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Foodie Favorites: Wedding Food Truck Edition!

Hi friends!

A super hot trend in LA right now, when every metro area is eating food on the go, are food trucks and carts! Some of the best food in the city is served from food trucks, and we just love incorporating our couple’s favorite mobile food stops into their wedding day! Although we highly suggest a hiring full service caterer for the main portion of the meal (trust us on this one, they are your set-up, strike and service crew that make your wedding day happen seamlessly) trucks and carts are great additions to any event for welcome munchies, cocktail hour bites, non-traditional dessert and late night snacks! We also love using food trucks the day before and after the wedding as a modern casual twist to a rehearsal dinner or farewell brunch. We’ve compiled inspiration from our favorite trucks and carts for your consideration on your special day!



Photo Credit: Tim Ronca


Photo Credit: Kogi Food Truck


Photo Credit: Nick Radford, Truck Credit: The Habit

Grilled Cheese

Photo Credit: Enegren Brewing, Truck Credit: The Grilled Cheese Truck


Photo Credit: Becca Rillo, Truck Credit: Drive Me Cookie

Ice Cream

Photo Credit: Colby Elizabeth Photography


Photo Credit: Ridges Churro Bar Facebook

Alcoholic Drinks

Photo Credit: Rasta Rita Margarita Truck

If you can dream it up, there’s a cart or truck out there for you. Food is one of the ways that we can help make your wedding personal and add your own special twist! And it doesn’t stop here… if you’re looking for more trucks and carts, check out this list of the best Los Angeles food trucks!

Happy eating!