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From Wedding Planner To Blushing Bride In Just Two Weeks!

It’s official friends, in 16 days I will turn over my event planner keys to my lovely assistant Emma and go from wedding designer extraordinaire to a blushing bride. Those of you who know me well know that I’ve spent much of the time I should have been working on my own wedding this summer focusing on other people’s weddings. Although I’m happy that I can firmly say not a single wedding I’ve helped put together has suffered due to my own, the problem is that now I find myself in serious trouble. All summer I’ve been breaking my own rules and now I have to pay the price!

It is so weird for me to hear myself referred to as ‘the bride’. But in the past two weeks I’ve found myself living into a Bridezilla stereotype that makes me cringe!  Here’s a glimpse of how the tables turn when a wedding planner get’s married.:

Dress Fitting Tears:

Last week I took my friend Claire to my final dress fitting. Everything looked perfect. I was so happy. However, when I busted out my veil to try on with the dress, it became quite clear, very quickly that I had ordered the wrong type. For several minutes, we tried to make the dang thing work, but when it became clear that this was not at all going to do what I wanted it to, I began to cry uncontrollably. The whole thing was like an out of body experience. I felt as if I watching myself freak out and couldn’t stop. The solution: I went crazy that night and now have 3 veil options for the day of… out of control!

Wedding Nightmares:

signage_inspiration_Penn_CarlsonI can’t tell you how often my brides share their wedding nightmares with me. Up until a week ago, I could not relate, but since then I’ve had my first wedding nightmare and woke up in a cold sweat. It felt so real! Of course, since I’m a wedding planner and designer, my biggest fear was not that Tim left me at the altar or that someone made an embarrassing scene, or even that I spilled red wine on my dress… my nightmare was that NOTHING was planned out. We didn’t finish our music list, we hadn’t made table assignments, all of my DIY projects were only partially completed, and there was no signage!!! Gasp! In the dream I was so sad, but the funny thing is that even in the context of my dream, in the end, everyone had a good time and everything came together. It really was a silly dream, but man it put me out!

All that to say I can now join the club of brides who are watching themselves react ridiculously to minor set-backs and situations. Thanks to all my friends and family who are helping to keep me sane (barely) through this crazy time of having my own wedding smack in the middle of wedding season. Thanks to Emma for all your help! And thanks to my clients for asking about my day, even though we are focused on yours. Hopefully the whole experience of actually being a bride will make me even better at what I do! Oh and thanks to this man for just being amazing:

Candy Station Mania!

It’s official, we at Marisa Nicole, Weddings & Events LOVE candy! This season we’ve added a new service to our repertoire: candy stations… and let me tell you, it is sweet! For any couple with a sweet tooth or that have a soft spot for nostalgia, a candy bar is just want the doctor ordered…  Twizzlers, gummy bears, pop-rocks or heresy kisses, what could be better than all your movie theater favorites in one spot for your guests to enjoy!?!

As a wedding planner, my love for candy stations run three-fold: First, it provides your guests an activity to engage in throughout the event, giving your friends a family a reason other than the dance floor to get up and mingle. Second, I love how visually stimulating a sweets station is. The sky is the limit with the colors, textures, shapes and sizes that can be represented through your personal candy-land! Finally, I’m just crazy about the ‘shock & awe’ factor that varying sized glass apothecary jars filled with mouth watering candy goodness can evoke. Anytime we as event designers can facilitate engaging multiple senses at once, is home run in the wedding world!
 Which candy would you choose to indulge in???