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Happy Friday Friends!

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As we dive into summer and all the season has to offer, what better way to kick things off than to share with you an ocean front wedding from one of our sweetest couples? Sara & Eric got hitched at one of my very favorite hotels – the Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club in Redondo Beach. If you are looking for a wedding that has all the amenities of a fabulous beach resort (gorgeous views, great food and a lovely staff), then this is the place for you! I mean, just look at this awesome vista captured by the ever-so-talented team at Amanda McKinnon Photography!

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I had the privilege of working with these lovebirds for almost 18 months before they said their “I-dos” and every moment was a pleasure. You know that I love working with brides to plan their wedding day, but I have to tell you that it was a real treat to work with both Sara & her groom to be Eric (almost) equally to determine the details of their day. They were a solid team and united front in all aspects regarding their wedding, resulting in a day that was a balanced reflection of both of their styles and personalities.

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Perhaps what stood out to me most about Sara & Eric’s wedding was the incredible light-hearted atmosphere of the day. They didn’t take themselves, or the minutia of their day too seriously. Their choices regarding food, design, and flow were based on what they like and who they are as a couple, and that was all that mattered. Sara’s sweet demeanor and kind heart was evident throughout each and every detail of the day, and one of my very favorite moments was when Eric bawled (like a baby) during the first look. This couple was seriously precious!

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When it came to the design of their day, the couple decided to combine purple and green as the base for their color palette. We chose to implement a “swirled line” motif, pairing thick green lines atop an ivory base to create a modern vibe infused with vintage elements. From the invites to the cake to the linens to the ceremony decor, we repeated this technique over and over, creating a cohesive look. Another fun design detail was the use of fruit! Our friends at Enchanted Gardens utilized limes throughout their floral designs to bring a refreshing zesty aesthetic.

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To enhance the already light-hearted feel of the day and celebrate youth, we hosted a candy station to satisfy even the most insatiable sweet tooth. Sara & her mom crafted DIY signage, including both handmade pennant banners, for the specialty tables and signs for each dining table, pairing side-by-side photos of Sara & Eric as children to serve as the base for each table number. It was adorable!

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The house was filled with people who loved to ‘get jiggy with it’ (Sara is a dancer by trade), so as you might have guessed, the guests partied the night away. And for those who weren’t down for busting a move, the candy station and photo booth were on site, to keep everyone entertained throughout the evening!

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All that to say, we just loved helping Sara & Eric tie-the-knot and wish these lovebirds a lifetime of well-deserved happiness!
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New Marisa Nicole Events Website Launch!


We are excited to announce the launch of our foxy new website! has been undergoing a major facelift over the past few months, and we are super happy to have the project finally completed! Thanks to the gals over at Hello Monday for carrying us through the whole process from design to install, we couldn’t have done it without you! For those of you who subscribe to our blog, please note that it is now a part of our website and will no longer be the host for our most recent ideas and inspiration. We are simply obsessed with our new site, and hope you feel similarly. Here is a glimpse of our new look!marisa nicole home

What Not to Try for the First Time within Three Months of Your Day!

Hello friends!
BE-Fairmont-Santa-Monica-Weddi-2490686773-OWedding season is officially here and we know all of you brides out there are anxious to look your best for the big day. We want you to know that we completely support this effort! You want to look like your best self on your wedding, however time and time again we have seen the pressure become too much for some brides. They resort to trying things that they normally wouldn’t do, just to look great for their wedding. We realize that what we are about to tell you not to do is pretty common knowledge, but that hasn’t stopped sensible brides from doing insensible things anyway. Therefore, we thought we should make it official and go on record that participating in the following activities within three months of your wedding is NOT a good idea (unless of course they are a part of your normal routine, in which case they are totally fine). Before we go on, it is important that we tell you why three months: three months is the amount of time where if you try something new and things go terribly awry, you will be able to bounce back completely before the big day. Without further ado, here it goes:


Tanning/Waxing/Facial Treatments

All of these treatments are perfectly fine when already in a gal’s normal routine, however I have seen too many brides not want to spend the money or wait until the last minute to try out these things. If a bride waits and decides to get her whole body waxed two days before her wedding, when she has never gotten anything waxed before, she has no idea how it will affect her skin (itching, redness, scarring, etc.). The same is true with tanning (from both beds and spray); I have watched enough brides splurge on tanning and then end up with a sunburn or orange tinted skin on their day. She could also feel like she was way too dark (and doesn’t look like herself) once she saw the photos. Finally, do NOT mess with your face within three months before your wedding. If you want to do any of the above for your day, be sure to try these treatments about 3-6 months before your wedding, so you know how it will affect your skin!


Major Changes To Your Hair

We all hope that our wedding day is our best hair day ever. A lot of times a bride will decide that she wants to change her hair shade or put in some low or highlights to add dimension to her locks. Once again, we fully support this! However, we encourage you to try everything 3-6 months in advance to make sure you will actually like the result. No gal with virgin hair should be going in to get a bleach 1 week before her wedding. The last thing you want is to look back at your wedding photos and think that you didn’t look like yourself.  As always, it is a good idea to keep your strands long right up to the wedding day, so that your stylist has options for your big day look.


Working-out Like Crazy and/or Eating Like a Bird:

I encourage you to be your healthiest self when you walk down the aisle, but you still have to be you. Every bride wants to look good in her dress and she would hate for it to be falling off of her. Remember that you purchased your dress in the size that fit your measurements at the time. Since then you have gone to several dress fittings, all of which were aimed at making your wedding dress fit you like a glove. Brides who get super intense at the gym the month of their wedding (when it is not a normal part of their routine) and drastically change their eating habits end up both cranky and in dresses that don’t fit them perfectly. My experience is that most brides are somewhat stressed out/anxious in the months leading up to the wedding and end up losing a bit of weight just from everything that is going on. Keep your normal workout and eating routine and your dress will most likely end up being a touch more roomy anyway.


All in all, we want you brides to feel beautiful and like yourself on your special day! Keep that in mind when deciding whether you want to change or alter your normal routine. Finally, remember that you will look fab with or without that tan, those highlights, or that extra weight lost!

Intern Spotlight: Meet Katherine!

Hi lovelies! I am proud to introduce myself as the newest member of Marisa Nicole Events! I am just starting this adventure and cannot wait to learn the secrets of pulling off a perfect soiree with Marisa and her team! Since you may be seeing me this wedding season, Marisa thought you might want to get to know me a bit, so here it goes…


  • Favorite Wedding Blog: Style Me Pretty! The simple elegance of their featured weddings catches my eye every time! I also love that they feature weddings from all over the world!
  • Describe the Perfect Wedding Cake Flavor Combo: This question is almost impossible to answer, all cake is perfect! I would have to say vanilla cake with strawberry filling; I like it simple, with a little sweet!
  • Favorite Styling Genre for Event Design: Classy and chic. I love black tie weddings! I think the formal aspect adds real elegance to one of the most important days of a woman’s life!
  • Event Planning Super Hero Skill: Having multiples of myself—the more of me, the more that can get done to make the special day absolutely perfect!
  • Veil, Flower or Headpiece? Definitely a veil! I love that classic bride look.
  • Favorite Wedding Tradition: I’m traditional; I love when the groom does not see his bride until she is walking down the aisle. Seeing his reaction after he lays his eyes on her for the first time is the most amazing moment!
  • The moment in every wedding that never fails to bring you to tears: Hands down the Father Daughter dance! I don’t think I have ever had a dry eye during this moment! It’s such a sweet and special time.

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This is a photo from my first team photo shoot! It’s amazing how quickly we all clicked and got along! I can’t wait to work with these ladies more over the next few months!