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Bridesmaid Appreciation: Gifting Your Gals

Good morning friends!

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Photo Credit: Andrew Abajian

Whether your wedding is crazy big or super intimate and whether your party is chic and formal or easy and laid-back, few things will make your celebration (and the months leading up to the event) more enjoyable than having an awesome gaggle of your favorite people surrounding you throughout it all! These are the gals (with maybe a fella or two thrown in there for good measure) that will be throwing your bachelorette party and bridal shower, wearing what you tell them to and maybe even be flying cross-country to be there on your big day. They do so much for you – and it is important that you return the favor by showing them how much their support has meant to you throughout all the craziness. Not sure how? Welcome to our mini session on how to appropriately gift your bridesmaids. Please find your seat, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the read on how you can make each and every one of your besties feel appreciated!

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Photo Credit: Left- Beaux Arts Photographie  Right- Heather Hawkins Photography

Making Room In Your Budget

Through all your ups and downs during the wedding planning process, your bridesmaids have held your hand and encouraged you to stay emotionally stable (agh that stress!). Behind the scenes, these ladies have spent money on plane tickets, hotel rooms and gifts for your wedding. Some brides choose to cover some or all of the bridesmaid costs (dress, shoes, hair & make-up, etc.). However, other brides simply don’t have it in their budget to do so and the gals have to pay for their own costuming. We get that every bride isn’t able to pay for her ladies to look good on the big day. With that being said, when figuring out what to gift your gals, try to take into account how much they did or did not have to spend to be a part of your bridal party and gift accordingly. Did you cover all their fashion, travel and lodging costs? If so, then something more small and symbolic will do the trick. Are they paying for everything for your wedding themselves (on top of all the shower, bachelorette, and other expenses), then we highly suggest you treat them right by getting them something really great to show your appreciation.

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Photo Credit: Left- The Great Romance Photo  Right- Two Maries

More Than Just the Wedding

Now, let’s talk logistics. You have decided to get your girls something wonderful, but what kind of gift should you give them? Sometimes, brides will gift their lovely ladies with the same bracelet, headband or other accessory for them to wear during the wedding ceremony. In order for this gift to hold meaning, we suggest that at least part of your gift to them is something that isn’t just related to your wedding – but to your friendship. Get specific! We encourage you to consider giving each bridesmaid something different, or even a different version of the same thing. That way you display your love for them individually.

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Photo Credit: Left- Josh Gruetzmacher  Right- Josh Gruetzmacher

A Well Timed Gift

Timing is everything! We think that the best time to give your bridesmaids their gifts would be during the rehearsal dinner or on the morning of your wedding. This way, it does not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the wedding and you still get a chance to make sure that moment is about them!

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Photo Credit: Natalie Watson Photography

Coming Up Next Week…

I know you may still be a little lost with ideas, I mean you just spent months planning your wedding, how could you possibly add another thing to that list! So make sure to check in next week for gift ideas, because we are here to help!

Intern Spotlight: Meet Annemarie!

Hi lovelies!

My name is Annemarie and I am so excited to announce that I will be interning for the Marisa Nicole Events team this spring! I cannot wait to begin learning all the tricks to wedding planning but first, I would love for all of you to learn a little bit more about me…

  • Favorite Wedding Blog: I am in love with Wedding Chicksannemarie resized for blog
    Their designs are fresh and classy with beautiful color schemes and the most gorgeously crafted flowers and bouquets! It definitely embraces the indie chic feel.
  • Describe the Perfect Wedding Cake Flavor Combo:  Cake is one of my favorite food groups. I would want a white cake with fresh blueberries inside and vanilla buttercream frosting. The blueberries will add color and a sweet, tangy taste to the classic wedding cake.
  • Favorite Styling Genre for Event Design: A classic wedding with a bohemian style, outdoor layout. There is nothing I love more than the traditions of a wedding in a beautiful, unique setting.
  • Event Planning Super Hero Skill:  The ability to teleport. That way if someone is late, I can make sure they are on time. No one will ever be stuck in traffic again.
  • Veil, Flower or Headpiece?: Veil! I think of the veil as the ultimate bridal hair accessory. There is just something about the elegance of the veil flowing with a white dress
  • Favorite Wedding Tradition: The father daughter dance! It is the first time the father gets to hold his daughter right after giving her away. I think it is a special moment for the father to be able to with the little girl he raised as a married woman.
  • The moment in every wedding that never fails to bring you to tears: When the groom first sees the bride and his face lights up, and you can see all his emotions and love for the woman standing in front of him. *sigh* So romantic!


Incorporating Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year Into Your Wedding!

Happy New Year!

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To those of you out there who got engaged over the holidays, congrats! The start of a new year is the perfect time to begin planning the aesthetic for your wedding. It’s helpful to start by picking an overall style that you’d like to see at your celebration. And where better to start than with choosing a color story. Luckily for those of you who are newly-engaged, you have the aid of Pantone’s Color of the Year to guide you towards achieving the most on-trend wedding palette for 2016. What could possibly be better than that you ask? Well, this year Pantone chose to feature not one, but two equally exquisite colors to swoon over–Rose Quartz and Serenity. We’re loving these two soft shades so much that we’re offering up our suggestions on how incorporate these two hues into your wedding design.

1. Bridesmaids


Photo Credit: BHLDN

One of the very first indications of your color scheme at your wedding is given through your bridal party’s attire. The minute your ceremony begins your bridesmaids will be flouncing down the aisle and your guests will get a sneak peak of the trendy colors you’ve chosen for your soiree. We simply can’t deny how gorgeous the shades of Pantone’s colors of the year would look on your lovely ladies. Blush tones like rose quartz are already popular in the bridal world and pale blue hues like serenity look equally as stunning.

2. Flowers


Photo Credit: Left- Wedding Mix Right- Flower Designs Events

Just as your bridal party’s attire sets the scene during your ceremony so too do your flowers. Regardless of if you choose to incorporate florals into your ceremony decor, your personal flowers are a wonderful place to add pops of your desired color scheme. You can choose to focus on one color but as you can see above, serenity and rose quartz look absolutely lovely when combined together.

3. Linens


Photo Credit: Omalley Photographers

Perhaps the biggest way to show off your color scheme is through the linens you chose in your reception space. It is during this portion of your wedding that the decor you choose really reflects the overall look and style of your wedding. We’re loving this table setting’s combination of serenity tablecloths and rose quartz napkins. Plus the subtle pops of rose quartz in the floral arrangements perfectly completes this pantone reception space.

4. Cake


Photo Credit: Left-Chelsea Mitchel, Right-Jake & Heather

Aside from being absolutely delicious to eat, your cake acts as a centerpiece in your reception space. Seriously–wedding cakes these days have become works of art in their own right. Naturally, this is an item in your wedding that you can add some of your feature colors too. We chose these more simply designed cakes as inspiration on how to add a little bit of rose quartz and serenity to your big day without compromising the classic look of a wedding cake.

5. Favors


Photo Credit: Left- Greg Finck, Right- Gracious Bridal

Last but not least, add a little touch of pantone’s colors of the year to your favors. These two favors are ones that we thought were equally as lovely in color as they are as gifts. Both a luxurious favor such as a scarf or one as little as matches are good ideas. Just remember to give something that your guests will want to use. Using a little of your wedding’s signature color here will remind your guests of the wonderful look and feel of your wedding long after it has ended.


Photo Credit: House of Turquoise




Romantic Manhattan Beach Wedding: Angy & Henry Married!

Happy Wedding Wednesday, Lovelies!


Yesterday we were honored to have Angy & Henry’s wedding featured on Wedding Chicks. Huzzah! Therefore, it seemed the perfect moment to share their lovely Manhattan Beach wedding with you as well. The love-birds tied the knot at one of our favorite South Bay venues, Verandas Beach House. This wedding was as much of a joy to design as it was to assist in making the evening’s events seamlessly play-out. Overall, Angy and Henry’s tastes resulted in an organic take on a clean and classic wedding style. One way we accomplished this effortlessly classy look was through mixed rustic ruffled linens combined with iridescent linens in the reception space. This pairing created a complementary mix of texture and shine. Our color palette was comprised of muted shades of cream, white, champagne, and blush with a few bold pops of diluted coral. More specifically, we incorporated coral highlights into our natural floral arrangements and into the cutie flag place card display. In addition to these pops of cozy colors, we added candles and up-lighting to further set the warm and inviting feel of the wedding.




Together the colors and details of the day made Angy and Henry’s wedding the perfect glowy, crisp and carefree setting for a romantic reception and rockin’ party! I hope you enjoy the images of this wedding and hearing all that this sweet newlywed has to say about it as much as I enjoyed how everything turned out!

i-D56SvFg-XL copy AH2 i-SjMW5W7-XL




From Angy (the blushing bride) 

It was amazing to see all of the details come together on the big day. Our florals  especially accented the soft, warm, and romantic feeling that we were going for and complemented the attire of our bridal party perfectly! Overall, the entire day panned out beautifully and I still get the warm, fuzzy feels and can’t help but smile every time I look back at photos from our wedding day.





One of my favorite moments was the first look and the anticipation of seeing the person I was going to marry for the first time on my big day. It was also a sweet treat to simply get some alone time together after the ceremony to get a few more snapshots in before the last few moments of natural sunlight faded.


AH3 i-th3tFvF-XL AH1 i-Djx682d-L

Our wedding venue, Verandas Beach House, was perfect for the intimate and cozy atmosphere we wanted to create, and it was a great versatile location with the perfect combination of outdoor/indoor vibe that we were looking for. Our ceremony was perfectly timed with the most beautiful sunset and lighting we could have imagined, which added to the warm and intimate feeling of being surrounded by our dearest family and friends as we tied the knot. We then transitioned into a sweet and homey indoor setting to continue this cozy atmosphere as we celebrated the rest of the day with great company and partied the night away!






i-3tZdMSD-XL AH4 i-7jrCcL7-XL



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