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Toasting Tips: A Few Words From The Wedding Couple Can Go A Long Way!

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One of the things we love about weddings is how filled with love and support each event is. There is nothing better than when you can clearly tell just how much a couple’s guests really love them, and when you can truly see that the couple is super honored by each guest’s’ presence. It is so cool to see guests crazy excited (and sometimes even very emotional) for the newlyweds. They are happy for you, so it is super important to make your guests feel special as well. We suggest that the couple take a few moments to say a brief, yet meaningful “thank you” to their guests for all the love and support. We get that there is a lot happening on your wedding day and fitting in a toasts to your guests might seem tricky. Today, we’re sharing our thoughts on the subject and what has worked for our couples. So without further ado…


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The Cake Cutting

About 97% of our couples say a few words thanking their guests right before the cake cutting. At this point in the event, most of your guests will be dancing or snapping a shot in the photobooth. Nothing programmatic has occurred in a while and the troops may need a bit of rallying. It has been our experience, that the voice of the people getting married over the microphone is the perfect way to get everyone to gather (which is great, because then you aren’t awkwardly doing your cake cutting while people aren’t paying attention). We also like it here because it offers a bit of transition time. Earlier in the evening your wedding VIP’s were pouring out their love to you. Now, after a bit of dancing, it is nice to turn the tables and let them know how much you love them as well. Finally, we suggest doing it before you cut the cake because no one wants to have a serious moment thanking their loved ones with cake in their hair or smeared on their face. Not a great look.

Rachel Pearlham

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The Grand Entrance

Another option is to toast your guests right after you have made your grand entrance. Before everyone sits and dinner is served, we suggest having someone give a welcome speech. We normally recommend that a parent or great family friend do this, but sometimes because of relationships, family dynamics, and/or drama in general, it is best to leave everyone out of it and have the couple say a few words welcoming their guests to the reception and thanking them for their presence. All eyes are already on you, so this is a painless time to take the mic and say a few words.


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Your toast doesn’t have to be long, just make sure that you thank your guests and that they know how appreciative you are! Lastly, we also highly suggest you saying something meaningful at your rehearsal dinner to your friends and family who made this happen. Now you have all the deets into the perfect toast, so get out that pen and paper, jot down your ideas and happy toasting!


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Enchanting Wine Country Wedding: Thuy-Van & Stewart Married!

It’s finally Wedding Wednesday, my friends!


There is no better place to be than wine country and Thuy-Van and Stewart’s wedding at an enchanted stonehouse ranch at Temecula Creek Inn proves it! We were also extremely excited when Style Me Pretty agreed with us and featured their wedding! Today, I have the pleasure to share more details of their special day. The couple wanted to host a celebration that reflected who they are as a couple, generally laid back with just a splash of fancy and a ton of fun and we can’t wait for you to get a peak into all the details…

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We worked with them to create a look that was swoonfully romantic, naturally organic, and with aesthetic variety around every corner. The stone house at Temecula Creek Inn is surrounded by trees, so it gave us a lovely rustic base that we added layers of personal and design-forward details. We worked with a pallet of diluted hues paired with bold pops, incorporating wine, raspberry, Mauve, Blush, Deep Purple, Blackberry, Light Grey, Dark Grey, and touches of greyish blue.


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We used a mix of textures, a variety of lines and tons of glow throughout the space. We paired farm wooden tables with neutral light and textured hemstitch runner and napkins to serve as a base for our florals. We used a lush garland with big ruffled blooms and candles woven throughout to create a full sense of full-on romantic enchantment on the guest dining tables.

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With Thuy-Van’s background in dance and Stewart’s background in hockey, we had lots of fun sprinkling a few of their personal items around the space. The bride’s own sister did all the chalk art and the bride herself handmade the watercolor seating cards. Amongst the fancy dining and fab decor, the couple wanted their guests to experience a playful, light-hearted celebration. They offered a photobooth, lawn games and glow-ball (glow in the dark golf) on the on-site course.

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Inside the stonehouse, we brought in comfortable, yet luxe, lounge furniture, board games galore and an array of bite-sized treats that would satisfy even the most potent of sweet tooths! Everyone danced, ate and played the night away and a legendary time was had by all!


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Post-Wedding Etiquette: Your Way to Thank You Card Success

Happy Thank-You Thursday, Lovebirds!

Sophie Epton Photography

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Your big day has come to a close, but your wedding duties have not quite ended yet… Hang in there because there is only one more small but important action item that is still on your to-do list: thank you cards! Your loved ones have poured tons of love and support into your wedding planning process and have showered you with gifts. It is extremely important to take a moment to show your gratitude. A huge part of proper wedding etiquette is to always appreciate your guests! So today, we wanted to help you with four simple rules to reach thank you card success…

Virgil Bunao

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Rule #1: Branding

Consistency is key, especially when it comes to your wedding details. We suggest that the design of your thank you cards match your overall wedding branding to your wedding look, so that way it all flows together. If at all possible, choose the same style or design as utilized for your invitation suite. If this is not possible, just make sure the colors and overall vibe coordinate with the look and feel of your wedding.


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Rule #2: Timing

Guests that give you gifts (which ideally is all of them) needs to receive a thank you card. You will likely receive gifts prior to your wedding day. Be sure to write out notes for these and send them within two weeks of each gift’s receipt. For gifts received the week of your wedding, be sure to send out a thank you card within six weeks of the big day (people will understand that you probably went on a honeymoon and will need time to settle back in once you get back).

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Left: Le Hai Linh Right: Michele Beckwith

Rule #3: Content

Make sure to keep it personal by writing first names in the message, specifically thanking the guest for the gift they gave you and include a sentence on how you are going to use the item or how excited you are for the gift. An example, “Thank you so much Linda for the mixer! I can’t wait to make cookies with this! We are so excited you got to share this wedding with us!” These messages don’t have to be long, three to four sentences will do the trick, but each note does need to be customized.

Nicole Clarey Photography

Photo Credit: Nicole Clarey Photography

Rule #4: Addressing

As with your wedding invitation envelopes, wedding etiquette requires you to handwrite your guest’s name and address on the envelope… Labels are not your friend! Don’t forget to put your return address on the back flap just like you did on your wedding invites. Finally, it is important that both members of the happy couple sign each and every note.

Katie Stoops Photography

Photo Credit: Katie Stoops Photography

You are now ready to tackle writing your guests’ thank you cards! We hope we have helped you gain both inspiration and practical ideas on how to write a personalized thank you to everyone who has shown you love on your wedding day. It’s always important to give back!

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Carondelet House Romance: Kat & Paul Married!

Good morning, friends! BeccaRillo_20151204_2010

Recently, we were pretty darn excited to see Kat & Paul’s candle-filled wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. Today, we have the pleasure of sharing more intimate moments of their fairy-tale wedding! Kat and Paul got married on December 4th at the Carondelet House in downtown Los Angeles surrounded by fifty of their nearest and dearest. Their goal from the beginning was to host an intimate dinner party style celebration with delicious cuisine, engaging entertainment and understated gorgeous decor, at which they would just happen to tie the knot.









Our aesthetic aim was create a sense of classic, comfortable elegance. We wanted guests to walk in and swoon a bit, but not feel as if the decor was contrived or over the top. Carondelet served as the perfect backdrop in bringing this vibe to life. Katherine loved the idea of having candles anywhere and everywhere to create a sense of glow and warmth throughout the space. We coupled all that candlelight with neutral whites, creams, and dark browns, diluted blush, and touches of gold.








The guests dined on long wooden rectangular tables, paired with a mixture of upholstered seating and wooden cross-back chairs. The floral designs were grounded on a light neutral colored soft and textured runner. We used arrangements that were roundish and somewhat symmetrical in shape, but relaxed in structure. Kat loves ruffled blooms in a mixture of sizes with bits of textured items and greenery peeking throughout.





A few of our favorite personal touches from the celebration were the items located at each place setting which served to reflect Kat & Paul’s personalities in just a lovely way – with a little bit of class and a little bit of silliness. For the class, each guest was gifted with an individual sized customized champagne bottle with his or her name on it. And for the silliness, along with the napkin treatment & menu peaking out of a beautiful napkin was a scratcher for each guest to try their luck to win big. We hung “for richer, for poorer” tags on each, along with pennies and guests played the lotto just before their family style feast. Kat & Paul don’t really love cake, so we brought in a cake and cookies truck instead and guests hopped around between the dancefloor, photobooth and ice cream truck throughout the party part of the evening.


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