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Picking The Right Reception Dining Service Style For Your Day!

Hello lovelies!

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography

The New Year is in full swing and many of our clients are in the midst of nailing down the details of your wedding meal. We’re kind of foodies over here at Marisa Nicole Events and LOVE a good meal, so we’re here to help make sure that yours is super yummy and a wonderful experience for you and your guests. As you start finalizing your overall wedding vibe, guest experience, counts and financial figures, one of the items you will need to determine is the service style for your wedding feast. There are a few different options you can choose from, each having their own elements to consider depending on how formal you want your reception to be and your budget. Here are some pros and cons to all dining styles to make sure that your reception is full of delicious food and fun!

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If you are on a tight budget, buffet is typically the way to go for your wedding meal service style as it tends to be the most cost effective. One thing we really like about this service style is that your guests have the option to put whatever they desire on their plate. Guests with allergies or food intolerances can avoid food they do not want and overload on what they love. Another element to consider is that your guests will need to get up to get their meal and try as we may to control the flow so the line isn’t super long, there is almost no way to completely avoid people standing in line waiting. Therefore, if you are having a relaxed reception and want people moving around, a buffet might be just the ticket. However, if you’re looking to create a formal affair where your guests are spoiled and their every need is attended to, then a buffet would not serve the overall vibe of your wedding day.

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This is a spin on a buffet, but where different food items are available at various locations throughout the reception space. Depending on where you are getting married, this is often a more expensive option than a traditional buffet, as you need more food and more chefs to execute. As with a buffet, we love that guests get to choose what is on their plate. Also, it gets people up and moving, creating a casual dining environment. However, since the stations are spaced out throughout the reception, you don’t have to deal with the big buffet line that is often a wedding meal downer. Another thing we really love about stations is that it provides a bit of a wow-element as the guests interact with the chefs as they prepare their food live. I mean how fun it is to choose exactly what you want on your pasta, or to choose your own cut of meat from a carving station!

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography


Having a plated meal is typically the most formal option, as guests are served their meals restaurant-style right at their seats. Additionally, since the catering team is present within the dining area throughout the meal, your guests will receive more table service to help attend to their food and beverage needs throughout the evening. Plates normally include a protein, starch and vegetable. One thing to consider is that it will require for you to request guests to indicate their meal selection ahead of time on their RSVP card, which you will then have to indicate on each guests’ name card for the catering team. Unfortunately, sometimes guests forget what they ordered and this can create confusion or shortages (even with well indicated and well displayed place cards). Another thing to consider is that since guests do not have access to the food that goes on their plate directly, they will be stuck with whatever is in the meal he or she ordered and won’t be able to go back for seconds. However, this is the go-to for most weddings, and is often considered the most classy way to go.

Photo Credit: Iris & Light Caterer: Tres LA Catering


This service is a formal option as well, and tends to be the most expensive service style… and of course, we love it the most (we are gals with fancy taste, what can I say…). Part of the reason why family-style has become so popular over the past five years is because it combines all the pros of the other service styles. Like buffet and stations, it allows guests to choose what is on their plate, but without having the guests get up to load up their plates. Servers will still bring all the food to each table, but because guests need to pass platters back and forth, it encourages a friendly environment between guests.

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Whew, now that we have walked you through each of the major wedding meal styles, we hope you feel equipped to determine what would be best for your celebration. Each service style has their own sets of pros and cons, and financials are just one of those components. Remember that each caterer will price their meals and service styles differently, so the data in this overview is just a general idea how things typically breaks down. And in the end, whatever style you choose, as long as you are happy with your choices and your caterer serves quality cuisine, your guests will be content and ready to get up and shake it on the dance floor!

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Intern Spotlight: Meet Haley!

Hello lovelies!

I am very excited to be a part of the Marisa Nicole Events team! I cannot wait to learn more about wedding planning and help make a couple’s dream wedding come to life. Here is a little bit about me…

  • Favorite Wedding Blog: I love StyleMePretty! They have beautiful photos and have amazing inspiration for all wedding trends. There is a DIY section that has creative and great ideas!
  • Describe the Perfect Wedding Cake Flavor
    I believe that a simple vanilla cake with vanilla frosting is the most delicious and a flavor that everyone loves. And it must of course be decorated with beautiful light pink roses!
  • Favorite Styling Genre for Event Design: Romantic all the way. I love the simplicity of romantic weddings and how it reminds me of a fairytale.
  • Event Planning Super Hero Skill: Being able to read the engaged couple and family member’s mind. It would make it so much easier and I would not have to stress because I would know exactly what they want.
  • Veil, Flower or Headpiece?: Veil! It is so classic and beautiful. And when else can you wear a veil in your life??
  • Favorite Wedding Tradition: The toasts! They are always so clever, funny and sentimental. It is hard not to be feel some sort of emotion when hearing them.
  • The moment in every wedding that never fails to bring you to tears: When the father walks the bride down the aisle. I think it is so special for him to hand off his little girl to someone who will be a special part of the rest of her life.

Wedding Menswear: Mixing It Up and Breaking It Down

Hi, friends!

Photo Credit: Mioara Dragan Photography

As wedding planners, we cover a whole world of bridal and design related topics on our blog. But we at Marisa Nicole have realized that there’s one wedding topic that we haven’t really touched on… and that is wedding menswear! We get that sometimes grooms just aren’t that into the wedding details. But even if you’re leaving most of the decisions to your finance, we know you probably still want to be looking as snazzy as ever. After all groomies, it’s your big day too! So all you guys out there (including but not limited to grooms, groomsmen, bridesmen, & dads), we’re giving you a few tips on how to add that little dash of dapper to your wedding day look.

Left: Bayly & Moore, Right: Sophie Epton Photography

Tip 1: Off to A Good Start

The base for your wedding look lies in the power of the suit. Suits should be tailored and fitted just right. Trust us when we say that when you’re looking back at photos in years to come, too long pants or baggy jackets will be totally cringeworthy. Color choice should be complementary to bridesmaids, as well as in line with the overall design style of the wedding.

Left: Big Love Photography, Right: Kolonel Mustard

Tip 2: Pattern Play

If you’re looking to elevate your look, one way to take it up a notch by employing the use of pattern. Pattern mixing, when done correctly, pretty much hits every fashion check mark. Pairing a soft, quieter pattern with a bold, louder pattern adds a whole bunch of visual interest for some next level menswear. You can incorporate pattern more subtly with a tie or pocket square, or go for a gutsy patterned suit.

Left: Michael Radford Photography, Right: KT Merry

Tip 3: Boutonnieres

Just in case you’re having issues with that mouthful, it’s pronounced “boot-in-ear”, and it means “button hole” in French. The bouts will be very specific to your particular wedding decor and floral design, matching the rest of the florals and arrangements. The purpose of the bout is to basically just tie your wedding look into the rest of the bridal party, so we think it’s a styling must have.

Left: Iris & Light, Right: Jessica Gold Photography

Tip 4: A Little Bit of Bling

The epitome of Mr. Cool will be well tailored and clean, but the little finishing touches are what make the look. Get your shine on with cufflinks, tie clips, and watches. These are little cherries on top of your outfit just give off that sophisticated, masculine vibe. It elevates the entire look, and looks fabulous in photos.

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography

Tip 5: Fancy Footwear

Finally, your head to toe look seals the deal with some seriously snazzy shoes. These should be in line with the vibe of the rest of the outfit, circling back to the overall wedding style. Shoes can be plain for a simple and traditional look, or be a little more unique and personal to go with a non-traditional feel.

Left: Ana Lui Photography, Right: Dana Fernandez Photography

And there you have it! If you wedding gents take our tips to heart, you’ll be sure to impress on the big day! We hope this has been helpful in easing any chaos for you dear grooms who just want to avoid the wedding hustle & bustle and be married already! Best of luck in your suit searching adventures!

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Incorporating Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year in Your Wedding!

Happy New Year, darlings!

Every year we anxiously await the announcement of the Pantone color of the year. That time has come around again, and Pantone did not disappoint… Introducing, Greenery! This vibrant and lively shade of green symbolizes our relationship with the Earth going forward, as a symbol of new beginnings. For those of you who are recently engaged (congrats if it was over the holidays!), you’re probably just getting started to think of ideas for your big day. Color scheme is a major factor in doing so, and we think that this fab hue is brimming with wedding day potential! So, we want to give you some ideas and inspirations on how to incorporate Greenery into your wedding… Let’s get to it!

Left: Jessika Feltz, Right: Camille Styles


The moment your ladies come down the aisle, the stage is set for your guests, based on the colors they’re donning. Having your gals all dressed in Greenery means you are committed to seeing that color through (the good news is we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you do just that)! The lively, yet not too vivid color creates such an earthy chic effect, and your ladies will be looking like garden goddesses.

Left: Jen Fariello, Right: BHLDN


This is an easy one! The best way to incorporate Greenery into your florals is to use… greenery! Pair some foliage with pops of white, or other colors in your scheme. We love the look of some draping pieces in your bouquet or arrangement, because it really circles back to the earthiness that inspired the color of the year choice.


Reception can be a little bit trickier. We find that if you’ve already used Greenery for your maids and in all the florals, you might want to go a little more subtle for the reception area. Have elements of Greenery incorporated into the details, but because it is such a lively hue, don’t go too crazy with it. Think less is more, and use it as a surprise pop of color!

Left: 39 East Images, Right: Kristin Weaver Photography


Using the hue in your cake can really accentuate other Greenery elements found elsewhere and just tie everything together. Succulent adorned cakes have been finding their place in the wedding world, and now is their time to shine! Adding any kind of greenery to a plain white cake is guaranteed to be simply stunning. If you’re looking for even more of a color pop, an ombre painted layer is chic and sophisticated.

Color Pairings

If you’re not totally keen on making Greenery the center of your wedding scheme, you can definitely use it as an element. Pair it with pastels or muted colors for a more toned down feel, and pair it with vibrant colors to take it up a notch. You can do this through incorporating a little green moment in the florals, using it as a neutral linen for your reception, etc.

We were so excited when we saw the 2017 Pantone color of the year, and we hope that we’ve successfully passed on a little of that excitement to you! There’s just so many ways to use this color, because Greenery is already so beautifully all around us! We hope that we’ve sparked some wedding color inspirations for our newly engaged friends, and for those who in the midst of planning. Happy New year once again, and here’s to starting it off with a very colorful bang! Cheers!

Photo Credit: Anneli Marinovich