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Ringing in the New Year: Expected Ring Trends of 2019

Hello Lovebirds!

As we begin 2019, we just love to stop and take a look at the major ring trends we are expecting to see throughout the year. We understand choosing a ring is an important, so to help you choose yours, we have rounded up the new and continuing trends for inspiration!

Photo Credit: Rachel Liz Photography

1. Shapes

Diamonds come in all sorts of shapes in sizes. Some common shapes that you’ll see this year include the teardrop and the hexagon.

2. Two Toned Bands

Can’t decide between gold or silver bands? Why not choose both? This year we are expecting to see more two toned bands around. This unique style incorporates both silver and gold and can go with anything!

3. Horizontal Placement

Many oval or rectangular diamonds face north and south but this year we are expecting to see a lot more east to west facing diamonds. This unique type of setting gives us all the feels!

4. Two Stone Rings

Having two stones instead of one can be such a fun and unique touch on a classic single stone ring. Whether it be two diamonds or a diamond and a pearl, this is a style we think will last a while.

5. Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones have become more popular over the past few years and we expect to see this trend continue throughout 2019. Colored rings can really emphasize your unique personality. We personally love a dark red or blue gem!

6. Halo Setting

This classic setting will never go out of style. There is nothing like setting your diamond within more diamonds! Choosing a halo setting will make your center diamond look bigger and bolder.

7. Band Twists

This type of band creates such a unique spin on the traditional band! It creates variation and allows you to be more creative with the number of diamonds that you choose. We can’t wait to see this band trend continue throughout the year!

Photo Credit: Simone Anne

No matter what style you choose, it is important you choose what fits you and your personality. At the end of the day it’s what brings both you and your husband happiness and lasting memories for the rest of your lives.

Gracefully incorporating your favorite holiday into your wedding part 3: New Years

Hi Lovebirds!

This week we are finishing up our mini-blog series focusing on crafting a modern take on seasonally themed weddings with New Years Eve. A wedding celebration that goes strong until midnight can be difficult to execute, but there are many of fun ways to keep your guests partying all night long! We love a fun New Years celebration and have put together some ways that you can implement a NYE wedding without going over the top!

Photo Credit: Love Me Do Photography

Cuisine & Cocktails

A NYE wedding reception calls for some classic late night snacks and fun festive drinks! Whether it be a fancy carving station, tacos or fries, make sure guests have enough to snack on well into the new year. And don’t forget the drinks! There are many creative ways to incorporate the sparkling new year into your drink selection to keep guests hydrated (or dehydrated) all night long. Oh, and no NYE wedding would be complete without a toast at midnight!

Photo Credit: Braedon Photography (Left) & Stacy Able Photography (Right)

Photo Credit: Heather Waraksa (Left) & Kim Fox Photography (Right)


Your color pallet of choice can really emphasize that romantic yet fun New Years Eve wedding of your dreams. We suggest using metallics such as gold and sparkles to contrast the darker tones often used for new years or late night weddings! New Years Eve often calls for confetti and balloon drops. Without going all in on these items, we found creative ways to still incorporate them into your NYE wedding.

Photo Credit: Trent Bailey (Left) & Alison Conklin (Right)

Photo Credit: Jillian Michelle Photography (Left) & Kelsea Holder (Right)

Guest Experience

Lastly, we want to ensure that you and your guests have the best time at your wedding.. If you are trying to stick it out till midnight, the guest experience can be the most crucial. We love a long lasting dance party and photo booth! It can also be fun to incorporate traditional NYE festivities with party horns and sparklers! Another great idea would be to gift your guests with mini champagne bottles as your wedding favor.

Photo Credit: Trent Bailey (Left) & Larissa Cleveland Photography (Right)

Photo Credit: Lisa Mallory Photo

NYE can be fun, festive, and classy all at the same time. If you are planning your New Years Eve wedding we hope you take into consideration these fun and festive ideas. No matter what, route you take for your holiday wedding, we hope our ideas have inspired you and that you are on your way to crafting a celebration that is magical!

Gracefully incorporating your favorite holiday into your wedding part 2: winter

Hi Lovebirds!

As promised last time, we are continuing our holiday series today with our winter wedding ideas! From your wedding cuisines to the bar offerings and from the decor elements to your guest takeaway gift, there are tons of ways to create that perfect, cozy, and elegant winter wedding you crave!

Photo Credit: Salt & Sky Studios

Cuisine and Cocktails

The winter season calls for that warm cup of hot chocolate and your favorite comfort foods. Consider incorporating fun variations of the holiday treats of your choice such as peppermint and chocolate or your favorite homemade soup and sandwich combination!

Photo Credit: Kristen Gardner Photography

Photo Credit: Ticket Chocolate (Left) & Jacque Lynn Photography (Right)

Photo Credit: A Brit & A Blonde

Photo Credit: Anna Marie Atkins Photography (Left) & Salt & Sky Studios (Right)


Winter weddings often call for cozy and elegant vibes all around and carefully curating your decor will work to create a winer ambiance. We just can’t get enough of winter tones such as wine, deep and ice shades of blue, and varying forests greens. And don’t be afraid to play around with using tinsel, pine, birch, and twinkle lights to further show some love to the holiday season without going all-out Christmas themed!

Photo Credit: Jen Dillender Photography (Left) & Jessie Casey (Right)

Photo Credit: Salt & Sky Studios

Photo Credit: Steve Stanton Photography (Left) & Sarah Pudlo + Co Photography (Right)

Guest Experience

Lastly, when it comes to guest experience, the options are endless! Consider giving a nod to the holiday season through favors such as hot chocolate or coffee and experiences like sparklers or even a mistletoe kissing booth!

Photo Credit: Andy Davison Photography

Photo Credit: Holli B (Left) & Ashley Dru Photography (Right)

Photo Credit: Salt & Sky Studios

Whatever winter holiday you celebrate if you are planning on having your wedding during the “most wonderful time of the year”, we hope our ideas will help spur on your own creativity in putting together the winter wonderland wedding of your dreams.