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California Ranch DIY Details ‘How-To’; Part 1

Happy Tuesday friends!

Everyone loves a rustic, California ranch style, DIY wedding and here are Marisa Nicole, it is kind of our specialty! Shirley & Spencer’s Napa Valley celebration over labor day weekend was just such a wedding and I am happy to say that everything turned out simply gorgeous! After spending nine months with the couple planning and designing their day, and then finally bringing all our dreams and ideas to life, we thought this wedding would serve as an ideal case study that could help those planning weddings for next year see exactly what it takes to create this kind of fabulous fete. Therefore, for the next few weeks, we’ll be breaking down some of the various DIY details of this wedding and sharing some fun and easy tips on ‘how to’ achieve the perfect rustic California wedding!


Part 1 – Simple Yet Elegant Table Runners (that won’t run away)!

Step 1: Cut a long strip of a fabric of your choice (12 inches wide please, burlap is pictured) to act as a table runner to spice up and frame  an already super cute wooden farm table (or banquet style table with linen of your choice)! Make sure it is longer than your table by a few feet but not exactly touching the ground (most banquets are 8 feet long, so making each runner 11 feet long usually does the trick nicely). Gather all other materials that you will need (twine, lace ribbon, scissors) and we can begin making your tables look rustic fab!

securedownloadStep 2: Grab each end of the cloth and gather it into pleats. Be careful not to just gather the cloth to avoid a clumped mess later! Using twine, tie the pleats together and secure with a knot.

securedownload-1Step 3: Beautify the knot by covering it with lace ribbon and tying it into a bow that sits right over the pleats.


securedownload-3Step 4: Repeat the above steps on the other side of the table runner.

photo 1Step 5: Place all other fun DIY items (candles, table numbers, favors) over the table runner to keep it from blowing away!

photo 2

We hope that your guests love your DIY tablescapes. Stay tuned next Tuesday for Part 2 of the ‘How-to’ Series!