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Floral Design Alternatives: Ideas for Decor that is Budget-Friendly, Green and Crafty!

Happy September Lovelies!

We, at Marisa Nicole, are obsessed with gorgeous floral design and believe that pretty much every great event should feature pretty blooms. With that being said, we understand there are times when fresh flowers are just not in the cards for every couple. Maybe a Juliet Garden Rose doesn’t make your heart flutter the way it does ours. Perhaps floral decor wouldn’t serve to bring the look and feel of your day to life. Or maybe flowers just aren’t in your budget and you can’t bear the thought of spending your wedding weekend DIYing bouquets and arrangements on such a large scale (a decision we tend to agree with). Today we are sharing some ideas for design directions that avoid both the look and cost of flowers.


Eco-Friendly Decor

Perhaps your aversion to using flowers on your day is a crisis of conscience at the thought of tearing something living from the earth. Try styling your event with items made from recycled materials to make a snazzy bouquet or support a local fair-trade organization by incorporating re-crafted products from their inventory! You can also try using natural items such as fresh and vibrant colored fruits to bring your look to life! This is a great way to keep your wedding natural, ethical and sweet!photo combinations

Rustic Flares

Designing with items such dried twigs, leaves, feathers, buttons and burlap will bring a rustic and relaxed feel to your celebration like nobody’s business! Gathering together curly willow or branches can create a simple yet pretty centerpiece. And if you want to bring in a pop of color or a touch of pizzazz to your dried arrangements, try incorporating hanging candles, feathers, cotton or buttons to your designs to soften or brighten your look! photo combinations-2

Get Crafty

There are a crazy number of many ways to create feminine and fun floral alternatives by getting crafty! Several of our brides have chosen to make their own brooch bouquet! This is a special and sentimental way to incorporate some glitz, glam, and even a little family heritage, into your wedding. Another great alternative is by making paper or cloth florals (no plastic, please!). These can be strung together and used for ceremony backdrops or gathered and used for boutineers or bouquets! photo combinations-3When using floral alternatives for your wedding, they sky is the limit. We just encourage you to keep it classy, fun and fresh and to at all costs, steer away from anything even remotely cheesy!