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Black Tie Botanical Whimsical Soiree: Marisa & Jason Married!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today, we are so excited to share with you one of our favorite weddings of 2016. From the moment I met Marisa & Jason, I fell in love with their sweet disposition and chill, yet excitable demeanor. We are grateful to have been able to plan & design with these love-birds. Together, we were able to create an event that really resembled their personalities. It was a fab time, and looked drop-dead gorgeous! Their wedding was unique in it’s aesthetic and design combining formal, whimsical, and urban touches all around. It was one of those times when we mixed together an overwhelming amount of visuals, but it totally worked!

Marisa & Jason’s wedding was a well styled celebration of love and family. To get a general idea of their style and design, you have to understand some context of the couple. Marisa and Jason both work in the music biz and also happen to have the cutest little girl that you have ever seen named Olive that served as their flower girl.

The couple fell in love with Millwick, a venue with funky furniture in the middle of the arts district in downtown, because it gave them the perfect template to bring their creative, artistic vision to life.

It was important for the couple that all their guests have a great time and that the aesthetics were very detailed. We worked with them to craft a romantic soiree that was super fun, gorgeous and meaningful. As a venue, Millwick already has quite a bit going on, but the couple wanted to elevate the space to bring it from a laid back backdrop to the perfect setting for a formal fete. To set the stage, we started by hanging both greenery and bistro lights from the ceiling (lush + enchantment = swoon).

We made it detailed, but kept it simple and clean. We used individual champagne bottles as both the party favor and place card. We brought in cool mirror art, vintage glassware, specialty flatware, and lots of fun fab touches and more to bring the look from pretty to perfect!

We even put together a bit of a speakeasy with a secret tequila tasting and cigar bar, and brought in an old car to take fun photos.

Really fun meets really beautiful in this family-styled feast, complimented by one heck-of a Maids-of-Honor speech set to the ever so familiar “Fresh Prince of BelAir” rap.

The food was to die for and the look was divine. Everyone danced the night away and had an amazing night! Guests called it the best wedding ever (and we’ll take it!). We are also very excited to see this wedding featured in California Weddings Day’s upcoming magazine. Can’t wait!

Vendor Love


Will You Marry Me? – Picking the Perfect Officiant for your Wedding!

Good morning, darlings!

With wedding season coming to a close and engagement season gearing up, many of our couples are beginning to get their vendors in line for their weddings next year. One vendor that every single wedding has in common is someone to actually do the deed and legally marry the love-birds. Some couples choose to have a friend serve as their officiant, while others hire a professional. For those of you planning to bring in a ringer, it is important to find an officiant that is the right fit for your ceremony needs. Today, we are talking you through the process of finding and booking the minister, rabbi, non-denominational officiant, or marriage guru for you.

Photo Credit: Andrew Abajian

It’s About The Important Things

Different couples have different needs and instincts as to what they want when it comes to who will be the one to marry them. Would you prefer a male or female? Do they need to have a specific religious affiliation? Do you want someone with a traditional, old-school vibe or someone young and hip? You may want to consider the services that your officiant may offer. Some officiant companies include premarital counseling. Others aid with obtaining your marriage license (so you don’t have to waste a couple hours during the workweek at the courthouse). Some officiants have a very set way that they conduct their ceremonies, while others will let you organize it however you want, as long as you say “i-do.” It is important for you and your partner to sit down and discuss what both of you want in each of these sections before actually speaking to or research officiants.


Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

Photo Credit: Jessica Hickerson Photography

What kind of ceremony do you want?

Once you have started to think through what you want in an officiant, it would be good to discuss what specific items you do or do not want included in your ceremony prior to talking to any potential officiants. This way you go into these conversations with a game plan and can describe what you are thinking for your ceremony. Different plans can range from recreating a version of a catholic mass in an open field to mixing together two very different religions, or from having a completely secular ceremony to including a ceremony with tons of readings, songs and traditions. Ultimately, the type of ceremony you have will determine what kind of officiant you choose.

Photo Credit: Lukas Van Dyke

Identify potential officiants

By now, you and your partner should have a clear idea of what you are looking for in an officiant that you can start doing some research. A good place to start would be to ask your wedding planner to refer you a list of officiants they may have in their network. If you are flying solo without professional vendor leads, then do some research on officiants in the area. Officiant services can range between $300 to $700, depending on the services and experience. This is something to keep in mind while budgeting for your wedding.

Photo Credit: Oh Hello Studios

Reach out to your top 2-3 favorites

After you have done your search and narrowed down your options, reach out to your potential officiants and schedule “get-to-know-you” phone calls. It is important for both partners to be present for these chats so you can get the general vibe of the person and determine if they are a good personality fit, as well as a fit for the ceremony you want as a whole. Be sure to ask how long their ceremonies tend to last as that may also be a deciding factor in your choice.

Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography

Hire the one that’s right for you!

Once you have found the perfect officiant that you can vibe with, fits your criteria, is available on your date and the price is right, hire them asap before someone else books them!

Photo Credit: Docuvitae

By following these tips, you should be able to find the officiant that is right for you. It’s okay to be picky with who you want. After all, it is your big day!

Lovestruck at the Lombardi House: Ginny & Jaimie Married!

Happy Thursday!

We are happy to present a wedding that you will never forget. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event and have the honor of being featured on Ruffled. Without further ado, let’s give it up for Ginny & Jaimie!

Ginny & Jaimie’s wedding was a truly special celebration. It was important for the couple to incorporate aspects from their hometowns and backgrounds to bring together their families from various parts of the country. Once they visited the Lombardi House in Hollywood, Ginny & Jamie knew it was the perfect venue for them.

We were looking to infuse and combine mid-west, desert and coastal touches into the wedding aesthetic. From the moment the love-birds saw the barn, mixing something so quintessential Americana, smack in the middle of the excitement of Hollywood, the gals were in love.

We worked to craft a vibrant, elevated, comfortable affair, mixing cool blue and green tones with pops of warm hues.

The couple wanted their wedding to feel like one big dinner party for their nearest and dearest. The guests dinned family style at feasting tables under an enchanting blanket of bistro lights.

We paired textured light linens with wooden vineyard chairs to evoke both the modern and rustic feels! We lined the tables with a mixture of soft, open blooms with potted cacti. One of my personal favorite details was the silver patterned china and textured glassware at each place setting (foxy, foxy, foxy!).

One of the most memorable moments of the night was when the couple used Jaimie’s father’s military sword to cut the cake.

Throughout the night, the food, sweets and drinks never stopped flowing and the guests danced the night away. Ginny and Jaimie’s wedding is definitely one for the books!

Vendor Love


Bridal Beauty: Your Wedding Hair & Make-up Done Right!

Happy Thursday Friends!

We’re finishing up wedding season and today’s post is aimed at helping all you brides that are stressing about what to do with your locks and looks on your special day. I’ve come up with five tips to share with you that will help ensure your hair and makeup on your big day are simply fab fab fab (from a wedding planner’s point of view, or course!).

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Tip #1: Go With A Pro

Believe when I tell you that going with a professional is one of the best things you can do on your wedding day.  Even if you are an talented with a makeup brush and super handy with a curling iron, I have seen many brides break under the self-imposed pressure of making herself up on her wedding day. Relieve that stress from yourself by bringing in someone who knows what they are doing and is 100% focused on making you look like a rock star. Your wedding day self will thank you and your photographer will bless your name! Something to keep in mind is that the camera will take off 25-50% of your makeup in your pictures. You’ll be glad you invested in a professional with sustainable products so your hair and makeup will be one less thing to worry about.

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Tip #2: Choose A Style That Looks Like You

The goal for each of my brides is for them to look their best for their big day. Your wedding day isn’t the time to try something new. Too often a bride will get excited and want to try colors and styles that she would never consider under normal circumstances. While we do want you to stand out, remember to keep your choices consistent with your everyday life sense of style. Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want to look back on your wedding photos and think, “That doesn’t even look like me” or “what the heck was I thinking?”

Photo Credit: K Stone Photography

Photo Credit: Jessica Hickerson Photography

Tip #3: Time It Out Right

Make sure you give your stylist enough time to perfect your wedding look. Wedding days are crazy: people run late, tasks run behind, but make sure that you reserve time to get your hair and makeup done right!. You want to make sure you have between 2.25-2.5 hours for your hair & make-up to be completed. Even though your stylist may say only 2 hours are needed, give yourself some extra time in case you need to change something or something unexpected happens.

Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography

Tip #4: Spring For The Trial

Seriously, I can’t impress this upon you enough. You absolutely, 100% need a trial before your wedding day to make sure that the look you want actually looks good on you. This will also give your stylist the opportunity to get to know your complexion and hair-type so that they know the best products that will work for your particular hair and skin type. Don’t take chances on your wedding day. Seriously, despite the cost, take the trial!

Photo Credit: Jessica Hickerson Photography

Tip #5: Communication Is Key

Before you go in for your trial, send your stylist photos of the hair and make-up styles that you are considering for your wedding day. It is extremely helpful for you to provide a visual example for your stylist. A verbal description won’t be enough. Make sure your stylist can see the look you like, and also hear a verbal explanation of why this is the look you want to achieve.

During your session, don’t be afraid to vocalize any concerns while you’re in the chair! If you’re uneasy about what you are seeing, communicate your feelings. It’s your big day, you deserve to look the best!

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography

*Bonus*: Show Your Stylist Some Love

Show your stylist some appreciation by including a tip with their final payment. Vendors will go above and beyond to make sure your day is as perfect as possible so don’t forget to give them your thanks. Tip your stylist!

Photo Credit: Nick Radford

If you’re struggling to find a makeup artist and hair stylist that is right for you, use these tips to help guide you in the right direction and narrow down your options. Stay beautiful, my loves!