dancing in your gorgeous silk wedding gown and suddenly you hear that dreadful ripping noise. Never fear, the bucket is here! This is why we are sure to pack items such as safety pins and sewing kits inside our trusty side-kick. Or let’s say you have a bit of a spill whilst grabbing your first bite (or drink) of the party. Again, the bucket comes to the rescue with tide to-go pens and white-out! Even if your dress stays in perfect condition all night, we come prepared to keep you similarly intact – with double-sided tape, lipstick, bobby-pins, tissues, mints, and more – we’ll keep you looking fresh and glam all wedding long!

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Tools of Success

View More: http://lukasandsuzy.pass.us/jon_mariaA wedding planner is nothing without her tools! We load up the bucket with flashlights, batteries, lighters, a mallet, measuring tape and my personal favorite: a miniature, yet miraculous, multi-tool (an eagle scout is to his pocket knife as an event designer is to her multi-tool!). You would be surprised how often we use each and every tool in our shed! For example, upon arrival to your event, your guests may see a super cute sign such as this directing them where to go or what to do, but what they don’t see is the sweat and energy it took, with many swings of our trusty mallet, to get this sucker stuck in the ground in just the right spot!

Get Crafty

Brides love having personal, hand-spun details at their wedding, which means DIY projects and installations left and right! Knowing this, we come ready to help put all of the individual crafty items in place. We have all kinds of ribbon and twine for hanging and securing items, various types of tape and glue for mounting things, and pens and sharpies galore. Long story short, if you can name it or need it on your wedding day, there is a pretty darn good chance that we have it in our bucket to save the day!

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