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Italian Summer Styled Inspired Wedding Shoot


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We have been waiting forever to formally share images from our Italian Summer Styled Wedding Shoot with you, and that day has finally come! We were honored to have our Mediterranean designs from this project featured in the latest print issue of California Wedding Day (Fall/Winter issue – page 30) – and last week they showcased the shoot online, so we thought it high time to share some of our favorite shots with you as well. As an Italian lady in the wedding industry, this project was one that is very near and dear to my heart. I poured my soul into crafting this shoot, and was so pleased with how everything turned out. I wanted to design a wedding that brought all the goodness the Italian Mediterranean has to offer. We are so honored that people love this shoot as much as we do and now without further ado…View More:

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Welcome & Lounge Areas

Upon guest arrival, we thought it would be fun for our couple not only to welcome their guests, but share in the glamour of their day by displaying jewelry with which guests could adorn themselves throughout the celebration. We also wanted to shake up the standard lounge and games areas that are super popular at weddings. Our couple is encouraging their guests to let loose and relax with Italian soda in their lantern illuminated low lounge. And because every Italian grows up playing Bocce ball at family gatherings, we thought it, along with Chess, should be available for guests to enjoy post nuptials.

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All These Bars

If Italians love anything, it’s to mosey around, “mangia” (eat) and chitchat. To that end, we created three different areas where guests could engage in the whole Italian experience throughout the wedding. The first is our Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Bar. Guests are actually invited to “gusto”, meaning “taste it.” This area was designed to feel like a mixture between a traditional antipasto display with lots of fresh nuts and fruits, but feel like a wine tasting, with a variety of items to taste and dip with! We also set up an after dinner drinks bar. Traditionally this drink course serves to “digestivo”, or help the guest to digest their food and cleanse their pallet prior to dessert.

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Everyone on the vendor team participated in setting up the table scape and, in my opinion, is the crowning jewel of this styled wedding. We used a vibrant medium blue and white linen that brought pattern, color and texture to our base. From there, we set down gold chargers, stacked mismatched white and blue vintage china at each place setting, and utilized gold toned flatware and mismatched vintage glassware to dress the table. Wedding guests found their assigned seats via namecards protruding from fresh herb-filled goblets (a great take-away!). To complete our vision, we used lush and loose white and blue florals with vibrant touches of green in antique vessels throughout our centerpiece to create a look that is modern & luxe while feeling easy and organic! Finally, it is an Italian tradition to gift wedding guests with 5 Jordan Almonds which represent five wishes for the couple: health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.

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Florals & Printed Items

We wanted the flowers to reflect the essence of an Italian hillside garden while incorporating organic elements one might find growing wildly around such a place.  The floral palette included dahlias, garden roses, thistle, scabiosa, various pods and thistles, sage, rosemary, thyme, olive branch, peppercorn, and various lush vines.For all printed items, romantic curvy lines and relaxed versions of formal fonts were used to bring our look & feel to life.

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It was important that our bride’s look be one of easy elegance. We dressed her in a simple, delicate silhouette that featured a relaxed lace overlay. She was adorned in foxy blue and gold toned jewelry and a two rad floral headpieces. Her ladies wore airy blue and grey dresses to replicate the colors and movement of the Mediterranean. The fellas wore light, laid back outfits of diluted blues and whites.

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Vendor Love

Wedding Couple Seating Arrangements

Good morning, lovebirds!

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Photo Credit: Andrew Abajian

For those of you whose weddings are right around the corner, spring is when we start working through the details of your day, such as where you’re going to sit at your own party. When it comes to wedding reception dining, there are three main options for where the newlyweds can sit: a head table, sweetheart table or with your guests. This can often become a challenge for many of our couples. It is hard to decide what is the right fit for your day when you have relatives, friends, and lord knows who else, telling you what you are supposed to do and where you are supposed to sit. Though it can be a difficult situation, each option has its pros and cons. With practicality and design in mind, today we’re walking you through each option so that you are able to make the best decision on your big day!

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Photo Credit: Booth Photographics

Head Table

The head table is typically located in a central area and one sided, so it more or less faces all guests throughout dinner. The people sitting here with the couple are usually members of the bridal party (or portion of the bridal party, depending on how large your party is). This was definitely a more popular option in decade’s past (because for years, it was the only real option), but some of our couples still choose to go this traditional route!


  • This layout keeps it simple – you don’t have to spend too much time toiling over who you will sit with (since it is usually your bridal party, occasionally parents) and that all of your guests can see you.
  • When it comes to being the newlyweds, all your friends and family present will want to find time to chat and congratulate you personally, especially during dinner. With the head table, guests will feel some hesitation to approach your table and conversing with you while you are trying to eat.
  • It is only natural that your guests will be excited to connect with you, but sometimes it is good to have some sort of barrier to everyone having complete access to you, since you are still going to want to eat at least a portion of your fabulous wedding meal.


  • The trouble is that the table is one sided, so you will only be able to talk to the people on the left or on the right of you.
  • You will also have to be mindful of splitting up people from their dates and significant others. For the ladies and fellas of your bridal party who have travelled far or brought dates that aren’t familiar with others attending the wedding, it can be awkward when they have to sit alone or at separate tables.

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Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography

Sweetheart Table

This is a go-to for a lot of couples these days. The table, like the head table, is one sided and at the center, but is smaller and only includes the couple instead of an entire gang of people.


  • Again, this option puts you center for everyone to see and admire. The thought behind a sweetheart table is that you get to spend the time alone with your new life partner.
  • You would not have to deal with all the drama of choosing who you will sit with and who will be left out.
  • From a wedding designs standpoint, there are an array of opportunities for decor with a sweetheart table; since the table is small, a little love nest of sorts can be created without breaking the budget… and oh, how we love a good sweetheart table backdrop!


  • The table will only include you and your significant other, which means you will only be able to talk to them and no one else (even could be a “pro” if you’re private people and want the only time).
  • When you are sitting alone without other guests surrounding you, people will feel more inclined to approach your table and talk. Even though it is out of love, it can be tiring for someone to have a five minute conversation with you, while your food gets cold, and then just when they leave, another couple comes up to give you some love. Meanwhile, your food is still just sitting there and staring at you. #thestruggleisreal

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Photo Credit: Andrew Abajian

Sit Amongst Your Guests

This has also become a super popular option for our couples, as they are able to sit with their closest friends and/or family.


  • This option allows the bride and groom to have a great time, since they are surrounded by those they love the most and can be right in the center of all the excitement.
  • Guests at other tables will less likely come up to you during dinner and start a long conversation if you are surrounded by other people, so you are more likely to be able to eat and enjoy your meal.


  • Anytime you choose to sit with certain people over others, doors fly open for drama.
  • Other people who feel particularly close to you, but who have not been chosen to sit with you, might end up getting offended.
  • It can also be a challenge to decide precisely where to place the table, since the bride and groom need to be central and seen by all guests (which can’t always easily be done in a gaggle of tables).

Ruffled - photo by -

Photo Credit: Katherine O’Brien Photography

We encourage you to pick where you want to sit based on what you want to do, not what your mom, best friend, or anyone else tells you is what you are supposed to do. This decision can be different for everybody and is something that you and your significant other need to think through before making a final call. We hope to have provided you with enough data to determine and calculate your different options, and for you to be able to pick what appeals to you the most.

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Photo Credit: Lane Dittoe

Make-up Tips For All Those Lovely Pre-Wedding Events

Hello gorgeous!

Brides are always super busy in the months leading up to their day. With all the pre-wedding events to attend (engagement dinners, showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsals, oh my!), it’s important that a strong, savvy gal knows how to do her own hair and make-up. There will be tons of pictures taken at each of these occasions and we totally get that having your make-up professionally applied for each gathering often just isn’t in your budget (I mean we can’t all be Kardashians, with a glam squad at our beck and call to make us look fab). With that in mind, we thought it might be helpful to get some advice from a pro. So, to help you look your best on all those days when you can’t afford to hire a professional, we asked makeup artist Berkley Warlick for a few helpful, easy tips on looking flawless for a glowing, timeless look!

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Using eyebrow pomade (gel) will make your brows last longer and remain tamed throughout the day. After outlining your brow with gel, fill them in with the right colored powder. To make your brows look extra clean and fresh, use your under eye concealer to outline the brows and blend in with your finger.

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When applying mascara and eyeliner make sure to go waterproof (you know, just in case you get a little misty). For this look, first apply a dark shade (such as a a purple or dark brown) eyeshadow to the crease, then apply the metallic or highlighting hue on the lid (such as “Trick” from Urban Decay Naked 3). When applying eye shadow, apply setting spray on your eyeshadow brush, this will help the metallic shadow stick and pop (example, Mac Fix+ Plus Spray or Urban Decay Setting Spray). If you are wearing fake lashes, a winged eyeliner will help blend in your lashes to create a more natural look. To make a precise line for the eyeliner and eyeshadow at the end, use a strip of scotch tape to connect the outer corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow on each side. This can be further demonstrated  in this photo set by Elle Magazine.

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When you are eating or attending food and wine tastings, using a liquid lipstick will actually last for the entire event and won’t come off on your glassware. For example, the one we used is Tarte Matte Lip Paint, Tbt. For a fuller look, use a liner to frame the lip.

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Cheeks – Foundation & Highlight

Primers are a must before you put on concealer and foundation to get long lasting wear. Contouring has become a popular trend in the past couple of years and people do it in many different ways. This great article by Cosmopolitan helps you find the right place to contour with for your face shape. For those of you who like a little rouge, apply fave shade of blush on the apples of your cheeks. Always make sure to highlight where the light naturally hits your face. According to Berkley, “there’s never too much highlight.”  The last thing to do after applying your foundation, highlight, contour routine is to set your make up. We just love Laura Mercier Translucent Mattifying Setting Powder. This should be applied with a beauty blender for best results.

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All that to say, as you’re getting dolled up for your next pre-wedding event, don’t forget these tips for a flawless look. Stand out and look fab next to your gals and have a stress free event where you are not worrying about how your make-up looks, especially in photos. Oh, and don’t forget to smile and pose when the flash goes off!

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Bodacious Bouquets – A Few Faves From Our Real Weddings

Good morning friends!

Florals, florals, florals is all we can think about this spring! As wedding season approaches and all you brides out there are thinking about what the bouquet you want to hold on your special day will look like, we wanted to share some of our favorite bouquets from our recent history. We hope to throw some inspiration your way on the perfect bouquet from floral designers that we just love working with! So without further ado…

mne blog-6

Photo Credits: Booth Photographics

The Little Branch took a rustic, organic approach with sage and plums with pops of ivory. Included are garden roses, ranunculus, thistle, seeded eucalyptus, baby eucalyptus, white thistle and astrantia.

mne blog-4

Photo Credits: K Stone Photography

Valley Flora created a round domed shaped hand tied bouquet of white with blush and grey accents and layers of ivory ribbon to complete the look. The flowers are Juliet, white Ohara, Patience, Kiera and Carpe Diem garden roses, anemones with Dusty miller and Brunia.

mne blog-9

Photo Credit: Andrew Abajian

Little Hill Floral Design created a lush, organic bouquet designed with silver dollar eucalyptus, maiden hair, olive branch, large fully blossomed pink peonies, Juliet garden roses, ranunculus and hydrangeas.

mne blog-2

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Enchanted Garden Floral Design says “Annie’s bouquet style was inspired by the tropical palette used throughout her entire wedding.  Her favorite color was pink, so we used a variety of shades from light pink to fuchsia. Annie really loved a lot of interesting flowers, so we made sure to play up the selection of blooms and tropical foliage in her bouquet.  The floral palette included ginger, garden roses, anthurium, cattleya orchids, coral peonies, sword fern, poke weed, hosta leaves, and the cutest little mini pineapples!”

mne blog-8

Photo Credits: Andrew Abajian

Juniper and Mint says “When we met about florals, Victoria and John wanted their wedding to feel like botanical gardens met a science lab which was such a fun concept to carry out. We chose to use a lot of greenery with several pops of color and as much texture as we could fit.”

mne blog-5

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

The Little Branch created an organic and natural bouquet with a feminine feel. There are peonies, ranunculus, wax flower, pieres, Lizzy and stock.

mne blog-7

Photo Credits: Iris & Light

Enchanted Garden Floral Design says “Angy’s bouquet style was inspired by a soft, classic palette of soft blush and neutral white shades.  The style is somewhat structured with a semi-asymmetrical shape, which was composed of soft ruffled blooms such as peonies, garden roses, tulips, dahlias and ranunculus. We added a touch of pepper berry foliage and Italian Ruscus to provide a light whimsical accent. Then, tied the stems with a light drape of ivory ribbon.”

mne blog-3

Photo Credit: Chloe Moore Photography

Boulevard Florist says “Peonies and Garden roses always make for a timeless and elegant bouquet. By adding succulents, hypericum berry, a little eucalyptus and craspedia, a classic look is transformed to fit our Bride’s blending of rustic and elegant decor.”

mne blog

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

We hope you have enjoyed our brief but beautiful walk down memory lane. So, call your floral designer (or contact one of these fine, foxy ladies featured in this post) and get your bouquet juices flowing, as we hope to have inspired you with all this gorgeousness from our real weddings!