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Autumnal Décor: The Lowdown For Home & Nuptials Alike

Hello, darlings!

all-things-natural-and-fall-mantel-display1Photo Credit: Nest of Posies

It’s official – fall is upon us! Although it might not be sweater weather quite yet, depending on your whereabouts, we are definitely ready for some golden orange leaves, fireside cozies, and pumpkin EVERYTHING! (we see you, pumpkin spice latte.) One of the best parts about fall is that it marks the beginning of the holidays… and the best part about the beginning of the holidays is getting into the spirit with some seriously festive décor! This week, we’re serving up some ideas, DIYs, and inspirations that you can make your own, whether it be for a harvest moon wedding or the fireplace mantel at home. So grab your PSL and get cozy for some autumnal décor ideas to FALL in love with!

*Key colors: Orange, burgundy, taupe, mocha, and best of all… gold hues!


The Gilded Leaves

It seems pretty likely that the name ‘fall’ came from the falling leaves that so beautifully sprinkle themselves all around this time of year. If leaves are like nature’s confetti, then why not give them their shine? Grab that can of metallic spray paint and get crafting! You can use fake leaves for long lasting wear, or use dried leaves for a more natural look, just be careful not to crunch them! Once the paint dries, you can use them in so many different ways! We love them hanging in a single strand, which you can make with just some glue and a roll of fishing line. You can also make a golden wreath, by just hot gluing each leaf to a straw wreath base, which you can get from any craft store. Tip: The hanging backdrop look is one of our go-to DIY projects for wedding ceremonies or receptions!

resized-for-blog-2-1Left: Brklyn View Photography, Right: Thoughts from Alice

The Advent of Copper

One of the our absolute favorite fall trends is the use of copper in both wedding and home decor from September through December. We just love it, but if you’re not quite ready to commit to the sparkly glitz of the season, but are still looking for that eye-catching component, this hits the perfect middle ground. You can establish a copper presence in your tableware, as well as incorporate more delicate elements into décor. It just gives the most sophisticated and unique vibe to everything it touches, which is what you’re looking for when you’re having company over more often this time of year… And, it’s perfect for fall weddings, because it goes so perfectly with muted tones.

resized-for-blogRight: Love in Photographs, Left: Homey Oh My

The Friendly Wreath

One of the most delightful sights in the world is walking up to a home and seeing a big, beautiful wreath welcoming you to the front door. And, the great thing about fall décor is the plethora of materials you can use to make wreaths with! You can use painted leaves (as we suggested before), dried corncobs, feathers, pinecones, branches, wheat, and more… Basically anything you can hot glue onto a straw wreath from the craft store. No matter what material you choose to make your wreath with, be sure to add differing colors and undefined edges to create dimension. Then hang it on the door, and wait for the warm smiles of friends and family coming to visit!

And last but not least…

The Painted Pumpkins

Bright orange pumpkins have been the quintessential symbol of fall since forever. But, even pumpkins can’t escape the 2010’s without an upgrade.  We’ve loving the painted pumpkins trend, because the scope of possibilities is truly infinite. If you are naturally an excellent artist, let creativity run free! If you aren’t, not to fear… Minimalist pumpkins are actually right on trend!  You can white-wash, glitter dip, paint splatter, or stencil trace. A fun and fresh new take on an old favorite! Tip: Let wedding guests make the masterpiece for you! Use a painted fake pumpkin as a ‘guestbook’ for a cute fall-wedding-exclusive twist.

resized-for-blog-4Left: Burcu Avsar Photography, Middle: Homey Oh My, Right: Tone on Tone

somethingturquoise-diy-pumpkin-guest-book-0002Photography: Mike Carreiro Photography

There are so many ways to make any one of these autumnal inspirations uniquely yours, for the home or for the wedding day! We hope this has not only been inspirational for your creative side, but also motivational for your fun side, to get pumped up for fall and everything that comes with it! Enjoy the last few days before October (how crazy is that to say?!), and happy decorating!!


Perfectly Mismatched Maids: Taking on the Trend In Real Life

Hi, lovelies!

Photo Credit: Traci Hill Photography

For decades in the history of weddings, bridesmaids have typically worn one collective dress. We’re all for tradition, but it’s not difficult to see why mismatching has become so popular over the past five years. When each of your gals gets to express herself and feel like a rockstar in a dress unique to her, while all coming together as a perfectly picturesque bride-crew, it’s a massive wedding win! Finding one dress to work for each of your maids can cause butting of heads, including but not limited to passive aggressive behavior, snippy comments, tears, and hurt feelings. While we can’t promise every wedding will be 100% drama free, having every lady in a dress that she picked to fit her perfectly will seriously eliminate theatrics, resulting in bride crew harmony and major amounts of stylishness! While we totally love the look, we also get that making it happen in real life can be pretty overwhelming. When faced with a million and a half different dresses and possibilities, it’s easy to start wondering, how on earth did all these other brides do it?! Well, take a seat, grab your cup of coffee, and have no fear… Here are our tips to achieving a perfectly mismatched group of maids!

9-27-14_ha7_9335Photo Credit: Docuvitae Photography

Step 1: Talk it Up!

So you’ve decided to make this happen. Hooray! First things first, be sure to keep communication flowing with your maids. Let them know exactly what you have in mind for all the following steps. Not only will that make things less stressful for you, but your girls will have an easier time going into their dress shopping with clear guidelines… as opposed to pulling a dress out of thin air! Then, make sure every frock gets a bride’s stamp of approval. Be collecting photos of each dress and lining them up, and if one just isn’t working with the rest, don’t be afraid to tell your maid (in a kind way). Remember, in the end it’s your vision!

Photo Credit: Macy Marie Photography

Step 2: Color Me Happy

Contrary to what the name suggests, in order for this to work, mismatched bridesmaids must actually match (or as we like to say, they must “go together”). The best place to start is by choosing a color palette you want your girls to follow. This can mean multiple shades of one color, 3 colors with the same tone, or one specific color. Make it clear that you want a rich burgundy, not a pastel pink. If you’re really gutsy and want to take your entourage to the next level, add in a couple patterned frocks. If can you do this well, you will have a jaw dropping bride squad! Make sure each color in the pattern is within the same color family as the others. Another idea is to try to incorporate both loud and quieter patterns. For example, if you’re going to do a floral pattern, compliment it with a polka dot or stripe pattern. When this works, it REALLY works!

Photo Credit: Emily Wren Photography

Step 3: Cut! Cut!

Every body is a beautiful body, and no two are exactly alike! This means that sometimes a particular style is flattering on one maid, but disastrous on another. That might seem like a wedding catastrophe, but in fact, we love it! When it comes to mismatching maids, cohesive diversity is exactly what you’re looking for. Incorporate different cuts and lengths, as it can really add dimension that is oh so appealing to the eye!

Photo Credits: Love Like Weddings Photography

Step 4: Fabrics n’ Things

The style vibe of a wedding is majorly determined by the fabrics present in it. More modern weddings will often go for a crisp, clean taffeta while romantic or bohemian weddings will lean towards flowing chiffons and laces. The key with fabric is to make sure all the dresses have a generally similar vibe. The fabric doesn’t have to be the same, but your maids do need to look like they belong together.

look_3Photo Credit: BHLDN Weddings

Step 5: Have fun with it!

Successfully mismatching your maids is not meant to cause bridal breakdown! You’ve given your girls the lowdown on what you’re looking for, now sit back and relax. Don’t lose sleep about whether or not the dresses will work together exactly, come the big day. If you’ve expressed what you have in mind and the gals have followed your guidelines, seeing them all together will be a magical moment! If you find a color needs to be slightly more present on one of your girls, no worries! Add in some accessories to tie it all together. Although the girls are uniquely represented, they’re all there to stand with you as a group. Simply a flower in the hair or a piece of jewelry can make a world of difference in getting these girls looking unified!

Photo Credit: Acqua Photo

So, let’s put this into practice, shall we?

Let’s say we are having a wedding with 5 bridesmaids who have all different heights and builds. The color palette is burgundy and cream. The style is romantic, taking place in a garden. Love!

Since this wedding is romantic, we’re definitely going to want some flowing fabrics! It’s going to be in a garden, so let’s get some floral designs in there too… and voila!


Why this works:

The great thing about these dresses is there’s something that will flatter everyone! They are all completely different in cut, but all work together because of the color and style. Plus, how awesome do those staggered lengths look?! For colors, we said burgundy and cream. Check out the way none of these are exactly the same color… but the colors in the patterns pull everything together perfectly. Each dress has elements of another one. For style, the mix of fluttering and sophisticated is right on point. Nothing seems to stick out like a sore thumb, and every dress has a complementary sister. Major wedding win!

amanda-mckinnon-for-marisa-nicole-cwd-1mbPhoto Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography

There you have it, darlings! Just remember: color, cut, fabric, and have fun! With the help of these tips, putting together a grade-A group of dresses should be a cinch… And this time, your girls really WILL wear it again! Best of luck in your mismatching maid endeavors!

Photo Credit: Andrew Abajian Photography

Intern Spotlight: Meet Lianna!

Well, hello darlings!

My name is Lianna, and I am so thrilled to be joining the exceptionally brilliant Marisa Nicole Events team this fall! How did I get so lucky?! I’ll be learning the ropes of the world of weddings, as well as keeping you updated and inspired all over social media. Since you’ll be seeing me around, here’s a few tidbits about me…

  • Favorite Wedding Blog: Ruffled, hands down! From colorfully modern venues to sweet, romantic decor, their blog has inspiration for everyone… No matter what style you’re feeling!
  • Describe the Perfect Wedding Cake Flavor Combo:  My favorite cake is ALL cake. The perfect wedding cake for me would be a yellow cake with a rum custard and fresh strawberries filling, topped with whipped cream. Like a grown-up strawberry shortcake!
  • Favorite Styling Genre for Event Design: I swoon over bohemian weddings with a twinge of romantic style. Add some soft pastels to raw desert vibes and I’m sold.
  • Event Planning Super Hero Skill: Bilocation! That way I could not only be in two places at once, but get things done in double time!
  • Veil, Flower or Headpiece?: Most definitely veil. It’s just such an iconic element in a wedding. The way I see it, there’s not too many chances in life to wear a big, flowing veil, so bring it on!
  • Favorite Wedding Tradition: Toasts! Hearing each newlywed’s right hand man or maid tell the story of their love and give well wishes is too sweet.
  • The moment in every wedding that never fails to bring you to tears: Right after the couple shares their kiss, and they head down the aisle… Seeing them hand in hand, glowing with wedded bliss! The love and joy in their faces is just beautiful.

A Wedding Planner’s Guide: Wedding Hacks

Good morning, lovelies!


Photo Credit: Iris & Light

As a wedding planner, we help the couple feel relaxed and do our best to make sure that everything on your day runs smoothly and according to plan. A lot of different and unexpected mishaps can occur throughout the day (it’s only normal!), and we wanted to share with you some tips and tricks for quick fixes when it comes to your wedding day. Today, we will have a little Q&A with Marisa to help you calm your nerves if you are worried about things going wrong.


Photo Credit: Iris & Light

What is the best way to clean up spills on clothing?

Go to the bar, grab club soda and cloth-like napkin and drench the area with the club soda and use small, circular motions to rub out the area. The stain will get better, it won’t disappear completely but once it dries it will be unnoticeable. I will often top it off with a Tide To Go stick after the club soda. If you don’t have club soda, you can grab Sprite or any clear, bubbly drink and add a touch of lemon or lime juice (just a bit, we need the acid). This will work almost as well as the club soda!


Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography

What is the trick to wearing heels all night?

First, wearing them all night is kind of a lofty goal. Start the day wearing flats or flip flops (we suggest flip flops so it gives your toes time to breathe) and wear them for as long as possible before you hop into your dress. We even suggest keeping them close to switch into between photos and before the ceremony. Make sure to break in your wedding heels in the  weeks leading up to the big day by walking around the house in them. If you are really tied to wearing heels all night, choose heels that aren’t crazy high and have a good solid base. Or choose a brand that specializes in cute and comfortable heels. Always keep a pair of flats or whatever shoes you will change into later in the night close by so you have something to wear in between bridal duties throughout the day.


Photo Credit: Sweet T Studios

How do you pin a boutonniere?

Practice is key but if you are in a situation where you have to be the one pinning the bouts, the easiest is to do the pins in a criss cross fashion, so the whole stem of the bout is attached. Make sure to not have any silver showing. Ideally you have two pins by starting behind the lapel, go into the flower and finish behind the lapel. If you only have one pin, make sure to have the pin go in diagonally from the base up and be as long as possible before the end of the pin comes back to the surface. The flower always needs two points of contact to the fabric to be secure.


Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography

How do you go potty in a wedding dress?

Depending on your dress, you may need one to two people to help you out with this. If you dress is simple and doesn’t have much fabric then you can pick it up and throw it over your shoulder. The key is to gather around the front of your dress and pull up and away from the toilet seat. If you have a full or heavy skirt then you want to have two people helping you – one in the front and one in the back and just pull up. We suggest doing squats in preparation for this moment (plus, it will give you a perky booty… two birds, one stone). Keep your undergarments in mind, even if your dress is minimal and don’t need somebody, it is a good idea to have someone closeby, just in case you do end up needing assistance.

jess getting ready-10

Photo Credit: Ronca Productions

What would you say is the one must-have helpful item for your wedding day?

I tell the bridesmaids they need to have an emergency makeup kit on hand, so that they can help you with touch ups between photos. For the grooms it would be deodorant and an extra shirt (and/or undershirt), as it can get hot in the California sun. For brides, make sure to have tissues so you can blot your face when it gets shiny (again, taking photos outside can be a warm business).


Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography

How do you keep a bouquet fresh?

Your florist will provide you with a vase for your bouquet, so every time you don’t need it (which will be often), you can hand it off to a bridesmaid or mom to put it back in the vase. Also keep tissues or a rag around to dry off the bottom for when you do need your bouquet again. A simple but necessary trick!


Photo Credit: Chloe Moore Photography

Eating & Drinking

Lastly, make sure to stay hydrated and nibble on some eat protein throughout the day. Your wedding is an all day process and it can be difficult to find time to be able to enjoy a meal or even to remember to eat. Have your bridesmaids be on top of this to make sure that you do not get light headed. If you and your partner are drinking alcoholic beverages on your wedding day, we suggest the 1 to 1 ration. For every glass of wine/champagne/beer/shot you have, be sure to drink a full glass of water before partaking in another alcoholic beverage. With these tips, you don’t have to be so worried about things going on in your wedding – we got the rest handled!


Photo Credit: Iris & Light