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Gorgeous Sexy Succulents: Sassy, Savvy Ideas for Incorporating These Desert Beauties Into Your Day!

Happy Thursday Friends!

It is finally getting warmer here in SoCal and we are getting excited for the summer with all the loveliness wedding season brings. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that California is smack in the middle of a pretty serious drought! It is kind of a big deal. For those of us living in the region, conservation is a part of daily life and for the past five years or so, incorporating succulents into weddings have been all the rage. We absolutely love this trend and pray to all that is holy that it is here to stay! Today, in the spirit of pairing fabulous design with California friendly plants, we are taking a moment to highlight one of our favorite floral design elements: gorgeous, sexy succulents! There are so many places you can utilize these beauties that can help make your day all kinds of swoon-worthy. So without further ado, here are some ways to incorporate these little southern California native plants into your big day…

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Bouquets & Boutonnières

If you want to really embrace these water-conserving plants, succulents can enhance or even replace flowers in your bouquet or boutonniere. For boutonnieres, the substitution of a small dessert plant for a single flower can create a fresh and exotic look. With bouquets, you can choose to swap flowers for succulents, or even better, pair them with soft, delicate florals such as garden roses or peonies to a fab contrast. The color and texture that can come from a succulent is quite unique, and can look breathtaking next to a variety of soft, big ruffled flowers and/or textured pieces.

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Hair Piece

If you are opting for a simple hair-piece on your big day, a succulent might just be the answer! Not that we don’t love a beautiful veil or a jeweled headband, but the incorporation of something natural can have the same awe-factor and will leave you looking as beautiful as ever.

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Ruffled - photo by -


We are begging you to introduce succulents into your tablescapes. And here, the rule of thumb is the more the merrier! There is just something super special about a succulent that can transform a floral arrangement from good to gorgeous. Whether it is a large arrangement or a myriad of little ones, these are easy-to-tend-to plants that can make a great addition to any guest table.

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We love sweets and we love succulents, so why not let the two go together!



We see them being bought at farmer’s markets, the grocery store, and countless other places, so why not send your guests home with a sweet little something to care for? Just a bit of water once a week and you are giving them a charming gift that won’t get thrown away and will last. It is something you can buy assembled or DIY. The possibilities for how you can display these little treasures are endless.


Ceremony Backdrop

Any job a flower can do, succulents are equally equipped to do as well! An entire backdrop of succulents is not only visually stunning, but serves as a beautiful background for your ceremony or sweetheart table. Give me a wall of dessert flowers to design with any day!

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Details, Details, & More Details

They can be hanging in glass bulbs, planted in boxes, or placed individually however you choose, but we truly do want you to go crazy! We believe in the importance of detail, and these durable, manageable plants can be the perfect way to add natural and organic details to your wedding.


The list of where and how you can incorporate succulents into your wedding aesthetic can go on and on, so we encourage you to try and find even more fun and fabulous ways to add drought friendly floral details and plants into your décor!


Intern Spotlight: Meet Claire!

Hi lovelies!

I am honored to introduce myself as the newest member of Marisa Nicole Events! I have lots to learn and can’t wait to get started! I can already tell that these ladies have tons to teach me and I will love every second of it, so here’s to learning the ins-and-outs of planning a blissful and fabulous wedding! Since I’ll be around this wedding season, Marisa wanted me to tell you a few things about myself, so without further ado…

  • Favorite Wedding Blog: It’s a tie between Style Me Pretty and Wedding Chicks! Style Me claire-2Pretty’s attention to detail caters to the perfectionist in me, and Wedding Chick’s dresses do indeed make me melt. Each one seems more wonderful than the last!
  • Describe the Perfect Wedding Cake Flavor Combo: Oh this is a hard one! So many great flavor combinations… But I would say a layered white and almond cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. Simple and decadent- my kind of cake!
  • Favorite Styling Genre for Event Design: Rustic flair meets classic! I love whimsical and greens, but there is something about a classic and formal setting that is simple and special. The two coming together in perfect harmony… nothing far from magic.
  • Event Planning Super Hero Skill: It seems like an obvious choice… Being able to be in multiple places at one time! There is always so much to do and so little time.
  • Veil, Flower or Headpiece? Veil. It’s classic and elegant.
  • Favorite Wedding Tradition: I love the tradition of giving the bride “something new”, “something borrowed”, and “something blue”. It is just such a special sentiment. I am a mama’s girl and I can already imagine her giving me those small, yet particularly unique, things on my wedding day.
  • The moment in every wedding that never fails to bring you to tears: The toasts! Whether it’s from a parent, maid of honor, or a best man, hearing the stories and kind words… Brings a tear to my eye every time! Again, I’m a family girl, so it just makes me think of what I would say to my brother or sister, or vice versa… What can I say? I’m a sucker for group


Great Happenings at Marisa Nicole Events: Accolades, Awards & Awesomeness!

Hello Lovelies!

Here at Marisa Nicole Events, we take pride in crafting deeply personal, fabulously styled fêtes for our clients. Amidst the craziness of wedding season, today we’re taking a moment to pause and celebrate all the great things that have been happening at our company over the last few months! So without further ado, here are three exciting happenings that we’ve just been itching to share:resize for blog-6


Every time we get featured on a blog, we get crazy excited! However, there is just something about seeing your work in print that is absolutely amazing. And when that periodical just happens to be California Wedding Day, we get all kinds of giddy! We had the honor of being listed as a part of California Wedding Day’s Haute List for Los Angeles (the Westside/Southbay) in their Spring/Summer 2015 issue (currently on the stands). Be sure to pick up your copy and check out the lovely little write-up on our company with a photo of one of our most foxy table-scapes of all time (bottom left corner of the page)!resize for blog-2


Not to toot our own horn, but we take pride in providing our clients with kick-booty services. We can’t tell you how wonderful of a feeling it is when other people think so too, say it out loud, and then receive awards because of it. This year we have the privilege of earning awards with two great wedding forums: The Knot (Best of Weddings 2015) and Wedding Wire (Couples Choice Award 2015). The great thing about both awards is that they are based on feedback from our real clients. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to review us online! We owe these awards to you!resize for blog-7

General Awesomeness

Finally, we were super excited to be featured on The Way as a part of their “Growth Marketing” series! We have worked hard to provide our clients with consistent quality services and it was so wonderful to be recognized for just that! Take a moment to mosey on over to the post where you can read our whole interview and learn more about the Marisa Nicole Events philosophy and approach!

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Alright, enough patting ourselves on the back for one day. When all is said and done, we just adore helping people celebrate. We’d love to help you plan and design your next soiree, so give us a call! We can’t wait to hear more about what you have in mind… cheers to you!

Walnut Grove Ranch Love: Leanne & Matt Married!

Happy Tuesday friends,

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Oh happy day! Last week one of my personal favorite couples and weddings from 2014 was featured on Grey Likes Weddings. From our first meeting together, I knew that we were kindred spirits and that we would end up planning one kick-booty wedding together. Making our bond even stronger, Leanne & Matt choose to get married at a venue that is very near and dear to my heart, The Walnut Grove.

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leanne and matt

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This wedding was a wedding filled with lots of lovely little details (which always makes me happy!). It was important to us throughout the planning process that we give a nod to both Leanne and Matt’s personalities and backgrounds. Matt is a city slicker from the big apple. Leanne is a beauty from the windy city (where they met and fell in love). Halfway through the wedding planning process, the couple picked up and moved to the city of angels. Instead of a traditional guestbook, the couple had posters of New York, Illinois and California printed and guests were asked to sign the state from which they hailed! The couple has since framed these images and they now hang in their home (awww).

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Leanne & Matt’s wedding aesthetic was one of vibrant colors and earthy tones!  Incorporated in the floral arrangements were potted herbs, leafy greens, fab textured items, and medium to small sized soft blooms. Swoon. We utilized gold candles, floral vases, and lanterns to bring in that ever-so-important splash of metallic that every tablescape so desperately needs (in my humble opinion)! We used simple, wooden dining tables with vineyard cross-back chairs and wooden doors on wine barrels to ground our celebration and bring our vision to life! Guests dined on classic white vintage china with gold flatware (you know, the kind I wish I would have registered for when I got married…).

leanne and matt-10

leanne and matt-11

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Leanne was definitely one of my more crafty brides. She DIY’s quite a bit and has a real knack for design (which is one of the reasons why we get along so dang well – she’s got good taste, and I appreciate that!). Not only did she DIY the finish on all her mason jar candle holders (in about 5 different finishes), but she also created all her own chalkboard signage, wrote out all the table assignment cards, created personalized table numbers and even home roasted coffee beans for their favors (and then packaged them in cuties burlap bags – love it!).

leanne and matt-17

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Leanne & Matt love good food! For dinner, they served their guests a tapas style feast. For dessert, the lovebirds choose a simple naked cake, accompanied by an assortment of some of the best doughnuts you have ever tasted. Seriously, my mouth is watering thinking of them right now! The whole party danced the night away and everyone had a super fun time celebrating Leanne & Matt’s love together.

Vendor Love