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Sunrise/Breakfast Inspired Styled Wedding!


This morning I am happy to share with you all a sweet little shoot that we created with Becca Rillo Photography! It has been featured on several blogs over the past year (including Trendy BridePaper Moon WeddingsThe Frosted Petticoat, and Urban Style). At the first meeting I have with each of our couples, I always ask them what they like to do together. I can’t tell you how many times the couple says, “we love to go to brunch.” From reflecting on this single phenomenon, the idea emerged to put together a wedding for a couple that just loves the morning, getting up to exercise, and all that the sun rising and the most important meal of the day have to offer!





For this wedding, the guests were invited to partake in a short hike up to the fabulous Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, where the couple would tie the knot with gorgeous views of downtown Los Angeles in the distance. Upon arrival, the guests were provided with shots of espresso to help them wake up and get ready for the sunrise ceremony, along with sunglasses and blankets to get them comfortable and ready to watch the show!

Breakfast Shoot Resized-2


Breakfast Shoot Resized-3After the ceremony, festivities commenced with one of my most loved set-ups of the entire year – a cereal bar with everyone’s childhood faves to bring out their kid at heart! We also created a brunch spread with super cute signs from both Prim & Pixie and Painted Joy, styled to perfection by the dream combo of Becca, Judy (from Enchanted Gardens) and yours truly.

resized for blog


BeccaRillo_20120412_0100Breakfast Shoot Resized-4One of my personal favorite details of this shoot was the waffle cake Becca created for the couple. Every time I look at these photos, I am overcome with the pressing desire to bust out the old waffle maker and indulge! There are so many fun and beautiful things you can do at a morning wedding, and today I hope you consider getting up early and making a day out of your celebration!

Breakfast Shoot Resized-5

BeccaRillo_20120412_0108 Breakfast Shoot Resized-6Vendor Love:

Sneak Peek: Lauren & Jrue’s Wedding Style!

LJ couple shot

Hi friends, it’s Katrina the new Marisa Nicole, Weddings & Events intern here!

Today I’m happy to give you all a sneak peek of one of the first weddings I’ve done with the Marisa Nicole team.  From the spectacular venue to the beautiful décor, I couldn’t get enough of Lauren Cheney and Jrue Holiday’s wedding.  My iPhone pictures don’t do this wedding justice, but I hope that it gives you a glimpse of the sweet details of this wonderful wedding!

LJ map

Let’s start off with Lauren and Jrue – they are simply the best!  These two are the most down-to-earth people and anyone can tell that they’re in love from a mile away.  They made their wedding reflect their fun and charismatic personalities with just a touch of southern elegance.

LJ ceremony

Cypress Sea Cove in Malibu was the venue for this special day.  It was literally located on the ocean!  Need I say more?  The beautiful wooden cross at the front of the ceremony complimented the wooden chairs that sat their loved ones during their “I Do’s.”

LJ lounges

LJ coffee

After the ceremony, the bridal party and guests made their way over to cocktail hour on the other side of the venue. To grab a mask for snapshots at the photo booth or to grab espresso from the coffee station: that was the question!  If neither of those options appealed to one’s fancy, guests could always just sit back and relax in the custom-built lounge areas.

LJ tables

LJ flowers

Prior to the family style dinner service, everyone had the opportunity to admire the beautiful table décor and flower arrangements.  The white lace runners set the stage for the gorgeous array of summertime flowers (compliments of the rather fantastic Enchanted Garden Floral Design) that brightened up these wooden dinner tables.

LJ lemonade

LJ pies

I have to say that my favorite parts of this wedding would be the uniquely designed lemonade stand and pie station.  From basil mint lemonade to strawberry rhubarb pie, these set-ups could cure anyone’s sweet tooth!  Let’s just say that wedding cake and champagne might be replaced with pie and lemonade as major wedding traditions very soon!

I hope that you enjoyed my sneak peek of this fabulous Malibu wedding.  Stay tuned for professional photographs from the wonderful team at Iris & Light, with full details, in an upcoming blog! Oh, and a special thanks to Andrew Abajian (our super talented cinematographer) for the top photo of the love birds.

Meet the Marisa Nicole Wedding Team!


We’re right in the middle of our busy wedding season and thought it was high time for you to get to know more about our dream team for this year!  From brainstorming your look & feel to assembling your perfect vendor team and from setting up all those super cute DIY details to getting the bridal party down the aisle, this is the group who makes the magic happen.  Meet our fabulous team!

marisanicolevertical-3Marisa Albanese Ronca: Owner, Lead Consultant & Planning Specialist

  • Fave Wedding Blog: Wedding Chicks, 100 Layer Cake, Ruffled, SMP, GWS, Rustic Wedding Chic, Grey Likes… I just can’t choose!
  • Fave Wedding Cake Combo: I’m kind of a red velvet gal at heart, but I do love me some pistachio with vanilla buttercream.
  • Fave Event Styling Genre: Rustic Art-Deco
  • Ideal Event Planning Super Hero Skill: It would be really helpful if I had the ability to completely control the mood of a room (like Jasper from Twilight).
  • Veil, Flower or Headpiece?: Birdcage baby!
  • Fave Wedding Tradition: The Send Off – Whether we’re using sparklers, napkins, lanterns or streamers, it is always such a fun moment of sheer celebration!
  • The moment in every wedding that never fails to bring you to tears: When I see the bride (someone who I’ve been planning this day with for months) completely dressed and ready to start the festivities; gets me misty eyed every time!

marisanicolevertical-5Claire Tecce: Associate Event Coordinator

  • Fave Wedding Blog: Green Wedding Shoes
  • Fave Wedding Cake Combo: Lemon Cake with Raspberry Filling and Buttercream Frosting
  • Fave Event Styling Genre: Anything vintage-inspired, I like the “something old” part of weddings.
  • Ideal Event Planning Super Hero Skill: Getting everyone fed with a drink in hand all at the same time (I’m Italian, it’s my prerogative)!
  • Veil, Flower or Headpiece?: Headpiece
  • Fave Wedding Tradition: Any and every special detail or moment of celebration that reflects the couple’s culture(s)… be it the Filipino money dance, Italian Wedding Soup, a Chinese tea ceremony, the Hora or even jumping a broom!
  • The moment in every wedding that never fails to bring you to tears: This robot don’t cry! But a heartfelt toast always does the trick to warm my heart.

marisanicolevertical-4Katrina Malaiba: Event Planning Intern

  • Fave Wedding Blog: Style Me Pretty
  • Fave Wedding Cake Combo: 4 layers of goodness – pink champagne, chocolate mocha, red velvet, and Italian rum layers complete with a cream cheese frosting and dazzled with vanilla-flavored pearls
  • Fave Event Styling Genre: Whimsical, I’m a hopeless romantic who believes in fairytales, so a magical wedding complete with glass slippers and a horse-drawn carriage is perfect in my eyes!
  • Ideal Event Planning Super Hero Skill: Teleportation – Because event planners have to be in so many places at once!
  • Veil, Flower or Headpiece?: Veil
  • Fave Wedding Tradition: Cutting of the Cake – You never know what to expect from the couple, be it romantic or comical…
  • The moment in every wedding that never fails to bring you to tears: Father/Daughter Dance

Cheers, The Marisa Nicole, Weddings & Events Team